BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #90 – The Music Issue!

To many Gay Men, Madonna is considered the Ultimate Diva – the songstress of choice! I must admit, I myself am a HUGE Madonna fan, but truth be told, my most adored and all time favorite singer songwriter – EVER — indeed my personal Diva of choice, is none other than the incomparable Annie Lennox.

I grew up listening to Annie’s music. In the early 80’s, she and Dave Stewart formed Eurythmics, a band like few before them, and like none after them. Their sound remains to this day completely infectious and permeates you in a way that no other really can. I grew up listening to Annie. I grew up singing with Annie, and for that brief moment in the 90’s where yours truly was signed to a Canadian recording label, Annie was a mentor even from afar.

Today, I no longer aspire to have a music career, but Annie nevertheless remains an enormous part of my life. It’s no secret that when I draw, I MUST have my IPod firmly plugged into my ears. I have regulars that bring me inspiration to create, people like Pink, whose complete honesty I find incredibly refreshing. She is brash and bold, and she speaks her mind in ways that a lot of artists will not dare.

Madonna, Dame Shirley Bassey, Maroon 5, Grace Jones and Jill Barber make occasional to regular appearances on my custom designed playlists… but Annie is a staple. No matter what mood I am in, she has a song to suit it, weather it be from her stint with Eurythmics or from her brilliant solo career. I just NEVER get bored of her velvet voice and intensely sensitive and thought provoking lyrics.

Imagine how thrilled I was to learn that my beloved Annie has a brand new album coming out on October 2 of this year. Songs of Mass Destruction is her first solo recording since Bare, and the first single, “Dark Road” is a perfect example of this woman’s complete brilliance. You may even be interested to learn that Annie is the first recording artist EVER to team up with in order to debut a music video. You can view the beautiful music video for Dark Road there as we speak.

But what impresses me most about Annie is her continued work and efforts at making this world a better place for all of us to live in. Her lyrics are not always cheery, but they speak to us all in so many ways. Who amongst us is blissfully happy with the way of our world nowadays? I dare say, few of us are!

And how many of today’s artists are so completely admired and respected by their peers that they could manage to get 23 of today’s most famous women of pop music to sing backup on one of their songs? Well, Annie has done it. Madonna, Sarah McLachlan, Pink, Joss Stone, Dido, Shakira and Celine Dion to name just a few, have all lent Annie their fantastic voices on the new track called “Sing”. Sing was recorded as an HIV/AIDS anthem, and not only features Annie, her 23 female recording artist friends, but also the voices of The Generics… Treatment Action Campaign vocal group. It promises to be quite amazing.

I have high expectations of “Songs Of Mass Destruction” and with lesser artists, that might be unwise and lead to possible disappointment. But where Annie Lennox is concerned, I know better than to expect anything less than the absolute best she can give. Needless to say, I am REALLY looking forward to October 2!

Much love to you all!
Patrick XOXO

PS – I just wanted to say a great big thank you to Jozef for drawing today’s incredible BTM cover toon! Jozef’s work can be seen on his Y!Gallery profile. Those of you unfamiliar with this amazing artist really should check out his stuff. He is completely brilliant!


  1. White Wabbit says

    There really is nothing bad you can say about Annie Lennox, I remember when I was much younger listening to my parent’s copy of her ‘Diva’ album. And still remember that ‘Walking On Borken Glass’ was my favourite song haha. Haven’t that album in ageeees, my dad took it with him when he left… hmm.

    It’s cool to have a musical artist you stay obsessed with, and yes I guess I’m one of those who sees Madonna as the ‘songstress of choice’ – *ahem* though I refuse to accept it’s just because I’m gay lol!! I used to, and still do to an extent, be completely and utterly into Bjork, but I realised that although I loved her music, it was often very much like you describe Annie; ‘intensely sensitive and thought provoking’, and after a while I realised it was making me quite depressed!!! So now I stick to my vacuous trash mostly haha!! Oh, and of course Namie Amuro ^_^

    Anyway I hope the new album is as good as you hope. You know you’ll love it whatever because as a fan, you kinda have to!! :P

    Wabbit xx

  2. Ive always considered her one of the strongest voices in British music, and I’m glad that her voice carries so well overseas.
    I approve strongly of your choice of musical drawing accompaniment. :D

  3. I like Annie Lennox a lot as well!
    Of course, ‘Why’ is my favorite AL tune ever.
    So powerful, so well sung in a strong and dramatic voice like hers. Wonderful, can´t get enought of this song…
    Then is, of course, Madonna. I just can´t say enough how she and her music have meant in all my life, since I was a kid up until now. She´s the queen for me, that´s clear.
    Anyway, I wanted to say Jozef’s art is simply awesome, and he´s also such a sweet and nice guy. I know him from y!Gallery and I’m a huge fan. So watching BTM cover with his art was such a pleasure.
    Thanks, Patrick! (and Jozef)


  4. I’ve been in love with Annie since her days with Dave. Being a bear, I love the video for “No More I love you’s”. All those beautiful big men dancing in tutus is priceless. I’m glad you posted about her new album (hehe, I still say “album”) Now I have something to look forward to.


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  6. I like Annie Lennox. She’s so distinctive and her songs are cool too :D Jozef did an amazing job with that guy’s ball (lol) And the posing is fantastic. So fluid!

  7. rufferstuff says

    Annie is one of the few singers I never get tired of listening to. She always spoke to me more than Madonna who seemed mostly flash. I ordered Annie’s new albumn 3 seconds after Amazon emailed me the link to the new video. Some of her songs are utterly depressing on the surface, but by the time she gets to the end of them, you feel there is hope and something to look forward to.

    It’s wild to see you also like her music.

  8. Abdin-sébastien Holst says

    Annie is my favourit female music artist … she has been since her days with Eurythmics, stayed so as a solo artist and still is.
    It’s good to see, that she is appreciated by many others here.
    My favourite Annie-songs are certainly “Lovesong for a Vampire”, “The Gift” and the song she did for “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.”

    I too, really hope the new album will be as good as i expect it to be.

  9. Loved Jozef’s cover, I’m already an admirer of his work. If you’re ever short of a guest artist for the cover I’d love to help out, I have pleanty of art already created or if you needed something new just let me know.

  10. Hello my friends…

    Many thanks for all the great comments you’ve posted on this issue. Annie is so amazing, and it’s wonderful to read from other fans of her career and music. I think we all have a very special album to look forward to in “Songs of Mass Destruction”. I certainly cannot wait to get my hands on it!

    Also, I’m thrilled you all enjoyed Jozef’s cover illustration. That boy is truly gifted and i know we can all look forward to seeing more of his exquisite art in the future.

    And Nookiedog, I’ll definitely contact you about doing a BTM cover piece! that would ROCK!!!!

    Hugz + Kisses to all of you devoted Annie and Eurythmics fans!
    Patrick XOXOX

    PS — Absoluterik… By all means, please feel free to link to BTM! I’ve added your link to my links section here too! Great Blog by the way! I’ve added it to my faves and check it regularly! Much love!

  11. Annie! I grew up listening to her as well. Can’t wait to buy the new album!

  12. Hiya Curtis…

    Just a few more days and we’ll all be holding Annie’s latest disc in our hot little hands! Wa-HOO! Can’t wait! :oD

    Patrick XOXO


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