BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #101 – Special Fan Art Issue + the new Wear It Daily Shop!

Hiya Folks…

I hope you’re all having a great weekend. Wow! It’s been a busy time over here. Imposed bed rest really takes its toll on the workload, and I have been catching up for a week now! I think I’m actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though – thank God! LOL!

I’ve been meaning to post these 2 AMAZING fan art pieces that were sent to me a few weeks back. The first is from Bluevampyre. This fantastic artist did a gorgeous rendition of good old Ghostboy unmasked. I love this image because it’s in Bluevampyre’s super sexy Yaoi style, and yet it is so very clearly Ghostboy. It’s a great rendition. Plus doesn’t it look wonderful on the cover of today’s issue?

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous rendition of Ghostboy with me, Bluevampyre – and my apologies for taking so long to post it here! Feel free to depict my guys any time you like, my friend.

The second piece of fan art that came my way a few weeks back is by Seraphicreverie, and features Deimos, Lanor and Naked Justice. I just LOVE it when Seraphicreverie depicts my boys. They always look sooooo sexy and hot, and this lovely image is no exception! I am sure you will agree that this is a beautiful piece. Don’t you just want to reach out and stroke Lanor – DAHH, I mean in a petting way, of course! ;) HA! HA! HA!

Thanks so much for treating me to this gorgeous image of my boys, Seraphicreverie. As always, you have made my day, and your art really cheered me up while I was ailing from my nasty tooth issues! I truly meant to post this beauty sooner, but you know how time can get away from us artists! LOL!

And lastly today, I also wanted to mention to everyone that December 1st is World AIDS day – a VERY important date to be sure! You can help in the fight against AIDS and check out Season of Concern’s new CafePress shop called “Wear it Daily!” 50% of the profits from this site go directly to benefit the programs of Season of Concern.

Check out the Season of Concern website for more information and to learn of how you can help in the fight against AIDS – and buy a T-Shirt or a Mug – they look wicked and are for a truly great cause.

Thanks so much to my good friend Tina Anderson for the head’s up! :)

So that’s it for me today, folks – but my naughty pic of Colossus and the answers to all your latest comments are still coming. Keep your eyes peeled!

Much love to you all!
Patrick XOXO

Deimos, Ghostboy, Naked Justice and Lanor are © Copyright 2007 and TM Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Damian & Trent says

    Two terrific pieces of art. Thanks to the artists for sharing with you, & us. GB has a different persona in this interp, but is still way hot. As to the other three hot guys, we wonder what exactly NJ was doing when we interrupted him.

    Damian & Trent

  2. Fanart is always fun. I would love to do fanart myself, but I still need more practice in art. Haha.

  3. That piece where they’re all piled atop each other is really cute. They’re like litter of puppies!

  4. Hey guys…

    Thanks so much for stopping by! It’s nice to know that you all like seeing the fan art that comes my way. I love sharing it with you! :) Some day, i want to do a MASSIVE special issue devoted to a HUGE selection of fan art I’ve received over the years! That would be way cool — but also a Hellova lot of work! LOL!

    Maybe that’s an issue I can save for when I am on vacation and not working full time! HA! HA! HA!

    Hugz + Kisses!
    Patrick XOXO

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