BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #116 – The Real Men Issue!

Good morning everyone…

Well, it’s taken me a bit longer than I might have liked to get around to posting this issue (and I still have to get to answering comments, which I will soon, I swear! LOL!), but at last, here it is. Since the beginning of Boytoons Magazine, I have talked about artists and their work. I’ve discussed websites where one can find sexy illustrated men, and I’ve reviewed Blogs that serve up steamy male erotica.

Today, I want to talk to you about 3 Blogs that are owned and operated by 4 good friends of mine. The one thing these 3 Blogs all have in common is that they are great places to get your daily fix of hot steamy real men! But that’s not all – they also serve up a smorgasbord of sexy Boytoons on a regular basis.


This is my friend Pete’s Blog. Pete is great at posting some of the hottest gay porn around. I dunno how he finds all of this, but the man has great connections. You’ll find pics that range from sexy, mild erotica to the positively raunchy and hard-core. Plus what’s great about Roids and Rants is that it’s not the same old stuff you find everywhere else on the net. Pete has a knack for posting fresh imagery, and that is something I really appreciate about him.

You can also count on Pete to post artwork. He’s been kind enough to post some of the stuff I’ve done, as well as some of the Class Comics stuff, but he doesn’t stop there. You can be sure to get a steady stream of Boytoons from some of today’s hottest artists at Roids and Rants!

This Blog is a delicious little carnal pleasure, one that I encourage you all to indulge in.


Owned and operated by my dear friend Ray, a Vancouver boy like me, SUP is always so much fun to visit. I love Ray’s Blog because it is a perfect blend of sexy guys (always erotic but never pornographic), humor and a glimpse at the sexy men of mainstream comics. Ray loves comics! He is very knowledgeable and great at finding some of the sexiest images, from Marvel to DC comics, and they are usually accompanied by information on what book they are from.

What’s wonderful about SUP is that it’s an equal blend of real guys and comic book art. This Blog is definitely for the comic book lover who also enjoys looking at real hunks and studs in various states of undress. Ray loves underwear, and he is THE MAN when it comes to serving up hot studs in their undies. I dunno where he finds all of these images, but I pride myself in being a real internet hound, and well, I have rarely seen any the pics he posts anywhere else.

SUP is a fantastic, sweet treat that is most certainly going to be one of your most clicked on bookmarks!


MANifique is a brand new Blog, barely a month old and already it is filled with sexy images of gorgeous hard men and illustrated Boytoons. Created by my pals Trouble and T-Rex, MANifique is really all about their appreciation for the male physique and sharing in the beauty of man. You can really tell that they truly admire the male physique as an art form, and I can totally appreciate that approach to male erotica.

Trouble and T-Rex are very sweet guys and wrote me a few months back in order to get ideas on how to create their Blog. I gave a few pointers, but they have really done cool stuff, beyond anything I might have imagined.

MANifique may be new and still growing, but the nice thing about it is that it contains several photo sets of male models and porn stars which are always wonderful to peruse. They are also big on crediting the source of the images they post whenever they can, which I especially appreciate. They’ve got a good blend or real guys and Boytoons going, and seem to be big fans of a lot of the artists I have mentioned here over the years.

I’ve also discovered some beautiful photography sites through them. Exterface being one of those websites they recommend very highly, and with good reason. The gorgeous brunette on today’s cover of BTM is from a photo set called “Flamingo” over at Exterface.

MANifique is for all of us who love looking at sexy naked guys, real and drawn, and who can admire them not just as porn, but also as art.

So if you’re like me and you enjoy a real boy as much as an illustrated one, odds are these 3 web destinations will be a pleasure for you to explore! I hope you will drop by and enjoy their considerable wares. And don’t forget to check out their archived posts. There’s literally a mountain of men, both drawn and real, to be had at each one of these fine, fine Blogs.

Flamingo is © Copyright 2008 Exterface. All rights reserved. All other imagery is © 2008 of respective owners and creators.


  1. Nite in Shining Armour says

    Thanks for the info! How could a midwestern boi like me get in your next Real Men issue?

  2. Hey there Night in Shining Armour…

    Glad you enjoyed this issue. Well so far I’ve only done this one Real Men issue, but if I do a second issue somewhere down the road, I’ll certainly let you know!

    Your profile pic certainly makes me wanna see more! LOL! :oD

    Hugz + Kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

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