BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #111 – Art LeMat – Studies in male beauty!

Good Monday Morning Gang!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I want to start the week by telling you about a fantastic artist I recently became aware of named Arthur LeMat. Arthur, or “Art” is a fellow Canadian who lives in la Belle Province of Quebec. His work is a truly beautiful mixture of fine art meets cartoon erotica.

Of his art, Arthur says “I mainly do animation for a living. But hey, guess what, I like to draw the human body. I especially fancy picturing the male structure. I don’t know, there is something about men that makes me wanna go nuts. And I created this Blog to expose my work.”

Well, we’re in luck because artwork and men seem to make us ALL want to go nuts too! So I say cater to our desires, Arthur! LOL!

Arthur plays very well with color and composition. In fact, next to the complete sexiness of his work, those are the aspects that struck me the most. It seems he is unafraid of allowing his hand to be loose at times too, which results in some really striking imagery, that contains a lot of flow and movement.

His more refined works are quite superb as well. His men are not exaggerated; they are real guys, with real physiques and proportions. This is quite appealing in his work, and along with everyone’s perfect musculature, creates a nice harmony between the erotic and fine art aspects of his imagery.

Just look at the illustration I chose for today’s cover (one of my faves from Art’s Blog!). Simply BEAUTIFUL! So much life and strength! The lines are loose and free-flowing and this creates so much character. I love it when artists can convey all of those things without overworking the image.

A recent addition to his Blog is a fun (though self-proclaimed: “not serious”) animation of a robot with very real needs! Knowing that Art is in animation, one hopes to see more of this sort of thing from him – perhaps even more finished clips featuring some of his delicious Boytoon creations. That would definitely be a pleasure!

Check him out gang, and bookmark him. I think we’re in for a steady treat of gorgeous imagery from a fantastic artist who has just begun to show us his considerable wares!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All artwork © Copyright and TM 2008 Arthur Lemat. All rights reserved


  1. Art has really nice artworks. I’m definately gonna keep a close eye on him. A great find Patrick!

    *bookmarks his blog*


  2. The art is great! I think it’s the beauty of imperfection that I like in erotic art like yours and of this LeMat. What use is making erotic art when it is too close to photographs of real men? Imperfection maintains room for imagination, and I like that.

    We all work to get closer to perfection, but do we really want to achieve that?

  3. Another great find Patrick, Thanks! Bookmarked and ready for regular inspection.

  4. Ismael Álvarez says

    Awesome find Patrick, love it!


  5. Thanks for giving us the heads up on him, he has been bookmarked and will be checked regularly!

  6. Thanks for the link, Patrick. Glorious stuff there.

  7. Juancho Flores says

    How do you keep on finding these great blogs? Its a gift. Lol! Anyway, thanks for this amazing discovery! And sharing it, too. XD

    Added the link to my blog already! XP

  8. What a cool artist and a great new blog to lurk! hehe! Thanks, Patrick!

  9. As always, thanks for sharing this fresh, new talent, Patrick.



  10. Hello my friends…

    Thanks so much to all of you for stopping by! Always appreciated!

    Tower… hey buddy! Thanks for all the recent comments you’ve posted! I love reading you! LOL! Glad you enjoyed Art’s work, my friend! Much love! XOXO

    Diederick… Thanks so much for the great comment, my friend. I really appreciated your insight. And I tend to agree with you that the stylized aspects of an artists work are what him or her unique in their own right. If we wanted photos, we’d all just look at photos! LOL! :o) Take care and thanks again! Much love! XOXO

    Timldn… Glad you enjoyed Art’s beautiful artwork, my friend! Thanks again for the kudos! Much love! XOXO

    Ismi… thank you so much, dear friend. Glad you enjoyed his blog and artwork! Thanks for stopping by! Much love! XOXO

    Gav… hello sweetie! I’m really pleased you like Art’s work! I think we are all in for a steady batch of cool, sexy art from him! Glad you bookmarked! XOXO

    Joseph… No problem my friend. I love being able to recommend artists to you guys! Glad you like his art! Cheers! XOXO

    Juancho Flores… HA! HA! HA! Actually, sometimes the artists find me and they contact me with a sample of their art. I love it when that happens because it’s always so fun to Blog about their work! I’m really pleased you’re enjoying these new “finds!” Much love! XOXO

    JC… Hey dude! Glad you like his work! I figured you’d appreciate his use of color and cool approach! Much love! XOXO

    Z… Hello my friend! Thanks for stopping by! I’m so pleased you enjoyed Art’s Blog and artwork! And I am always happy to talk about as many cool artists as I can! LOL! Much love! XOXO

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