BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #110 – Surviving the Strike!

Am I the only one who has found the Hollywood Writer’s strike a little freeing? Obviously, it’s no fun for the people directly affected by the strike, and for that is unfortunate… but as an average Joe, living miles away from Tinseltown, it has brought me a surprising sense of freedom.

I am no longer enslaved my TV Guide, and my evenings have become mine again, to fill any which way I like. It’s a rather strange revelation! I have a love/hate relationship with my Television!

Don’t get me wrong – I love new episodes of my favorite shows as much as the next erotic comic creatin’ artist – but I must confess, the strike has not killed me or my leisure time. Quite the contrary! I think it’s helped diversify it..

No longer enslaved to the world of Drs. Addison Sheppard and Meredith Grey or the whiny but occasionally entertaining hijinks of the new Bionic Woman, I am free to venture out and discover (or in some cases “RE-DISCOVER”) new forms of entertainment.

So what have I been doing with my time off, you may ask? Well my friends, I have embraced several new forms of entertainment (not that these forms of entertainment are new, but you know… in comparison to my recently kicked- TV addiction, they were relatively under appreciated.)

Here are my personal steps to surviving the strike.

Step 1 – Read a book!

Shocking concept, isn’t it? Yes, we live in a nation where illiteracy is alarmingly high, but there is no time like the present to start fighting that! Since the strike I’ve read several novels, and graphic novels. I used to do that BEFORE the strike, you say. True – but since the strike, I think I’ve literally doubled how much I read.

Those of you who HUNGER for M.I.A TV shows such as CSI, Gossip Girl and even Heroes can satiate your hunger by heading out to your local book store or public library. There are several original novels based upon these series which are every bit as enticing as the programs they are inspired by. (I feel I must point out that I have NEVER watched or read Gossip Girl – I just got this bit of info from my trusty Entertainment Weekly!! But I have read the CSI books, and they are great!)

Step 2 – Fall in love with your Xbox 360 all over again!

And believe me, I have! For numerous reasons! But perhaps the most notable reason is that I have traveled to Willamette Mall via my wireless controller about a dozen times since the strike. Yup! It’s DEADRISING for me gang! Not only does this brilliant game offer action, suspense and horror, but it also has a ton of hidden features which are super fun to dig for. I recently completed the TRUE ending of the game, and after a great deal swearing and spitting at my screen (that’s half the fun), I am proud to say that I have unlocked almost all of the achievements!

So in love with this game am I that I decided to feature the very talented Silencio’s beautiful rendition of Frank West, the game’s hero, on the cover of todays’ issue!

Another perk to Deadrising is that it’s one of the only video games I know that your sexy hero can run around in nothing more than his EXTREMELY tight boxer briefs, leaving VERY LITTLE to the imagination! Watch out for those nutty cultists!

Even if Deadrising isn’t your cup of tea, you can still find a ton of games for your Xbox which will keep you entertained for hours! Less engrossing are the arcade-style games like Bejeweled, Zuma and Lumines: LIVE! All good fun, and just as easy to put down as they are to pick up!

Step 3 –Learn something new!

Documentaries have always fascinated me. From Prehistoric stuff, to the supernatural, to the wonders of our beautiful planet, you can literally find a whack of books and DVDs filled with great new stuff to learn about. Okay, so maybe I sound like a geek, but bear with me here.

One of my recent guilty pleasures is a little program I’ve been downloading (for my Ipod of course!) called Monster Quest! It’s produced by the history channel, and investigates modern society’s “monsters”. They look at everything with a critical eye, launching expeditions to either prove the existence OR prove the fake-ness of stuff like Bigfoot, Giant Squids, Mutant Canines and the Sasquatch (to name just a few).
Brace yourselves – some of the episodes turn up some rather startling evidence to support the existence of these creatures – and some of the episodes leave you feeling a bit disappointed that they couldn’t turn anything up more convincing.

But the really cool part about the program is it’s impartial nature. If you’re even remotely interested in this sort of stuff, you’ll find yourself hooked with the first episode…as long as it’s NOT the ludicrous RODS episode… ‘cause I ain’t talkin’ about the good kind of rods! Lame, lame, LAME!

STEP 4 – Go outside.

