BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #117 – The Big Naked Justice Reboot!

Hello dear friends…

I promised you a while back that I would give you more updates on the forthcoming Class Comics titles to be released in 2008… well, allow me to unveil a project that has me completely ecstatic! I am so pleased to announce that NAKED JUSTICE is getting a MAJOR reboot. Tee Hee Hee!!!

So it’s no big secret that NJ is far from my favorite creation, but I am not insensitive to the fact that there are many of you out there who adore him. With that in mind, I set out to write a mini series entitled “Naked Justice: Beginnings”.

I’ve trying to ease the tension between NJ and I, and I think this is the perfect way to do that!

In Naked Justice #2, I touched upon our hero’s origin to some degree, but there always seemed to be so much back story to explore with so much potential. That is what “Beginnings” is all about, and though it starts off where Felix Himner first gets his powers from King Cock-A-Tut, it soon takes you places you never expected to see NJ.

So much of this series helps to explain the way NJ is today. He went from a shy British boy to a wise-cracking, sharp witted Hero in spandex. What I intend to do is show you how that happened in between all of that and why.

The other reason this project has me so excited is because it is being drawn by my dear, dear friend, Shemmy. You all know Shemmy’s beautiful Britdoodz. His artwork is vibrant and energetic, always über sexy, and has a wonderful hint of classic Disney animation. Shemmy does sexy like no one else’s business, and I was inspired to write this story in part because of him. He is the perfect match for Naked Justice, as you can see from the sneak peek at the artwork in this issue.

Just look at the beautiful page he drew with Felix in front of the esteemed Pharaoh, Cock-A-Tut! Shemmy, you are magnificent!

I have wanted a project to work on with Shemmy for so long, and this one is just perfect. His art is so inspiring to me, and I must tell you, the pages he’s completed so far are nothing short of breathtaking! His images are helping me fall rekindle my love for NJ.

And of course I’ll be turning to my wonderful pal Don MacLean for that good old NJ flavor in the dialog we all love so much. I am thinking that the combo of Shemmy’s art and Don’s fabulous sense of humor mixed together with NJ’s origin story should make for quite a fun ride!

I’ve said over and over that I don’t get along with NJ. To a degree, that has impacted the way I have written him in the past. “Beginnings” is like re-setting the clock. It’s given me a grasp on the character that I never really had before. I think that’s probably because in many ways, Naked Justice was created on the fly. I never really bothered to flesh his past out beyond the basic knowledge I needed to integrate him into the Class Comics Universe.

That’s about to change, my friends. I am sick of wrestling with this character. It’s time we ALL knew more about him. If all goes according to plan, “Naked Justice: Beginnings #1” should be out by end of 2008. At least that’s what the creative team is aiming for. And believe you me, this series will set the Naked Justice record straight, once and for all. My friends, you are in for a Hell of a treat! Stay tooned!

PS – I’ve finally answered all of your previous comments, my friends – so go ahead and leave lots of new ones! LOL! I always love your feedback, and though I don’t always have the opportunity to reply right away, I do try to get to them all eventually! LOL! Hugz + Kisses to you all! XOXO

Naked Justice, Ghostboy, Aiden Crowe, Mamma Ries, King Cock-A-Tut and all other characters are © Copyright and TM 2008, Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. wow!I really hope this nj comic will be published in France!

  2. Can’t Wait To See This!!!

    REALLY Looking Great So Far!!!
    :-P *drool*

  3. I LOVE Shemmy and his artwork!! He truly is a great guy!! Good to see him getting work!

  4. I cant believe this is happening! I love Shemmy’s work!

    Im gonna go over to his facebook and congratulate him! :D

  5. I totally love Naked Justice and I love Shemmy’s work too so this just doubles the fun.

    He looks like he is doing a fantastic job on NJ already.

    In another subject entirely, I heard on the grapevine that The Mark Of Aeacus has been nominated for “Best Queer Indie Book for 2007” by the Comic Book Queers podcast.


    I’ll put the poll link in my blog soon.

    Good luck!

  6. Estudiocomik says

    Excellent art, I love all this.

  7. Anonymous says



  8. Erik Austin says

    This sounds like a very good introduction to NJ in a XXX Disneyesque way. However, when Ghostboy is reunited in spirit and body and makes love with NJ for page after page, you have to draw that!

  9. Anonymous says

    this is so hot.Shemmy rules so much. no offance patrick but he draws the bes t best naked Justice ever.


  10. This book is gonna be amazing! Shemmy’s style is so unique– he’s a great addition to the roster. I love how he cartoons but keeps the guys looking sexy and adult. Also, they seem to have such personality. The characters are full of life. Perfect match for NJ!

  11. O, WOW! NJ’s never been a fav. of mine, but, like you, I think this new comic will change that!

  12. Good morning gang… I see that I am far from the only one excited about this new NJ project – and especially Shemmy’s work on the book.

    Batsu… Thanks for the comment. I am almost positive that this series will be published in French by our good friends at H&O. Most of the Class Comics catalog is, and since this project is pretty important in the history of NJ, I think it’s a safe bet.

    Erosbear… Thanks for stopping by. Glad you’re liking the look of the new series. I tell you, that Shemmy ROCKS! Wait until you see the rest of the issue! Cheers, my friend!

    RDot… I couldn’t agree with you more. What the world needs is more of Shemmy’s gorgeous artwork in print! :oD Cheers, my friend!

    Gav… Thanks for the kind words, my friend. I am glad you’re so stoked about this new project with Shemmy. I feel the same way. I’m also glad you’re giving him Facebook kudos for his work n this. He really deserves it! Hugz + Kisses!

    Tower… Great to hear from you as always! Glad you like the direction this new NJ project is headed in, and I’m thrilled you are enjoying Shemmy’s work on it so far! And thanks also for the heads up on the Aeacus Nomination. As you know by now, I’ve done a BTM issue on the topic! I hope we win, but if not, it’s just really cool to be nominated! Cheers and thanks!

    Estudiocomik… Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words! All the best to ya!

    Odin… LOL! I’m really pleased you’re looking forward to this new NJ project with Shemmy as artist. He really is an amazing talent and I can honestly say that his Doodz are pretty effective on me also! HA! HA! HA! Thanks for the great comment!

    Erik Austin… thanks for the great comment, Eric. I think Shemmy’s style really suits this NJ origin series also. It seems to be a perfect match with the story I have mapped out! As for NJ and GB’s eventual reunion… yeah – that’s something I am greedily saving for myself! LOL! Thanks again for stopping by!

    Portishead… LOL! No offense taken! I’m THRILLED to see people so excited by Shemmy’s take on Naked Justice… I am super excited with his take on him too, and I honestly feel that I have selected the perfect artist for this project! :oD Thanks for stopping by!

    JC… Thanks for the great comment, my friend. I agree with you that Shemmy’s style really has a lot of personality. His illustrations really breathe with life, and that is precisely what I wanted for this NJ project. He’s done an amazing job so far and I can’t wait to see this first NJ: Beginnings book in print. Hugz + kisses!

    Jessica… thanks for stopping by, my friend. You know, I think this book will paint Naked Justice in a different light for a lot of people… myself included. It really helps that Shemmy’s art is so alluring. You can’t help but get a warm feeling in your special places when you see it, and that really seems to work in NJ’s favor. Shemmy does the character big time… err… well… JUSTICE! LOL! Hugz + kisses!

    Much thanks again to you all!
    Patrick XOXOXOXOX

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