BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #91 – The Men of Class Comics!

Today I thought I might take a look at the top 10 Class Comics studs, and see which ones are at the top of your own personal lists. I do this of course because I am personally curious, but also because here at Class we like to keep abreast of what our readers like… and in this case, who they like and who they want to see more of.

I’ve set up a little poll which you will find on the upper right portion of the side bar, just beneath the BTM title banner. Please vote for your fave Class Comics stud when you have a chance. We will keep this popularity contest in mind and it will end up influencing future books to come. Who will be featured, who will get his own title, who will we see more of and who we will see less of. You have a say, you know!

And now without further delay, here are the TOP TEN CLASS COMICS STUDS, in alphabetical order.

It’s no coincidence that after 21 years of drawing him, Cam remains one of my favorite creations. What is it about him that is just so frikkin’ hot? Is it that he always manages to find himself nipple deep in trouble of the most erotic kind? Or perhaps it’s that beneath that insatiable sex drive, the thick 12 inch dick and that bottom that just won’t quit, there is a character that after 20 years of being with me, has become one of my most well-rounded and explored creations. I think it’s true — sexiness has far more to do with a character’s personality than with his looks, and Cam is a sweetheart. You just want to eat him up!

I know you’ve been looking forward to Felinoids #3 for a long, LONG time now. It’s in the works my friends, and trust me, it’ll spin our favorite Felinoid into a whole crazy new direction. After a few years of focusing on his turmoil, it’ll be nice to explore a lighter side of Cam!

Ah yes – my bad boy fallen angel so concerned with regaining his wings. To say that Deimos is close to my heart would be a lie. In truth, I find it difficult to really relate to the character. I’ve even stated before that he even kind of scares me. Still, I can’t deny that his rough and tough “Daddy” image is majorly hot. His first issue is nearly complete, and I assure you that Logan’s work on this beauty is nothing short of inspired… So yes, Deimos has a future… even if it won’t necessarily be by my hand.

This bad boy has been away for a while. He decided to trade in his Cube-given powers for a chance at a normal life with his wife, Pascale and their new child. But I have missed Diablo. So much so, that I recently had Numa talk him into becoming a superhero again. I look forward to writing scenes between him and his son, Incubus. I’ve sort of hinted that the two of them have a strained relationship at best… and God knows how much I LOVE writing conflict between characters.

Beyond all of this, Diablo is a staple of the Class Comics universe. His look has become pretty well known and associated with us, and he remains a fan favorite to this day.

He may be the new kid on the block, but you folks sure do seem to like him. What’s pretty cool about Flamer is that so far, he’s only appeared in one short story, and I think he only had like three words of dialog in it. But the fact that you all seem to have taken a liking to him says a lot to me about the character’s potential. Look-wise, I find him very sexy. I love blond boys with body hair, and his beard is also a fun feature. He’s very hot and I look forward to delving more into his character and giving him more “screen time”!

Flamer is this issues’ cover toon because he deserved the exposure… and also because I thought you might all enjoy a sexy new pic of him to look at!

There are plans to give Ghostboy his own series. Why? Because almost every Class Comics fan adores him! His current story line may be a bit messed up, but you’ll all be thrilled to learn that it wraps up in Rapture #3. Yes I’m bringing the Ghostboy/Ghostgirl thing to an end sooner than I anticipated because I have plans for this character and it is time he moved on. He’s on a journey, and part of that journey is meant to help him mature as a character. I truly do see Ghostboy as being a major player in the Class Comics universe, and as the company continues to grow, so will he. But if you think you have the end of his current story line figured out… think again. It may not go as you might expect!

With his recent new look, we can expect big things from the son of Diablo. Incubus is so desperate to establish himself as his own man, and not a cheap knock off of his father. He will do almost anything t
o accomplish this. And you just gotta know that that means trouble. 2007 has been relatively quiet for the Guardians of the Cube series and characters, but behind the scenes I’ve been writing and toying with some crazy new concepts. Incubus and his dad do NOT get along, and we will see where that takes them very shortly.

