BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #107 – Class of 2008!

Happy New Year Folks! I hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday Season and that 2008 is treating everyone right so far! My break was very nice, but I am ready to get back to it… and I am really excited by what’s coming up this year in terms of Class Comics projects! So I’m gonna jump right in!

Last year, I got a little ahead of myself when I unveiled the 2007 lineup. Our schedule and releases changed quite a bit over the year due to changes in distribution, especially when we secured distribution with Diamond. That is not a bad thing at all, mind you. Changes are sometimes necessary. But this year, I will try not to get too far ahead of myself so that I only discuss projects which I know are a sure thing!

We’re kicking off the year with Deimos #1 and Rainbow Country #2. I’ve discussed Deimos #1 in some detail last year, and I’m pleased to announce that it is at press as I type this. I know some of you folks are a bit hesitant about this book and are worried that you will find it too different from Deimos #0. All I can say is that I hope you will give issue #1 a chance. I am quite proud of the story, and even more proud of the art that Logan has created for it. It’s really impressive stuff.

He’s worked very hard to keep the “essence” of the characters intact. Deimos is still buff. Cardinal and Rusty are still twinks. And Bob is still…well… monstrously endowed! LOL! As for the story, it picks up where “Acts of Mercy” left off in Deimos #0, and launches the series in a very urgent way. So remember, change is sometimes very good, and you may find that this book will really surprise you… in a good way!

Rainbow Country #2 is also at press. I must say, Rainbow Country is a lot of fun for us here at Class. It gives me the opportunity to translate from French to English, which I love doing. It also allows us to spend a good deal of time with the beautiful art that Max’ creates. His style is so unique and really stands out. That is in part what makes RC such a cool title. No other book we have published looks anything like it. And his writing is great fun too. These boys are not superheroes. They’re not demons trying to save the world. They’re just really horny studs out to have fun. It’s more like Satisfaction Guaranteed in that respect.

Honestly if you haven’t given this title a chance, you may want to do so this year. It will be worth your while. You can pre-order both Rainbow Country #2 and Deimos #1 at your local comic shop (Deimos #1 DCD ITEM: DEC07 3530, Rainbow Country #2 DCD ITEM: DEC07 3531) or get them through us when they are released in February.

I am especially proud of this next book: The Initiation: Higher Sex Education #1. It’s the first Class Comics title that my Fraz has written – and it’s a doozy! LOL! The Initiation is all about College life… or what we wish it were really like. The book depicts the adventures of Alex, a sexy blond College freshman who is having a tough time making the grade. Of course you know that will mean a lusty tutor (check him out! The luscious Bradley is today’s hot cover toon!) and special attention from his professors… You know the sort of special attention I’m talking about here! Wink! Wink!

Fraz wanted to create a book that was all about good, clean (okay, well… not THAT clean) naughty fun. And that is exactly what he did. The Initiation is beautifully illustrated by artist Joseph Hawk, and each page is crammed chock full of hard college studs and dripping sex. You might think that this means very little story, but actually, the characters are surprisingly endearing and are guaranteed to leave you longing for the next issue.

I’m so proud to tell you that we have managed to secure the much coveted (and not so easy to secure) cover
of the Previews Adult January catalog for this book. You can pre-order the Initiation #1 from at your local comic shop: DCD ITEM: JAN08 3498

Next up, we FINALLY have Zahn #1. Whew! I am so pleased this book is done. It has been so much fun to create, and I think the final result is something I can be proud of. This title started out as a potential 10-page story for the Rapture series. Then I thought I would make it a one-shot issue. And finally I realized that Zahn’s potential is pretty vast, so I wrote him a mini-series! So enter issue #1.

Zahn may have started out as homage to my personal childhood inspirations like Masters of the Universe and Conan, but it has become much, much more than that. In Zahn I have found a character I love to draw and write as much as Camili-Cat… and THAT has not happened in over 20 years! Zahn is a barbarian who starts off issue #1 with a nasty bout of amnesia. This of course is integral to the story, but while he doesn’t recall his past or what his deal is, he soon learns to embrace his destiny. It will lead him in some pretty unexpected places.