This may seem lame also, but I think it’s important to remember that there is a world outside our living room. Fraser and I have made a point to go for walks a little more often and explore our town! Granted it’s been snowing so freakin’ much lately, you need snowshoes just to get around, but it can be a good deal of fun even just playing in the snow and leaves you nice and refreshed!

STEP 4 – Discover the joys of DVDs!

Yes it’s true! There were TV shows before this latest Fall season! And a lot of great stuff is on DVD for you to enjoy! My recent personal favorites: Charmed, Surface, Torchwood and the new Animated Fantastic Four series.

Charmed and Torchwood (oooohhh – Captain Jack – you are just too damn HAWT!!!) need no introduction because, they just ROCK! The animated Fantastic Four cartoon is a bit manga-esque for some viewers’ tastes, but is incredibly well written and surprisingly witty. I adore these characters, and if you’re like me and can’t get enough of ‘em, then this is one series you’ll want to treat yourself to.

Surface is one of those programs that should have been huge, but was sadly chopped before it had the time to come into it’s own. Created by the very talented brothers Josh and Jonas Pate, the show is a combination of compelling story telling and amazing, Spielbergian effects.

It’s about three main characters who will eventually realize that the fate of the world lies in their hands. During a routine submersible dive in the North Pacific Ocean, California oceanographer Laura Daughtery (Lake Bell) is attacked by an unknown life form that appears out of a field of craters on the ocean’s floor. Miles Barnett (Carter Jenkins), a North Carolina teen, finds himself face to face with the strange sea creature after falling off his wakeboard during a nighttime outing with his friends. Meanwhile, Richard Connelly (Jay R. Ferguson), a Louisiana man on a fishing trip, loses his brother in a suspicious diving accident when the creature drags him to the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

The complete series is available on DVD and is a fantastic ride. Just be patient with episodes 3 to5 – they are a bit slow – but then the series picks up and the shit starts to REALLY hit the fan! Great fun!

In the end, I think that as much as we love Hollywood, we as a society seem to have grown far too dependant on it! We are it’s slaves, with maws wide agape, eager to eat up the next serving of whatever gruel passes for the latest, coolest thing! Well I say decide your own cool! And while it’s perfectly fine to miss your favorite shows and long for their return, just remember that there is a world of entertainment out there to choose from until then – and maybe even AFTER then!!

PS – I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t cough up to my joy at the return of LOST and the start of the brand new Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in this Winter TV Season. But perhaps another important thing the strike has taught me is to appreciate the few episodes we’ll get of these shows a little more.

All images and materials © Copyright & TM 2008, respective owners.
Deadrising illustration by Silencio. © Copyright 2008. All Rights reserved.


  1. Vaughn Michael says

    Very Good Patrick hehe :)
    I hardly ever watch tv myself I mostly watch cartoons like south park, or the shows on adult swim.
    Some times I will find myself watching the news or stuff on logo but others than that I’m a dvd sorta guy when it comes to the tv.
    I’ll take the old programs over the mass sea of “reality” tv we have now. The only show I did watch that is on strike is the office I can’t wait for that one to come back heh.
    Keep up the greta art.

  2. Charlie MJR says

    Hay patrick.
    I’m sort of the same, don’t usually sit down and watch t.v programs, and all the movies I like are on dvd anyway so I just watch that when the times right.

    I admit I fell in love and still love the american (make that canadian) queer as folk, the characters and stories are so inviting I can just feel like I’m there in debees cafe down libery avenue.

    Haha, I see you’ve taken an intrest in torchwood too, john barrowman is indeed a big peice of lovely, and I think one of u.ks national treasures. The kiss between him and james masters (spike, drool!) was huge here, so glad to see him getting some proper lib action.

    But like I say sometimes its just nice to enjoy other things. I’m a big fan of world of warcraft these days and love escaping, playing one of my characters on there with groups of friends I’ve made online… plus you see the way orc male butts wiggle, wooooh, tight pants please!!

  3. Damian & Trent says

    This makes three and four, because we also don’t watch tv. Only way we knew there’s a writers’ strike is because the news said so. Not that we don’t support the writers, because we do, because without them there’re no shows, but we just don’t watch tv. Cd’s & reading command our evenings when we’re in (and not messing around).