Meanwhile, a lot of fans wrote me angry letters when I shaved Incubus’ head bald, but I maintain that this sexy new look will help to further his character’s development. Besides, there is something very sexy about bald men… especially crimson ones!

Yummy! How I love the color green! Locus is probably my most alien looking creation, yet he is also one of my hottest… and boy, does he know it! Quite drastically different from a lot of my other Boytoons, Locus is pretentious and self-centered, which tends to cause some great friction between him and other characters. Physically, Locus is great fun to draw because he is quite simple in design. I love the nuances that set him apart from the other characters, most notably the shape of his cock head. It may be subtle, but for me it helps to set him apart as being “not of this world”.

I have a lot of Locus stories to tell, but with this character I have to walk a fine line. Not everyone likes green guys, and for some, his alien characteristics can be a turn off. Still, Locus has his fans and I am one of them.

He’s Felix Himner by day, Naked Justice by night! NJ is a tricky fellow to grasp for me, but I have recently started working on a brand new Naked Justice project which will hopefully thrill all his fans. It’s still quite HUSH HUSH, but suffice it to say that this will really reveal a lot about his character and delve quite deeply into his past. This of course is a blast for me to write because it means I get to FINALLY understand more about him and how he functions as a character.

He’s like the Wolverine of Class Comics… so love him or hate him, he’s our major player. He’s taken me a long while to warm up to, but now that I am there, I’m discovering that there is a lot that can be done with a character whose past is rich and deeply rooted in Egyptian lore.

Plus, who doesn’t love his dry, sharp wit, provided by my pal and writer extraordinaire, Donald MacLean! I dare say, it’s a winning combo!

Oh, so much chocolaty goodness to love with this boy! Space Cadet is one of my more recent creations, but he has a way of captivating me! Initially intended as nothing more than a plot device in Naked Justice #2, it quickly became very obvious to me that this character had a lot of potential.

I have big plans for SC. Currently he can be seen getting plowed by his pal Naked Justice in Rapture #2 (which I know has pissed a few people off! YIKES!) but I’d love to someday give this hunny his own book. I really think I could tell some really cool stories with him as the main protagonist. Plus, OH MY GOD is he ever fun to draw.

Camili-Cat may have some STIFF competition! No other character has come so close to captivating me quite as much as Cam the way Zahn has. I am so pleased with his design, even if there is very little to it, and although to date he has only appeared in a 1-page online comic strip on my website, fan response to him has been amazing!

Initially, I only intended his up-coming book as a one shot… but I have since re-written the book and Zahn’s back story and it now looks like this puppy will be a good two to three issues long. I am just soooooo pleased with the twists and surprises I’ve concocted for his series, and I cannot wait to share the first book with all of you. You can look for that to come out early 2008. In the meantime, this sexy salt and pepper barbarian is seriously becoming one of my all time favorite creations.

Unfortunately, not every one of the Class Comics hunks could be featured here today. I think it’s important to give an honorable mention to the following Boytoons: Lanor, Disco, Captain Jung, Sethan, Cardinal, Jon Dazy and Dane and the Callboys of the SG Corp. Rest assured, these hotties are not forgotten, and will resurface again, each in his own way.

Meanwhile, be sure to cast your vote and let me know who your favorite Class Comics stud is.

Until next time, my friends! Thanks for reading!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All characters are © Copyright and TM, Patrick Fillion/Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hi there patrick, just wanted to tell you that I’m a fan of your work,I found your blog today and I’ve been lurking around for hours already! XD
    I just made a blog for my art today, I woud love if you could visit it, and if you like it, link to it, I already took the liberty of linking to yours in mine (I hope that’s okay with you)
    By the way from that list, Flamer is my new favourite, just after Naked Justice.

  2. Hey Tomas…
    Welcome to BTM! Thanks for the kudos! It’s so cool to hear that you’ve enjoyed digging through the archives here! :oD That really makes my day!