Hernán and I have also given this issue extra special love and care where the colors are concerned. I wanted every page to pop. I’d like to think we accomplished that.

Zahn #1 is the fourth Class Comics release of 2008. Be sure to keep an eye out for the March 2008 Previews Adult catalog for ordering info. We also (miraculously) managed to secure the cover for that issue, so you know that Zahn is gonna be all over that!

Beyond these first four books, I don’t want to give away too much. I can tell you however that we’re going to release issue #1 of a FANTASTIC new series called Tug Harder, written and illustrated by my fellow Canadian, Butch McLogic. The art in this title is freakin’ amazing… and the story is jolly good fun! Fans of HvH will most definitely want to check this title out. Not that these artists’ work is alike, but each has a very “graphic art” intense sensibility to their work. It’s really wonderful.

Also due out this year is Rapture #3 (this time, I promise)! Ghostboy fans won’t want to miss this issue because it’s the one that finally reveals the outcome of the Ghostboy/Ghostgirl situation. Plus that story is brilliantly illustrated by Class Comics new comer, Eric Mars (who is also working on a very exciting, very top secret new project for Class as well!)

Also in Rapture #3 is a brand new Deimos story written by yours truly, with gorgeous art by Spubba. And of course you’ll find part 2 of the Great Satyr Caper, featuring Naked Justice and Space Cadet, written and illustrated by me!

You can also look forward to more new titles – several of which are still hush hush, so I can’t talk about them – but I’ll release details as they become available. There will be more Class Comics Portfolios, as well as a few surprises.

So – BIG year for Class! I hope you will all enjoy our 2008 lineup. We are really working hard to bring you great titles featuring involving stories and characters and gorgeous art.

On behalf of everyone at Class Comics, I want to thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and support. It means a lot to all of us. After all, these books are for you! :oD

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

PS — It’s JC Etheredge’s birthday today! He urns 28! JC is the creator of the ultra-sexy ANTI-HEROES and a brilliant artist. So head on over to his Blog and wish him a happy Birthday! Happy Birthday my friend. May this year bring you a ton of success and much love and joy! :o) XOXO

All Titles © Copyright and TM 2008, Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Gerald Dean says

    awesome lineup! you’ve been one busy boy…

  2. Looks great Patrick! Seems like things are going to go well for you guys this year. Initiation looks AWESOME by the way.

  3. Wish you the best!

  4. Damian & Trent says

    We’ll be making lots o’ happy trips to the comic shop. And even happier trips back home! Thanks, Patrick & Fraz & company.

    Damian & Trent

  5. 2008 IS going to be an AMAZING year for Class Comics!

    Gratz, Patrick! and to Fraz for high-lighting his creative side!



  6. White Wabbit says

    Looks like Class Comics is going from strength to strength, as it indeed deserves to!!! Of course, I’m mostly looking forward to your own work Patrick, ‘Zahn #1’ in particular, but who knows, I might be tempted by some of the other publications as well!

    So many congratulations for all your achievements of 2007 and here’s hoping for even more success this coming year.

    Wabbit xx

  7. Hi Patrick. Let me start of by saying that I hope 2008 is going to be a very good and prosperous year for you and Class Comics. Though by looking what’s in store I have no doubt that 2008 will be a good one.

    This is all very exciting actually First of all there’s Deimos #1. Now, you probably know by now much I adore him so this is defenitely one to look foreward to. If Rainbow Country #1 is anything to go by then #2 will be great. I loved #1 for it’s style and vibrant colours. The Initiation #1 looks like another Class act from uhm… Class Comics, defenitely going to look out for that one, and it will be interesting to read something by Fraser. Then there’s Zahn #1. When I first saw this lovely barbarian I fell for him immediately, he is one of my favourite Class characters and I can’t wait to get hold of #1. Finally ther’s Tug Harder which certainly looks like it’s going to be fun, and Rapture #3 which, whahey, contains more Deimos.

