Oolong’s Boyland is a wonderful place to visit. There’s a little something for everyone in this magical land that isn’t afraid to combine serious art with erotica. Created by Mitch, AKA Oolong, the art housed in this eye candy of a site is a refreshing look at male physicality and sensuality.

You can actually identify with Mitch’s men. They don’t all sport impossibly chiseled six packs, or own massive pecs. The men are real. They are guys you could see walking down the street, and while they are not always what society believes to be the definition of pretty, they are always exciting.

They play hard, and you can tell they’re having a great deal of fun. They are clearly not concerned with political correctness, and are happy to engage in clandestine water sports in the local public restroom stall. Sometimes they’re well behaved, but mostly they’re naughty, and unabashedly indulging in some of the raunchiest sex you can possibly imagine.

And yet, amidst this carnal feast for the eyes, Mitch also serves up picture perfect angels – men of virtue – nude, perhaps, but no less innocent.

This is his strength – his ability to dance between raunch and beauty with remarkable agility. Whether he’s depicting a cum-drenched orgy, or the wide-eyed portrait of two lovers simply holding one another, his approach is flawless and always artful.

There is an artfully graphic flavor to Mitch’s work. His ability as a designer is clearly evident, and surfaces completely in his pieces, which are perfectly color coordinated and conceptualized.

Oolong’s Boyland contains a large gallery of Mitch’s sauciest material, but by the artists’ own admission, you can see more of his work and benefit from more frequent updates if you check out his gallery at the Y!

Also coming soon from Mitch is “Cargo Volante”, a comic strip for real guys, featuring real guys. It will be interesting to see how this artist’s unique flare translates into sequential art, but I’m betting that like everything else he does, Cargo Volante will be just as enthralling.

All artwork © Copyright 2007 Mitch V. All Rights Reserved. Please do not repost without permission.


  1. Looks great Patrick! His art really does feature real men, which is a bit refreshing! Keep up the good work! I’m always a big fan of your blog entries. Haha.

  2. his art is so fabulous but urs pat will always hold a special place in my anus… i meant heart…heart obvisously…i wouldn’t put ur art n my anus, my fingers go there silly

  3. i’m also surprised you mentioned the y!gal based off of ur past experiences with them…i hate the y!gal too though they kicked me off for being too young, i’m a fucking senior in highschool, yeah i’m barely legal, but still legal enough to be on the site, tried to get in contact with them and they still haven’t answered back, i guess i should just download a msn or aim to message the admins easier oh well…what was i talking about again?

  4. PATRICK…i have an issue that must be solved…it’s diar…did i spell that rite? anywho… since u r in the business of making gay comic heroes, how well do u think they are going to do as a genre? i mean it’s so hard to break in to the bizz and especially w/gay characters, and the fact it’s porngraphic can scare ppl off, although hentai (str8 toon porn) is very popular and talked about in my highschool…mostly among nerds but w/e…GOOD TOPIC FOR A BLOG ,HUH?

  5. sorry dat deleted comment was mine… i needed to re-edit

  6. oh yeah– i used to fave this guy;s stuff like crazy on the Y. He’s really talented.

  7. Hello Rarutos, Mountii and JC…

    Glad you boys enjoyed this issue. Thank you all for taking the time to comment on Oolong’s beautiful Boytoons. I was very pleased to see that you all appreciate his wonderful style and artistic flare.

    Mountii, in answer to your Y! Gallery question, here’s the deal. Though I may not agree with how the Y! conducts their business and how they treat artists, the fact remains that a great many talented people exhibit their work there. If I stop appreciating those artists and their works, then I am the one who is losing out. For many artists, the Y! remains a great place to post their work. It would be swell if the Y! moderators could be more appreciative of the folks who post over in their community, but that is another story.

    As for Gay Comics, I personally think that there is always a market for the genre. I truly love what I do, and I know that other Gay creators love their work in the same way as well. I think it’s important to be true to yourself and to follow your muse, no matter where she (or he! LOL! ) may take you. If some people are scared off, then that is their loss, but you really can\t please everybody… so start by pleasing yourself and others will follow! LOL!

    Much love and thanks to you all!
    Patrick XOXO

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