    Also, thanks for the link to your Blog! You’ve got real talent my friend! LOVE the hunk with the anal beads! Yummy! I can’t wait to see more of your stuff! I’ll will stop by regularly.

    Meanwhile, I’ve added your Blog to my link section as well! Thanks for the exchange! All the best to ya and keep on creating!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

    PS — Cool to hear that Flamer has another new fan! LOL! :oD Cheers!

  3. VaughnMichael says

    I really love your work Patrick I’m a long time fan and first time poster so I thought I’d tell you who my fave characters are in top 5 order. :)
    1. Cam I don’t know what it is but I’m a not really into animal characters but god he’s sexy lol actully reminds me of a friend of mine and I won’t like I’m a hung boy and I like my men the same way ;)
    The only other comic characters you haven’t done yet that I’d love to see you do are the ninja turtles and shredder haha.
    2. Ghostboy yummy says it all pretty much for him lol
    3. Incubus I love a man with a shaved head and I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for the devil ;)
    4. Locus well he’s an odd one for me but I still like him allot oddly enough also all of my favorite boys are green from Kermit the from to Beast Boy from Teen Titans hehe.
    5. Diablo like I said love demon boys and now you have me wishing men had red skin lol.
    But Seriously you have some great characters Patrick your work inspires me allot.
    Just thought I’d share & I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
    I come to your blog every single day :)
    -Vaughn Michael

  4. Thanx a lot for the link and the quick answer, hehe. I was so happy when I read it. XD
    Anyway I have a little gift for you in my blog, I hope you will like it.
    take care!

  5. Hey Patrick!

    It’s been a little while since I last posted. So then my favourite character…Well you probably know what’s coming next don’t you…


    To be honest all your Class Comics studs are…well studs, but Deimos just captured my heart and imagination when I first saw him. I want to sit with him in a bath and wash his back, hahaha!

    I just really REALLY hope that you won’t stop drawing him altogether, and this is not a criticism of other artist, it’s just I think that when it comes to drawing him, you do it the best.

    Zahn also became one of my favourites, that might be down to it than in some respect he is similar to Deimos in that he is a more rugged type character and more of an authoritative figure (well he seems to me like that) and that he is not going to take shit from anyone, which I admire :p

    Special Mention must also go to Naked Justice. I REALLY got to like him over the last few years. I just love his character, and much of that is down to his personality (thanks Donald MacLean!), he’s such a light-hearted character and the fact that he can be a bit goofy at times just makes him really likeable.

    What I noticed while I was browsing this post is that all of your men each has their own distinct feel and character to them and not just mere products of your pencil, if you know what I mean. One can see that Cam is a sweetheart, that Flamer is the fun type and that Incubus will kick your head in if you mess with him.

    Thats enough of my ramblings for now, tomorrow is Emma, our cat’s first birthday and I still haven’t finalised the guest list.

    LOTS of LOVE

  6. Hay Patrick.
    This is an awesome write up on your boys. I often too consider my favourite top 10 lists of comic book heroes and guys, whos sexiest.

    Well Flamer is extremely sexy, and really hoping to see more of him in future comics, and of course Deimos is again a super stud with a darker edge to him, my vote must and always will go to my fav of your guys, NJ. I liked how you said he’s the wolverine of class comics, strange that cause wolverine is indeed my favourite marvel comic hero, that gruff, wild quality, hairy and dangerous.

    Of course all your boys are lovely, I liked to new Incubus pic you’ve done of him now he’s shaved his head. Kind of puts me in mind of a DJ I once knew, lol. Very sexy.

