Attention all Glen Hanson Fans!!!

Glen Hanson has created another gorgeous Calendar to beautify your walls all year round! “Xanadu on Broadway” star Cheyenne Jackson is featured on the cover of Glen Hanson’s 2008 Caricature Calendar along with 12 other “G-riffic” illustrations and more inside!

NYC locals can get theirs while they last in the issue of NEXT Magazine on the stands now, or to find out how you can get a signed copy directly from Glen, go to his website. Don’t miss out! These are FABULOUS!!!

All illustrations by Glen Hanson. © 2007.


  1. Vaughn Michael says

    Glen is amazing, not only that but he’s really down to earth and sweet to which is rare.

  2. Yeah, I got the issue of Next and was surprised to see the whole kit n’ kaboodle in the magazine! Why do that? I mean, I’m not the most business savvy individual, but it seems like u’d wanna only give the fans a sneak peek so they’ll actually wanna go out and buy it!

    Ah well– I guess he knows what he’s doin’. He’s one of the masters. Still confusing though.

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