BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #119 – Another Special Newsflash Issue!

Cover 119
Hi Gang…

I have so much stuff I wanna talk to you about today, so I thought I’d do another cool newsflash issue.

First up, there’s another wicked SKIN TIGHT USA party coming up this month! It’s on April 19th, at the Stonewall inn at Christopher street and 6th ave in NYC. Check it out gang, this is a NEW LOCATION for Skin Tight. It’s being held on the Saturday of the NYC COMIC CON at the Javits center. The party now has dancing, so if you’re in New York for the Convention, be sure to drop by for an evening of cool costumes, hot fun and dancing!

Check out the cool artwork that Matthew Levine created to advertise the event. I just love his take on my Boys!

Also if you happen to be in NYC for the Comic Con, or if you live there, you might want to check out NEXT MAGAZINE on the week of the 19th! Yours truly created the cover illustration for the magazine. The boys at NEXT were good enough to dedicate the issue to Gays in Comics, and they even did a cool interview with Fraser and I for the occasion. I’m pretty pleased with the cover, and I even designed a “Nextman” hero for them. So don’t forget to pick up a copy – it should be pretty darn nifty!

In other news, you may want to checkout Freshmen magazine if you’re a big fan of the fabulous HvH! He’s been creating a comic strip called “The Link” just for them, and trust me when I tell ya, It’s freakin’ HAWT! As is ALL of HvH’s stuff! Our boy even has an art book of all-new material Slated for the Summer of 2008. The book is going to be published by Bruno Gmünder and it’s going to be a 64 page extravaganza called ‘Gone to the Movies’.

Of the project, HvH says “I’ve always been a fan of cinema –anyone who knows me, knows that- and this book is intended as a real heartfelt praise for that fantastic art form.”

I’m a huge fan of HvH’s work myself, and I can’t wait to hold this puppy in my hands!

And speaking of HOT HOT HOT books, I urge you to head on over to the Marginalized publications website because the awesome duo of Justin Hall and Dave Davenport have been very busy indeed and their wicked HARD TO SWALLOW comics are still up for grabs. These books are extremely fun and always good raunchy fun! Issue #3 also includes some work from the amazing Drub!

Fans of the very talented Dave Davenport will also be thrilled to hear that he has now become part of the Artistic License gang! If you head on over there you’ll be treated to a very special sneak peek at Hard to Swallow Comics #4, amongst other things!

For more on Dave and his works, follow this link to his awesome Blog!

On a personal note, I wanted to remind you all that Zahn #1 is coming in May… so the wait is almost over (for no one more than me! LOL!) Those of you who enjoy getting your Class Comics titles through your local comic shops should head on over there as soon as you’re done reading this issue and get your shop keepers to order the book from Diamond. For quick reference, here’s the Diamond Comic Distributor Item Number: MAR08 3576.

In other news, I am soooo pleased to show off this gorgeous illustration of Deimos that Nookiedog created! I can’t believe it! He drew both Cam and my taro demon, which was a wonderful surprise indeed. I know a lot of you are fans of Nookie’s and I guess you may have seen his beautiful interpretation of Deimos over at his NookiBlog, but I just love it so much, I wanted to post it here as well.

And lastly today, I have a personal little surprise for you. My fan art illustration of Prince Adam and Orko from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is finally in color! LOL!<
span> This is an image I created for my Fraser as a birthday gift last year. The irony is that his birthday is on April 17th, so it took almost a whole year to get around to the colors.

Well Adam’s done now, and Fraser was good enough to suggest I should share the final image with all of you good people. Adam made a nice cover for this issue, and there are 2 versions of the pic – one with Orko doing magic, and 1 without. I hope you all enjoy the pic! Boy I miss those new Masters of the Universe cartoons. Why they stopped making them I’ll never know. At least they’re coming out on DVD!

I guess now we can all look forward to that and to the new MOTU live-action film.

