Brother to Dragons – The Unvanquished Sun

Hey Gang…

I know there are a lot of Brother to Dragons fans out there, and this posting is for you! While you patiently wait for issue #2 of the hit series, you will be glad to know that François Peneaud & Carlos García have combined their talents to bring us a fantastic short story called The Unvanquished Sun.

To quote François: “We’re months away from the second issue of BtD, but we have a little something to hopefully keep you warm for the winter. The short story I’ve written, acts as both a prequel to the series and a seasonal offering I hope you’ll all enjoy–it contains no spoiler, so you can read it even if you haven’t read our comic yet.”

So go check it out! Brother to Dragons – The Unvanquished Sun. It’s a fantastic story and a great furthering of the fantastic world that these two talented artists have created.

Brother to Dargons, © Copyright 2008, François Peneaud & Carlos García. © Copyright 2008 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

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