    I’m still keeping my figures crossed you might consider a Zahn comic to buy, since I love reading them inhand even more then on the screen. Hope springs eternal as they say ;)

  7. White Wabbit says

    I’m sure everyone is well aware of (and bored of hearing about) my love affair with Flamer – mmPH!! – but before he arrived to rock my world it was probably Ghostboy (only when he had his mask on haha)

    BUT before HIM it was Locus AND Cam, and it was the prospect of the two of them gettin-it-awn that made me order my first ever Class Comic which was the 20th Anniversary Special of Camili-Cat with its yummy yummy cover ^_^ I was very much intrigued about how taboo their appearances were – as in they were clearly not human yet designed to arouse, and well, I guess I’m drawn to taboo things lol. But after reading it, it was clear that actually I didn’t care very much about the sex in comparison to how much I wanted to know more about their characters, and indeed ALL the Class Comics characters, so I’ve built my collection up with that idea in mind (though I can’t deny some scenes are – *ahem* irresistable haha)

    I think I’ve said before how I didn’t like when Incubus shaved his head, even though his appearance was similar to Diablo in many ways I still preferred him – but now I have to say Dad wins over. Bald men – not for me lol!!

    Deimos also pulled my strings at one point, though I have to say after reading #0 his character hadn’t exactly gripped me – he doesn’t seem very ‘fun’ lol.

    But the complete opposite occurred with NJ, I used to not be attracted to him in the slightest until I read the actual comics – what a personality!! I love Felix, he’s a hunny, and he’s dead gorgeous, too.

    I can’t really say much about Zahn, I don’t feel very much acquainted with him yet to make an opinion.

    And we now know how I feel about – that one.

    So now I guess the natural progression is to choose my favourite pairings (or groupings lol) – and there have been many haha.

    Cam, NJ & Ghostboy, NJ #1 – oh my god, totally freakin’ hawt.

    Cam & Locus, Rapture #1

    Cam & Lanor, Diplomatic Immunity – so cute.

    Diablo & Jon Dazy, Cube #5

    Flamer, Locus, Jung & Disco, Rapture #2 – of course.

    Dream pairing – Flamer & Matt Foxfire (the ‘new’ version lol!) – Foxfire looks sooo yummy in SG #4 it’s a shame we don’t get to see him in action, and who better than that most studly blonde. I can imagine lots of versatility between those two – SCRUMPSH! And their hair colours – *sigh* perfection.

    Oh btw, this has become one of my favourite issues of Boytoons to date, with by far, my favourite cover ever. You can tell I liked it because I’ve just rambled on and on!!! I will always love your characters, Patrick, I think discovering them marks a turning point in my life where I’m no longer ashamed about drawing filth myself! lol!

    Wabbit xx

    P.s. Anyone guess who I voted for? :P

    P.s.s. OH MY GOD I’ve just written the longest comment I’ve EVER seen!!! STOP TYPING!!

  8. NJ NJ NJ NJ!!!

    That image of him in civilian clothes is HAWT!!!
    I will be making a wallpaper of it. ^___^

    NJ is the character that got me into your work, Patrick– so I can’t abandon him. I mean, I was a fan for a while, but once he was introduced, I was HOOKED.

    Close seconds for me include Space Cadet and Cam. Both of them are quite original characters and their looks are so unique and sexy.

    BTW, I meant to comment on your last post but I’ve been busy. I like Annie lennox a lot as well but my partner REALLY loves her. That was an awesome post.

  9. Cam, Cam and Lanor and Cam with Locus. Oh, and of course – Cam + Lanor.

    There’s alot of beauty in every one of your creations, but Cam’s innocence beats them all. He gets my vote.

  10. two red and one green… I take all three of them :)

  11. Hey Patrick! I love your characters so, they all seem so individualized, it’s great! Haha, I think my favorite right now is Naked Justice though! Not sure why yet, though he appeals to me greatly. ;]

  12. Wow, Patrick! What a task you’ve set us! I can easily give you my top 3, possibly 5, but from there I’d struggle.

    Cam and NJ are very nearly tied for first place, but in the end I chose Cam as my favorite. I’ve always been fascinated by the grace, dignity, mystery and fluidity of motion that cats possess. Also, as an anime fan I’ve been exposed to a lot of neko cat girls and always wanted to see some neko cat MEN! I hesitate to admit it, but I sometimes even fantasize about being a felinoid, only perhaps with even more feline ears. Plus, Cam’s personality seems so deep, his history so rich and heart-rending. You can’t help but love him and wish the very best for him.

