BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #87 – The votes are in!

Polls are a funny thing. Some people like ‘em and some people don’t. That being said, I tend to liken them to “comments” on Blogs. Some people are vocal, and some aren’t. Whatever category you happen to fall into is completely fine with me. I can respect that not everyone has the time to voice their opinions, and sometimes, you may not have anything in particular to say or add. That doesn’t make you any less appreciated as a reader.

I’ve always been curious about the material I post here at BTM and what “types” of materials are most appreciated by you the reader. That’s why when I discovered the new “Poll” feature that Blogger came up with, I had to ask a few questions. The funny thing is that the answers revealed some things I did not necessarily expect.

Posting my own art here always feels a bit “selfish” to me in a way! LOL! Which I guess is pretty silly since this is my Blog. But I must say, it was nice to see that you folks enjoy seeing it and would like to see more. I will certainly do my best to oblige you.

Sharing the works of other artists is something I have always loved doing. It was interesting to see that seemed to score a bit lower with folks. I think that might be because Blogs are really catching on these days, and that most artists now have their own Blog where they share their work and discuss their craft. That being said, I don’t think I would ever stop talking about other people’s works. It’s a lot of fun for me and has permitted me to get into contact with many wonderful fellow artists… But I suppose all of this is food for thought!

You may have noticed that “Wallpaper designs” was not an option in the Poll… I figured I knew pretty much where most people stand on that topic. I think it’s safe to say that the Wallpaper might have won by a landslide had it been there! LOL!

It was a real thrill to see that the Boytoons Magazine covers were highest on the things most appreciated here at BTM. The cool thing is that they are one of my favorite aspects of doing this Blog. I love layout and design, and I love continuity, so the covers appeal to that side of my artistic penchant! Oddly enough, I always thought that they were purely a personal indulgence, and not necessarily anything that readers were attached to. It’s pretty cool to see that I may have been wrong about that!

So today, I thought it would be great fun to take a look at some past BTM issue covers. I have my favorites for different reasons… some because they were exceptionally popular with readers, others because they were just soooooo much fun to work on. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy this little retrospective! They are in no particular order, and they are certainly not my only faves… but I just had too many to post here today! LOL! These 12 are just a handful of the bunch I enjoyed the most.

Thank you to everyone who continues on devoted to this Blog. You are so completely appreciated. It’s a joy posting for you! Thank you also to everyone who answered the Poll. I appreciate the info very much and wi
ll definitely put it to good use!

Much Love to you all.
Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXOXO

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  1. Wow! Well this’s nostalgic. XD I remember the first time I saw issue #1, and I thought, “No way, Patrick is also publishing magazines now?!” I thought it was a genuine cover of a hard magazine. ‘Til I read the small word FREE, and I was like, “Oh. *phew* “

    It was a relief ’cause I thought I was about to miss a whole lot of your works again, since I can’t find a comicbook store that lets me order your works, here in this backwater country of mine. *sigh* (They only order the mainstream stuff. We-hierd.)

    Anyway, as the poll showed, I love it when you talk about other artist’s work! And I love it even better when you talk about YOUR works! :) Either way, ITS-GOOD. XD

    Love ya!

  2. White Wabbit says

    My favourite covers have been:

    #44: The Gorgeous Toons of FMX – such a cutie and a cool limited colour range.

    #64: The Return of Diablos – simply because it’s THAT picture of Diablos.

    #74: The Pencil Issue – a great example of your pencilling skills to start off on one of my favourite issues.

    and how can we forget the epic cover of
    #79: A Whole Year of Boytoons!

    But seriously, they’re always really well put together, fantastic little extras and whenever you see a Boytoons cover at the start of a post, you know you’re in for somethin’ extra special :D Good work!

    Wabbit xx

  3. I voted for when you post your own work but I was tempted to vote for the covers. They are exceptionally cool and showcase another talent of yours that is often overlooked: your graphic design skill.

    Also, when you said that they were one of your own favorite aspects of the blog, it didn’t surprise me that they ended up being the fans favorite aspect. I think fans can tell what we (as artists) pour our hearts into.

  4. Damian & Trent says

    We didn’t know about a vote, so we didn’t. But we wouldn’t have been able to vote anyway, there being two of us, & we each like many of your covers “the best”. It’s like being in an ice cream shop & deciding on a flavor. They ALL look good. (And prolly all TASTE good, too!)

    Damian & Trent

  5. Ahhhh…. I didn’t notice any vote-thinga-ma-jigger… Loved the overview, though.

  6. Its amazing how much this blog has contributed to the erotic art community in such a relatively short time.

    Sometimes we lose track of just how many artists have been featured/given exposure as well as the great work you have shared with us.

    Of course any Retrospective that begins with a picture of my babyboy Space Cadet is tops in my book ;)

  7. Hello, Patrick :) Thx for mentioning my blog the other day! I drew you a gift as a thank you :D

  8. Good morning my friends…

    Thank you also much for the lovely comments on this issue. The retrospective was so much fun to do, and I’m thrilled you all enjoyed it.

    Juancho… Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I loved your comment about your reaction to BTM initially! LOL!!! I would love for BTM to someday be a print magazine… I think that there are certainly enough fantastic artists of gay art out there that we could cover in the publication… but it’s all (and always) a question of time and money! LOL! Thanks so much for the kind words! I’ll be sure to post some new stuff for you kind folks very shortly! :o)

    Wabbit… Wow!!! It is sooooo cool that you have kept a record of the issues… that leads me to think you download the covers and stuff in a folder the way JC does! I’m so, pleased! I just love that! I really appreciated your top issues’ retrospective, my friend, and thank you so much for sharing your faves with all of us! What fun!!! :o)

    JC… What a nice thing to say! LOL! Thanks so much. I love doing graphic design and you’re right, sometimes people notice the art over the layouts and stuff… but such is life I guess. It’s just really nice to know that it does not go completely unnoticed out there. And yup, the covers are a blast for me from a design point of view because they allow me to flex my “other” artistic muscles! LOL!

    By the way, the program we used for the Class vidz is called Photo Story 3 for Windows. Very basic little program, but it does a wonderful job! :o)

    Damian and Trent… Awwww… thanks boys! You’re so sweet! SMMMOOOOOCH! :o)

    Jessica… sorry to hear you missed the actual poll. It appeared in the right upper corner of the Blog… but no worries. I’m just glad you enjoyed the overview! :o)

    Raasbwoy… Hey my friend. WOW! Thanks for the terrific comment. I am just glad to give a little bit back. I’ve always said that it’s important to value art and that artists should help each other out. I’m always thrilled to talk about other artists and their work because this gives me an opportunity to maybe help them out a bit! I feel good about that! So pleased you enjoyed the retrospective and that you liked seeing Space Cadet on the issues’ cover! :o)

    Humbuged… Hey my friend! My pleasure! And thanks so much for the fantastic Camili-Cat illustration! He’s purrrrrfect! LOL! Hugz + Kisses! :o)

    Much love everyone!
    Patrick XOXOX

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