    Damian & Trent

  4. My T.V. viewing habits changed a bit to due to the strike, but my regular shows are still being strung out one new episode every couple of weeks (ie: Fox’s animated sitcoms on sunday night), and I definitely side with the writers, and would rather see their demands be met then return to work with a bad MBA. Though it would be nice to see ‘the Daily Show’ and ‘the Colbert Report’ back to normal as well.
    Definitely a good time to catch up with stuff you have on DVD. Or god forbid read a book, get in some writing or drawing time in.

  5. Vaughn Michael says

    omg Charlie me to I hate how queer As Folk ended and just got my mom hooked to the show thanks to the box sets and we both want the show back on the air soooo bad!
    And it’s funny cause I live in pittsburgh shame the real place isn’t like that.

  6. John Barrowman (aka Captain Jack Harkness) is fucking GORGEOUS, and gay – his partner, Scott Gill, is an architect, and also cute as a button. There are pics from their wedding on John’s website.

  7. Ive realised ive watched a lot less in the way of tv even in britain, because so many of our programmes come from over the water.
    I tend to watch a lot more movies and read more too, I wish I had more time for art really, but its never really what I want to do to relax after a long day at uni.
    I wish I had an xbox 3360 to play Dead Rising on though, I love Zombies.
    Im even having a Zombie party next week for my 25th birthday! teehee

  8. Well, the writer’s strike is almost over… so perhaps we’ll end up sucked back into our televisions again! Good advice, though. I’ve been reading a lot more lately.. and it feels good. And, of course, checking your blog for updates is definitely entertaining… in that eye-candy sort of way…

    I have to say too that I love Monster Quest! I’ve always been fascinated by strange creatures and the realities behind them all.

    Then again, I’m a paranormal investigator, so sometimes it’s nice to branch out beyond just ghosts! lol

  9. Y’know I don’t get much T.V. time these days (and I live in LA-LA land)…but like you, I’ve recently become a Torchwood fan–Jack alone is motivation to have me running towards this series like a screaming fan-gurl.

    The BBC has been cranking out some amazing shows of late (HollyOaks) and I’ve been hard-pressed to keep my attentions to my deadlines.


  10. Yay Patrick! You’re gaming! Haha, that’s awesome. If you have a Wii, I’ve been so uber excited for Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the longest time. It’s pretty awesome, and some of my favorite characters from many games are in it!

    There’s also this one character who I’m especially excited about, his name is Ike and he really is like one of the first video game characters I found kind of attractive, haha. Plus within the story of the games he’s in, there are hints that he’s gay and you know how rare that is in video games. Of course they never state out if he really is or not. xD It would be easier to explain if you ever played Fire Emblem. :P Haha, oops I randomly ranted about something you probably don’t care about! Sorry! Haha, oh well, that’s my obsession. Besides I haven’t commented any of your blogs in a while anyway, might as well give you a long one. ^__^

  11. Mike at says

    Gossip Girl, huh…I would have pegged you as more of a One Tree Hill kinda’ boy. :)

  12. I love alyssa milano. And though I dont watch charmed, she remains one of the most stunning women alive in my book. She should have been Rogue.

  13. Good morning my friends!!!

    Thanks so much to all of you for your wonderful comments! I really enjoyed reading them all! It’s funny that in a way, it seems that most of us already have a lot of pastimes that don’t involve sitting in front of the boob tube too often! Not that I am against the boob tube – God knows I ADORE my shows! LOL!

    Most of us also seem to be taken by the oh-so sexy Captain Jack! Guess great minds think alike, huh guys! HA! HA! HA!

    Well, the strike is now officially over and the writers have returned to work. I look forward to seeing a few more episodes of the shows that went off the air when the strike began… and I am DYING to see the 2-hour conclusion to Terminator: The Sarah Connor chronicles – which has ROCKED so far!!!!

    Thanks again to all of you for taking the time to write! It was much appreciated!

    Much love and hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXOXO

    PS – Hey Mike, you funny man! LOL! I soooo don’t watch Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill! Though I have been known to tune in religiously to the Gilmore Girls when it was still on. Ah the days of Loralai and Rory’s quick witty banter. How they are missed!

    JC… Yes, Alyssa is very beautiful, but ironically is my least favorite of the Charmed sisters. Her character gets a bit preachy near the end of the show. However, she would have made a great Rogue, even if I do think played the part very nicely! XOXO

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