Lots of love, guys! Hope you enjoyed this issue and I’ll see ya back here again very soon!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Zahn, Locus, Deimos, and Camili-Cat are © Copyright 2008 and TM Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights reserved.

The Link © Copyright 2008, HvH. All rights reserved.

Hard to Swallow Comics © Copyright 2008, Dave Davenport and Justin Hall. All rights reserved.

Prince Adam, Orko, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are © Copyright and TM 2008, Mattel. All Rights Reserved.


  1. So much stuff! So little space in my brain to retain it all– haha! Your Adam is positively adorable, Patrick! Those magic effects you gave Orko are pretty friggin’ sweet, man! I’d love to sit back and watch you in Photoshop.

    That’s so cute that both you and Fraz like that show. My partner really loved the old one and can’t stand the new one. It was kinda hit and miss for me. Some of it I loved– like the animation and the plotlines and how HOT they made my girl, Evil-Lyn. But some of it was hard for me to watch… like the redesigns of Sorceress and Teela. blegh. But you’re right, it totally deserved another season. We needed to get to ADORA! hahah! and Bow!


  2. Vaughn Michael says

    It’s early in the morning here but I just wanted to say I love that Adam and thanks for not showing Orko naked lol the thought of him nude or what he’d have boggles my mind :P

  3. Thanks for the kind words on Hard To Swallow #3 and a shout out to me! Keep up the good work. ;)

  4. Anonymous says

    Looks like Final Fantasy with black mage…
    Good job, same as always ^^

    Kiss from france, Kaz.

  5. charvolth says

    Glad to see the Prince Adam pic colored in, thought you did a great job with it, especially the facial expression. I initially had some problems with some of the voice acting in the new show (ie Skeletor), but for the most part loved it. Especially the more detailed settings and stronger sense of history. Should have just marketed it to an older audience and not focused so much on variant figures, that and the short packing was horrible, I never saw Evil-Lyn in stores. In regards to the movie, anything would be an improvement to the Dolph Lungren film, I only hope they have a director who was a huge fan of the series (along the same lines that Guillermo del Toro was a huge Hellboy fan, hence the good treatment in the films)
    Glad to see Zahn coming out soon, I’ve been hankering for some form of naughty sword and sorcery action for a while, lol.

  6. Anonymous says

    Every fantasy I had from my childhood just came true!!!! Love your stuff and especially love this. MORE!!!!!

  7. Beautiful and sexy stuff as always Patrick! I love all the art that you do, keep up the good work! :]

    Zahn looks like it’s going to be awesome too, especially since he’s so incredibly hawt! :P


  8. Hey Patrick, ok firstly i just want to say how much i adore ur work, this is my first comment on here but ive known of u an ur art for quite a while. Because of your works i have been inspired to do gay erotic art over the last year instead of the mainstream comic works.Your prince adam rocks, so much better than the original ;)

    i love ur work, love ur comics….btw deimos? i still dribble on sight of him lol
    great work an keep doin what u do cos its perfect ;)

  9. dogspunk says

    Thanks for the plug, Patrick! Much love and respect.

  10. Hiya!

    Your guys are just getting hotter and hotter!

    I had a run in with a burgler in my house and ended up in hospital for surgery to my hand over Christmas. He had a crow-bar so maybe it was not such a good idea to tackle him. Where is Naked Justice when you need him? Sigh!

    Not been able to draw or paint for a while but the hand is getting better now.

    Best wishes from down South!
    – Rudy

  11. Anonymous says

    mm so hot

  12. Wow! I simply love this rendition of Prince Adam!!!
    I hope you don’t mind I posted your fanart on my blog (, naturally saying where I got them with your blog complete address…
    Lots of love,

  13. vicky215 says

    Hi Pat how you doing? I don’t know if your going to be doing wallpapers again but if you do you think that you might add Prince Adam and this new pic of Zahn? So take care and know that your art brings lot of happiness. MWAH.

  14. Great issue of BM all the way thru! Great art and artist. He-man never looked so sexy….and that ass on Nookiedog’s Deimos…WOW!!

