BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #103 – Tah-Dah! Colossus Complete!

Well Gang, you’ve all been very patient and I am proud to unveil my completed Colossus image! YAY!!!!

The inks on this bad boy took slightly longer than I initially thought they would, but I do so love all those crazy little details in the Sentinel wreckage. Though that stuff can be really time consuming, it is also a blast to work on. It also creates nice depth in the image, which I am really pleased about.

Colossus’ skin was a blast to ink and I really enjoyed making him look “shiny”. You know it’s kind of funny, I always liked Colossus as a character, but he was never my personal fave. Still, I am really thrilled that I got the chance to draw him for all of you – I enjoyed the process a great deal, and I think I have also gained a new appreciation for Pete!

I’ve been a little tight on time lately, so I turned to Hernán, one of my favorite Class Comics colorists for the colors on this piece. I just felt that this illustration deserved a really top notch coloring job – which is exactly what he gave it. Thanks Hernán for your superb talent and hard work on this pic!

In the end, I am personally quite pleased of the final result. I set out to draw a Colossus I could be proud of, and to interpret the character in my style, which I think is what I have done. I know that this image has caused a lot of controversy with some of you fine folks (judging by the comments left on the post featuring the pencil version of this illustration), and I can only hope that you will enjoy this image and view it as my take on the character.

Please know I truly value all of your opinions even if I do not always share them, and that I am always happy to read your comments. I look forward to them. Respect is key, and I think that so long as we all respect one another, we will continue to have a whole lot of fun with BTM.

So Enjoy Colossus, and thanks again to all of you for your enthusiasm and for making your votes count!

Much love to you all!
Patrick XOXOX

Colossus is © Copyright & TM 2007, Marvel Characters. All Rights Reserved.

Illustration © 2007, Patrick Fillion. Intended as fan art. Please do not repost.


  1. Excellent job on him

  2. Vaughn Michael says

    well..want to know what I think now?
    I’ve never wanted to put my mouth to metal so bad in my life. haha
    Amazing your color job adds sooooooo much to this art.

  3. WHOA !! Give this Hernán person an extra tap on the shoulder for me. As if the the original picture wasn’t amazing enough !! The colors are simply STUNNING !!! I don’t mean to sound speechless here but WOW !! and oh god, this is such an instant turn on .
    Anywho, great job ! i hope my skills will become as good as yours some day ;) .

  4. Here I am, struggling with English one more time (and certainly not the last one), just to say “unf! uNf! UUNNF! Where’s that dam’ Kleenex box? ” ;°p. I just learned that ‘word’ in the comments on the pencil post… Jokes apart, one mighty fine job, & on the wrecked sentinel too. Kudos to Hernán Cabrera for the hot colors. BTW, did he color everything or just the background?

  5. White Wabbit says

    Simply stunning, this is a real piece to be proud of and definately outSHINEs the other ‘Men of Marvel’ :D

    Just simply awesome.


    You have a fine, fine master of colour on your team, give him a raise lol.

    Wabbit xx

  6. it looks beautiful is all i gots to say

  7. I really liked how he turned out. ^_^ lol and I thought the tinman was sexy… haha.

  8. Hey Patrick, wow it looks absolutely AMAZING. As always you’re a great artist! I always look forward to seeing your beautiful works of art. :]

  9. Oh my GOD! That is one battle that I wish I could have watched up close! VERY CLOSE!LOL!

    Thanks for giving us such a stunning Colossus. WOW.

    Jaw Dropping! No wonder they made him GAY!


    I’ve used the word “masterpiece” so often to describe your work that I’m struggling to come up with an appropriate synonym, but I’m at a loss. Masterpiece, masterpiece, masterpiece! That’s what this is, damnit! :-D

    Also, I must repeat something that I just wrote in another thread on here. I continue to be amazed at how open Patrick is with his major-league talent, freely sharing it here on his blog — whereas many other artists in his position would charge a fee for a mere peek at even their latest cocktail-napkin doodling. Patrick, you spoil us thoroughly. Thank you so very, very much. :-)

    P.S. Your colorist is AWESOME!

  11. rufferstuff says

    When Colossus’ pants fell off, that poor sentinel couldn’t take it. Probably created a program paradox “Must kill mutants, but if I kill this stud, he won’t be able to cornhole me….”.

    You have added the Fillion touch to an already sexy guy and made him sexier.

  12. Drools uncontrollably. Colossus I love his accent and damn what a fine body, say I just saw incubus new look I adore him being bald. There are some guys who look fab without hair and his definitely one of them. Thank you for sharing your divine artwork. Sending you lots of hugs.

  13. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, Patrick, that is so freak’n beautiful! More..More…More…

  14. I don’t care what anybody else thinks, this is one of your best pieces of work yet Patrick!!! Keep up (pun intended) the good work!

  15. It’s awesome man! I wouldnt push that inking job on anyone but u rocked it! And your colorist’s choices were really well thought.

    I think what I like most about it though is Piotr’s expression and facial structure. You seemed to capture something that I think many artists forget about this character– his innocence. Back in the days of the All New, All different X-Men, Pete was the youngest and that naive, boyish quality about him was always something the writers liked to play with. You really portray that well with this one, buddy.

    Now pardon me while I print it out and head for the bedroom. (ahhaha– j/k)

  16. Absinthe Studios says

    HOT stuff man! You have made the fanboy in me ten million times happy! ;)

  17. I was always a colossus fan – ESPECIALLY the actor in the movies.

    Yes Please – great work.


    I can’t concentrate now…thank you. :)


  19. polydactylous says

    Thank you for your generous gift of the ultimate Colossus. He is exquisite. I haven’t read the X-Men comics (like all mainstream entertainment, it has plenty of muscle on display, but suffers from a serious lack of both male/male love and mega-dickage). The little that I do know about the characters has come from the films. Ultimately, I don’t care whether you have stayed faithful to anyone else’s concepts, because your work is beyond magnificent. I feel lucky to be alive every time I see any of your stable of beautiful boys. Those faces…those bodies…those utterly perfect cocks. The Patrick Fillion male is everything that a being with a prick should be. I am grateful to you, now and always, for sharing your talent.

  20. Abdin-Sébastien Holst says

    Nice work – i really like how you’ve drawn the head of the sentinel just in the right position to make it look as if he’d desperately long for Colossus dick.

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