Locus needs your help to get dressed!

Hey Gang…

Hope you’re all doing well. Been a while since my last post. I’m afraid I’ve been a bit under the weather lately. Vancouver hasn’t had much of a Summer to speak of so far. It’s been raining and raining – but today, the sun is FINALLY in the sky, shining down on us!!! Let’s hope it lasts.

This morning, I thought I would post this “dress up Locus” doll for you guys. The thing is, Fraser and I had great plans to actually animate him, so you could drag and drop the items of clothes onto his body. We also had the intention of creating other fun games, like those cool ball ones you see online, where the ball obliterates a character’s outfit to reveal them nekkid underneath. But who the Hell am I kidding?!?!? We have our hands soooooo full lately with all the Class Comics stuff that I can barely take a minute to blow my nose! LOL!!!

So here’s the thing, if anyone out there has the savvy to animate good old Locus – or knows of a quick and easy way to animate other fun stuff – LEMME KNOW! LOL! I’m afraid I’m ever so lame in that department, but I am always eager to learn… or have others do it for me! LOL! ;o)

So, enjoy Locus, and I’ll do my best to post some new goodies very soon!

Much love, folks!

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  1. vicky215 says

    I remember this hot stuff. My I ask do you think you’ll post up any art of Jeremy Kilmer. I love all the SG callboys but Jeremy I find him most attractive may it his glass. Anyway if you don’t want to that cool. Sending you lots of love and respect. KISS.

  2. i’ve done drag/drop games before. we actually covered them in my multmedia gaming class. they’re not that hard to do.
    if you pick up: Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript for Fun and Games, there’s a large bit of source code that they provide you which you can modify to create a paper doll game/essentially any other game you want.
    it’s a fairly easy text to get started with, assuming you have enough actionscript programming knowledge and its also pretty useful to do effects.

  3. Testament says

    I did animate him once (don`t know if you got the mail) but I don`t know how to do this in a game with the whole programming stuff.

  4. Hey Patrick,

    this could be achieved with some JavaScript as well. You could even have a sturdy little framework that would allow you to switch between characters and outfits.
    I wrote a little online”game” with some simple backend that would allow people to move letters in order to find out a word (dunno the english word for said game).

  5. Anonymous says

    Speaking of animation, you should soooooooo try and get your Class comics characters into adult cartoons!!!
    I would die if you ever got to make Gaurdians of the Cube or Naked Justice into a cartoon!!!

    Please say you are in some kind of talks?!?


  6. White Wabbit says

    Why would I want to dress him up when he looks so good as he is?

    Wabbit xx

  7. LOL GayPorn says

    Dress him up in my love…
    all over his body…

  8. trish316 says

    I agree with my buddy vicky there something about Jeremy that such a turn on. I think it cause he one stud of a man and his glasses make him seem smart and sexy. Oh please consider doing a post on him. MWAH lot of love for you hon.

  9. Nocturnal Emissary says

    while i wish i had the talent to animate locus I do have this to say, have you thought about making refrigerator magnets out of that art. I’d shell out 20 bucks for a set. you could even make more sets for youre other characters. I’d love to have cam on my fridge id get a stiffy every time i went to get a snack… think about that :-)

    P.S. also out of pure curiosity, if there were ever to be an animated cartoon of your comics, who would be Cam’s voice? what about the rest of your guys for that matter?

  10. The block / bouncy ball game is fairly easy to set up. It’s just a matter of copy and pasting. I dont understand the code but knew how to substitute my jpegs in place of the example ones.

    Dress up games run the gamut of how they are made. I dont like the ones where the clothes dont snap onto the figure but they seem to be the most common. That book Chester mentioned sounds like the way to go– but I imagine one would need to know the basics of flash 1st.

    i hate flash– there was a time when i was really into it– then i forgot everything i knew. now i hate it again– lol.

    Oh, the magnet dress-up dolls idea is nothin to sneeze at! Joe Phillips did that for a while and they sold like hot cakes at the gay shops in NYC.

  11. Hey Patrick!

    Well finally the house move is over and done with and some form of normality has seemed to settle back over in the Manny camp. I have moved to Surry Hills which is classified as a “Gay Village” as it’s in the same district as the Clubs and Bars – Queens everywhere. The good thing about it, is that I don’t have to leave my building to go out and get laid, I just hang out over my balconie with a jock strap on and yell out “Come and get me!” LOL!

    As for Helping Locus in getting dressed, maybe it should have been titled “Help Locus Get Undressed!” Nice to see you have added some play toys to go along with it. Have you ever noticed how some sex toys could also be doubled up as weapons of war? Take the Butt Plug for example, it can be used in hand held missile launcher, aimed correctly and it can nail some guy you have your eye on in bar or club, the Martha Stewart version of the Butt Plug could be to paint the pointed end in green paint and decorate it as a Christmas tree and place it on the mantle piece. As for the Joy Balls, well they can be used as a weapon that you can throw at a mans ankles to tie his feet together should he try to escape from one’s clutches, though Martha Stewart may paint the balls different colors and use them to decorate the Butt Plug Christmas Tree.