    Another hot issue as always!

    Keep it UP!

  15. Did I read that correctly, is there in fact going to be a video releasing?

    Seems good hardcore gay adult animation is hard to come by (no pun intended).

    Does anyone perhaps know of anyone else producing anything of the sort ?

  16. Your Prince Adam is hugely . . . inspirational!

  17. Hey Gang…

    Thanks for being so patient in awaiting my answers to your comments.

    Hiya JC… Thanks for the compliments! Yeah – Orko’s magic effects were lots of fun to create. I agree with you that the re-designs of Teela and ESPECIALLY the Sorceress on the new show were not the best. But at least they did get Evil-Lyn right! LOL! Still, I love the new cartoon so much I am willing to forgive such minor things! :o) Cheers! XOXO

    Vaughn Michael… LMAO!!! Yeah – Orko naked – NOT GOOD! No way was I gonna draw that! XOXO

    Hey there Drub… You are very welcome, my friend. I love your work and I was glad to talk about it here. I’ll have to do a larger feature on your art very soon! :o) XOXO

    Hi Kaz… Thanks for the kudos, my friend! Cheers! XOXO

    Hi there Charvolth… Always a pleasure to hear from you my friend! I agree with you on a lot of the new MOTU cartoon and action figures stuff. The way Mattel marketed those toys was horrible, and stores only ever seemed to have He-Man and Skeletor action figures. What a pain! I had to resort to Ebay for a lot of my other action figures from the line, which I am not crazy about doing! Ah well – the good news is that a friend of mine just informed me that Mattel is going to make new He-Man figures. Super poseable like the DC toys they now do. Hopefully they will market this line a bit better! I’m looking forward to those! Cheers! XOXO

  18. Hi Anonymous! LOL! Glad to be of service! Take care! XOXO

    Hey there Rarutos… you’re such a sweetie. I just got Zahn #1 back from the press this week and it looks FANTASTIC! They did a really great job! I hope you will enjoy it and that the book lives up to your expectations! Cheers my friend! XOXO

    Hey Link… Welcome to BTM! Really pleased you posted a comment. I loved checking out your stuff as well, and I am totally flattered that my work has inspired you in yours. I really wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing more of your creations! Much love to ya! XOXO

    Hey there Dogspunk… My pleasure, dude! Love and respect right back atcha! XOXO

    Hiya Rudy… Holy crap! That is some scary stuff. I am so relieved you’re okay and that you and your hand are on the mend now! You just take good care of yourself and get well very soon! And hey, thanks so much for the kind words, my friend! Always appreciated! Much love to ya! XOXO

  19. Hey Anonymous… Thanks a bunch! :oD XOXO

    Hiya Luigi… Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m so pleased you liked my version of Adam and Orko. And I have no issue with you posting them on your Blog at all. I really appreciate that you let your readers know who drew the art and where it came from too! That was very classy! :o) Hugz + kisses! XOXO

    Hey Vicky… I may well end up doing some wallpaper of Adam in a future wallpaper special issue of BTM. You’ll be happy to know that the pic of Zahn you like so much is featured on a wallpaper design that you can get in the Zahn Mini Website. You can access the site for free through the main Class Comics site. Enjoy! Smooches! XOXO

    Hiya Dave… Awww.. thanks so much, dear friend. I’m really glad you enjoyed this issue and all the goodies in it. Much love to ya! XOXO

    Hey there Jaytoday… I wish I did mean that my characters were going to be an animated show… sadly that is not the case just yet. Maybe some day though. :o) For animated gay erotica though, you could always look up Joe Phillip’s site. He does that sort of material and it looks great. Thanks so much for stopping by. XOXO

    Hey Keith…thanks so much! Glad you like ‘im! XOXO

    Hugz + Kisses to you all, dear friends!
    Patrick XOXOX

  20. Wow! Adam never looked better! But couldn’t Man-At-Arms have been looking over his shoulder instead of Orko?


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