    2008 Just started, but I know it’s going to be good.

    Take Care and LOTS of LOVE

  8. WOW! So much stuff! Everything looks so good– I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

    My pallette has been wet for Logan’s Demios and your Zahn books for a while now so that’s no surprise.

    Also excited for the Initiation book! It looks like it’ll be a blast– and a nice change of pace from superheroes and demons.

    And finally, I have to say that I’m REALLY shocked and surprised to hear of this Tug Harger book! Butch McLogic’s work looks fuggin’ AMAZING! I’ve never heard of him till now so it was a cool surprise to see that. And man– I am so all about that grid image with all the sexy mens. He’s combined 2 of my great loves: the torso and the grid– HAHA!


  9. I’m like a kid in a candy store: “I want that. I want that. I want that one, too. Wait, don’t forget this one. Gimmie that one.” LOL. I’m so excited for Class Comics! YAY! I’m buying everything.

    And, by the way, I wish my campus had Bradley.

  10. tiggahtigz says

    sounds very exciting! I’ve always been a fan :) happy new year! I can’t wait to see the new stuff!

  11. Hey Gang…

    So good of you to stop by! I am really excited about the books we have lined up for 2008, and it’s so great to see that you are all as excited about them as I am!

    Gerald Dean, Rarutos, Tina, Damian and Trent, Z… you guys are the best. Thanks so much for the kudos, my friends. You are much appreciated! XOXO

    White Wabbit… thanks so much for the comment, my friend. I am also really looking forward to FINALLY getting Zahn out there. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the first issue when you see it. I am pretty proud of it, but I have to confess that after working on it for so long, I can’t stand looking at it anymore! HA! HA! HA! You know us artists – always on to the next project! LOL! Still I am really excited about the issue’s release. I have some big plans for the series and for Zahn as a character. Lotsa Luv my friend! XOXO

    Reikro… always a pleasure to read from you, dear friend! I am especially curious to see what you will think of Deimos #1. I have to say, because I know what a Deimos fan you are, I am very excited to know your opinion… and I hope you will not spare me, whether it’s a good opinion or a bad one! LOL! I do think you will enjoy it though because I think Logan and I did a good job at remaining true to the spirit of Deimos’ character. Well, I guess we shall soon see. LOL!

    Also I am very pleased that you are so excited about Zahn. As I mentioned above to White Wabbit, I am very proud of this issue and look forward to sharing it with all of you! And also trust me when I tell you that Fraser’s book is nothing short of cum-tacular! LOL! I think people will enjoy the “real guys| side of it. He did a really fantastic job putting this puppy together! Much love, dear friend! XOXO

    JC… great o hear from you, my friend. Glad to see you are looking forward to Zahn, Deimos and The Initation… and to Butch’s book! I think being an artist yourself, you will find this title really wicked. His style is amazing and his sense of story telling is brilliant. His characters are hawt as Hell and his sense of design is really fantastic! I can’t wait to see this puppy in print either! :oD Much love! XOXO

    Jessica… Hello darling! LOL! I loved your analogy!!! But who says you have to choose! You could have one of each! HA! HA! HA! As for Bradley… yup! Let’s say school might have been WAAAY more fun with him in my classes! HA! HA! HA! Lotsa luv! XOXO

    Tiggahtigz… Welcome to BTM, my friend. Glad you could stop by. I really appreciated your comment. Loved your Blog and pics by the way! Verrrry sexy! ;) And yes! Exhibitionist can TOTALLY be an occupation! Don’t be shy on our account!!! HA! HA! HA! Stop by anytime! All the best! XOXO

    Big love and thanks to you all!
    Patrick XOXOX

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