Petition for the lives of Hamzeh and Loghman.

Hey Gang…

I don’t usually get political here, but this is something really important and that all of us can affect. Please sing the Petition for the lives of Hamzeh and Loghman: two young gay men who are in love and who risk the death sentence in Iran. And let’s not forget Pegah: the United Kingdom could still hand her over to the executioner.

Click here for the Petition and more information on this situation.

Thanks my friends.

Much love,
Patrick XOXO


  1. Vaughn Michael says

    I signed it, and learning about this it just makes me sick of the world we live in all over again.
    There’s also a petition to get rid of if you want the link I can give it to you.

  2. Damian & Trent says

    We are both mega-political and applaud you for this entry. We do something every day for environment and human rights. Human species is on the wrong path, and we join those who try to block that path.

    Damian & Trent

  3. Thanks for bringing this to my attention so that I could add my signature. It gave me a cold shiver to think of it, we forget how much luckier we are in the western world, even thought things aren’t perfect at least my partner and I can feel safe in our own home.

  4. Hello Vaughn Michael, Damian & Trent and Nookiedog…

    Thanks for your kind words here, guys! I’m glad you all found the article worthwhile. I definitely think that we can ALL affect horrible situations like these.

    And Vaughn Micheal, please do send me the petition info to get rid of the godhatesfags site. THAT has got to go!

    Much love guys!
    Patrick XOXO

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