    But playing dress ups is a fun thing if it’s in a drag and drop scenario, in real life the dramas that people have when they want to get dressed up is enough to make you wanna drag and drop them from the 20th floor of a building. Though I can’t imagine Locus having to much of a wardrobe dilemma, I kind of expect that he wouldn’t be wearing clothes for a too long a period anyway!

    Big Hugz!


  12. Mission accomplished.. =D

  13. Asmodeus/Juancho says

    Flash Animation triggers memories from one of my worst classes. My professor (if you can call him one after this incident) for my digital arts class was totally clueless about the program.

    He’d try to teach us in vain. He even brings this book titled ‘Flash for Dummies’. He’d just write things on the board. And leave us to it. When we ask for demos — god! He’s such an idiot! Its so obvious he doesn’t know anything about it — he only shows us how to go to the Help, and Tutorials section, AND he can’t accomplish even that. One of our computer wiz classmates ended up as our real teacher. I mean, he should’ve like gotten that prof’s salary! lol!


    Anyway, Patrick I actually wanted to send you an e-mail. Sort of like a consultation of a student to a prof. I wanted to show you the contract being proposed to me (by the author of this upcoming adult comicbook, NIGHTLIFE), to know if there’s something missing from it, something I should know, something I should have changed, you know, things like that. ‘Cause I’ve never done this thing before, and you’re the only approachable person I know who’s had experiences in this kind of thing. Hehe. (^_^);

    But I can’t find your e-mail anywhere. Unless I’m really blind. Any of you other guys know Pat’s e-mail add?

  14. Hello my friends…

    Thank you all so much for your support and interest in the Locus Dress Up doll. I really appreciate all your efforts and the information you send my way. As you know by now, Phrog has animated the Locus doll, and it looks fantastic.

    Vicky and Trish… You certainly do have a thing for Jeremy, dontcha? LOL!!! The truth is that I don’t have a lot of art featuring Jeremy. He was such a minor character in the SG series, and I always passed him over in favor of drawing the more central characters like Dane or Kaissey. Still, I will see about drawing some Jeremy art up in the near future – no promises, but I’ll see what I can do! Thanks again for the comment! :o)

    Chester… Thanks for the advice and tip about the program. I shall look into that. I would really love to be able to do these things myself because they look like so much fun, AND are something completely different from my usual workload. I’ll check it out. Thanks again for stopping by! :o)

    Testament… I also know you animated him, but I never received your email containing the file. If you want to re-send it my way, I would LOVE to see what you did! :o)

    Phrog… Thank you again so much for animating Locus! As you can see form the posting I recently put up, I LOVED what you did! He’s such fun to play with! You rock my friend! :o)

    Anonymous… No talks as of yet I am afraid… but I will be sure to post something here at BTM if something comes up. I too think it would be wicked to see my boys come to life as animated cartoons! Thanks for the comment! :o)

    Wabbit and LOL Gayporn… HA! HA! HA! AMEN to that! Locus should be naked all the time! LOL! Thanks again for stopping by boys! :o)

    Nocturnal Emissary… Thanks so much for your comment and kind words, my friend. You may be happy to know that I am currently producing some cool new freebies here at Class that will get mailed out with comics. They include a paper doll version of the Locus, which has 2 new outfits. I’ve also created some cutout stand up characters which are really fun. So the “toys” of that nature are definitely in the works. The magnet things is also really interesting and but is a bit more complicated. That is something Class would have to get into with a third party. But I am keeping an eye out! As for who I think would voice my characters, that is a damn good question. I will have to give that one a bit of thought and get back to you! :o)

    JC… Yup, the Phillips magnets were very cool, and as I said to Nocturnal Emissary, I am currently whipping up a few goodies along those lines. The magnet thing is more complex because it involves a specialty product. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility tough. Thanks for the info about animating the dress up dolls and the ball games! I’m looking into a bunch of possibilities as we speak. Hopefully something good will come along! Take care my friend! :o)

    Manny…. LOL! Great comment my friend. And yes, Locus’ toys COULD easily double as weapons. I didn’t include a blaster pistol, but who needs one with that enormous string of anal beads. He could easily belt his enemies over the head with that thing! LOL!!! Much love, dear friend! :o)

    Asmodeus… OY! I wish I had seen your message sooner, my friend. I am more than happy to check over your contract if there is still time. Email it to me at the service address for Class Comics. You’ll find it on the website. Alexis or Fraz will pass it onto me. Congrats on the project though! Sounds very exciting. I look forward to hearing back from you and seeing more of your wicked cool art! :o)

    Thanks again everyone. Much love to you all!
    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXOXOX

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