    NJ, on the other hand is pure godlike sex appeal. Aside from his total lack of pubic hair (which I’ve always been curious about), he’s the epitome of a perfect red-headed hunk. I LOVE his sense of humor, his wit and his verbal sparring with enemies. That kind of dialogue was part of what made Spidey my favorite superhero, growing up. To top off NJ’s sex appeal, he seems to have the most prominent, suckable, gorgeous pink nipples of any of your guys.

    Flamer would be number three, despite the fact that I know nothing about him. It’s so unlike me to like a blonde, but Flamer is SO unlike any blonde I’ve ever met! I love his hairy chest more than I can say, and there’s no way he could be mistaken for a twink. He just OOZES masculinity and charm. When I examine his expressions I always see the kind of guy who comes across as cocky at first, but surprises you by being really nice. Plus I can almost hear him being a fantastic smart-ass, for some reason. Really funny and jokingly sarcastic.

    And then there’s Dane… I know he wasn’t an option but I’ve loved him since I first read Satisfaction Guaranteed. I see him as a very emotional guy who, once in love, gives all his heart and soul to his man. Plus I loved his chest hair. >=) I guess that’s only four, but oh well… I was long-winded anyway. :P

  13. DEIMOS ROCKS! All your guys have been an inspiration to me but something about the demon gets me where it counts.

  14. Deimos and Locus!

  15. My heart is broken. No mention of Bob at all. :)

  16. Damian & Trent says

    Based only on who we would want to hang around with, if these guys were real, that would be NJ or GB.

    “WHAT! They’re NOT REAL?”

    “Hey, little fella. They CAN be real if you WANT them to be.”

    “I DO! I DO want them to be!”

    Damian & Trent

  17. mmm. cam looks yummy.

  18. ruanevanovtch says

    suis un fan de ce que vous faite j aimerai avoir cette facilité a representé l homme dans sa splendeur

  19. ruanevanovtch says

    j adore ce que vous faites j aimerai un jour dessiner comme et avoir cette facilité de representé l homme dans sa splendeur

  20. I love them all, but I got a sweet spot for Naked Justice and Camilicat ;)
    Big HUG, boss :)

  21. Impressive as always. I have followed your work for a while and have always been amazed by what I see.

    I would like a professional artist’s point of view on my work if you don’t mind me asking. I just started a blog here ( and would love to have you give me some critiques on what I have there so far. I am slowly going to be posting more and more of my art, but what I have there I think is a good sample of what I am up to lately.

    If you like my art you can link my blog.

    Great art as always.

  22. Sorry Patrick, someone informed me that the link to my blog doesn’t work so here is the correct one.

  23. Zahn! Zahn! AND Zahn! :)

    I love all your hunky creations, Patrick. Each one of them exudes a little bit of everything I like in a man–and I can see/feel all the love you put into creating them.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift with the rest of us.



  24. I love Zahn sooo much! More Please!!!

    He’s so yummy!


  25. I too, would like an honorable mention for the devil with the four foot trouser snake :D

  26. I wish I knew more about all the characters. Designwise, I think I love Deimos, Diablo, and Incubus most. I have something for demonic characters. They just ignite a creative spark in my pants like no others can.

  27. Good Morning Everyone!

    Wow! Thanks so much for the wicked response to my latest Poll. I just want you all to know that I have read your comments with great interest, and that your opinions and impressions are very important to me.

    The reason I did this poll in the first place was to get a better feel for how your folks perceive the Class Comics characters, and how you rate them.

    I really truly appreciate that you all took the time to vote and comment on your favorites. I guarantee you that this information will really come in handy when deciding what direction the Class Comics Universe is going to head into next.

    My apologies for not addressing each of you individually the way I normally do. It’s been crazy since I got back from Alaska, and sadly, time has been a little short. But hopefully, you will all enjoy the Poll follow-up article I have written. I think you will all find a lot of answers regarding the future of your fave Class Comics studs.

    I am truly grateful you all took the time to stop by!

    Much love to all of you!
    Patrick XOXOXO

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