BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #82 – Back By Request: My Men of MARVEL!

Hey everybody! Happy Father’s Day!!! :o)

I wouldn’t normally do this sort of issue – mostly because I’ve posted these boys before… but I received a request from “Whiteboy”, one of the readers of BTM, a few days back. He was wondering if I could repost the illustration of Namor I did a last year.

Naturally, I was happy to oblige… but I didn’t want to just repost the Namor all by himself. I thought it would be cool to bring back his friends, especially since the pic of Nightcrawler I did a while back remains one of my fave personal fan arts.

Also, I figured I’d whip up a little Namor variant… it was easy as pie to put his Speedo back on ‘im — this way, I feel like I’m at least bringing you a little something new! LOL!!! Plus, nudity is great, don’t get me wrong… but I just love drawing a amply stuffed bulge! HA! HA! HA!

So I hope you will have fun with this issue, despite the fact that you may have seen these guys before…. And man, O man… someday, I have GOT to draw me a Captain America! In the meantime, here are some of my other favorite men of Marvel!

Thanks for the request, Whiteboy! Enjoy everybody!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

PS – And if you have not already done so, I invite you to check out my WOMEN OF MARVEL series over at ARTISTIC LICENSE! Cheers!! :o)

Namor, Spider-Man, Daimon Hellstorm, Nightcrawler and Havok © Copyright and TM 2007, Marvel Characters Inc. All Rights Reserved. All artwork © Copyright 2007, Patrick Fillion. Intended as Fan Art. Please do not repost without permission.


  1. Oooh, I love Namor in the speedo…

  2. Thank you so much and I might add that all this superheroes are smoking. Can someone tell me what the big deal is with the new fantastic four movie? They said that you can see the Silver Sufers nuts but I just don’t see it.

  3. Oh my do you know how much I love you right now? I always been inlove with a lot of these hot guys. And as to what whiteboy wrote yeah I saw the movie and I don’t really see anything.

  4. In the name of all things pure and holy!

    I’m a PF Fan AND a Marvel Fan, and this entry makes my head explode! YUMMY!

    Patrick, if I ever meet you, I cannot guarantee that I will not touch you inappropriately. You are made of win.

  5. White Wabbit says

    Nightcrawler gets my vote definately, I think it was you, Patrick, that made me realise what a little fitty he is mm-mm.

    Wabbit xx

  6. Very very nice. Namor’s a complete cutie. Those eyebrows always remind me a little bit of the master from doctor who. /geeks out

    That Kurt is wonderful as well. I’d love to see what he’s packing under that spandex :D

  7. YUMMY!!! =D

    Namor – to me – is one of the hottest of all the Marvel-bois. I admit, he’s got his head up in the clouds, but I don’t mind his attitude, because, as Namorita once said about legs: “… a lifetime of swimming made mine to die for.”.
    Which easily applies to Namor’s legs as well =D =D =D

    Thanks for that awesome posting, Patrick.

  8. LOL GayPorn says


  9. Hey! I like tthe Namor variant! The BG and bubbles are nice touches. And it’s good to see him in his orig. costume. (such as it is– LOL)

    I already have all these images in my Patrick folder on my HD, but I forgot how much I also love that Nightcrawler pic. You do demons really well, man! Also, I was wondering if you have ever looked to Alan Davis for inspiration. Kurt’s face here looks like an old-school Excalibur ish by Alan Davis.



  11. Patterson says

    Love your work man. Sorry it’s taken me so long to post back to you. Cassandra has placed your art in her Official MySpace Art Album. Just go to her albums and you’ll see Fan Art, your’s is in there. I’ll see her in July and get some direct feedback from her just for you.

  12. This is a post any fan of comics has got to see :) Great renditions of great characters. I especially liked the spunk coming out of Namor’s dick and floating upwards. Sexy!
    In real life water and cum don’t mix too well,though, it makes it gluey…lol

    Hugz, my friend :)

  13. Make mine Marvel, indeed! YOWZA!!!

    Your illustration of Spidey is so supremely, stupefying S-E-X-Y that it makes me wonder why I was ever attracted to women. :-P

    But seriously, fantastic stuff, Patrick. As always. :-D

    And I’m glad so many others are digging your take on Namor, who — thanks to your A+++ penciling and coloring skills — is truly drool-inducing. Mmmm, Speedo, mmmm. ;-)

  14. Anonymous says

    Love the Namor Variant too!!

    I like the huge bulges even more than seeing the actual goodies sometimes (not all the time!! haha…)
    Love to see a similar variant on the Spiderman pic!!! please please please!!

    Any chance of a ‘Men of DC’ special in the future?

    If so I’d love to see Wildcat and Mr Terrific, as it is I think those 2 are really hung, its just that you could reallllllly do them justice!!

    Thanks!! :)

  15. I still wanna see Havok do Cyclops over!

  16. Hiya Gang! WOW! SO much love for the men of Marvel! LOL! That’s what I love to read! :o)

    Jessica… Ironically enough, I prefer Namor in the Speedo version too. Guess it’s all about leaving something to the imagination, huh? LOL!!! Thanks for the comment! :o)

    Whiteboy and Vicky…. The Surfer is a hottie, and though his jewels aren’t exactly flappin’ in the breeze, he is definitely packin’! It’s also a very fun film! :o) Thanks for the kudos my friend! :o)

    Barbary… My Goodness! LOL!!!! Such a fun comment! Thanks so much for posting. I am thrilled you enjoyed my men of Marvel post, you naughty boy! ;o) Meanwhile, you have totally made me blush! LOL!!!! Thanks again, my friend. Stop by BTM anytime! :o)

    Wabbit… Mmmmmmm…. Nightcrawler!!! That boy is so yummy… he is also my personal fave of the bunch I posted in the article! Glad you like ‘im! Thanks again for the kind words! :o)

    Metaplay… Welcome to BTM, my friend. Gald you enjoyed the posting! FYI, I am TOTALLY Planning a nude Nightcrawler at some point down the road. I too wanna see what he’s packin’ in that tight red and black spandex! HA! HA! HA! Hope to hear from you again soon, my friend. Thanks for the kudos! :o)

    Phrog… Yup – Namor is a hottie! And I agree with Namorita’s statement too. After all there is a reason he makes the Invisible Woman go all weak in the knees! The boy is HAWT! LOL!!!! Cheers my friend! :o)

    LOL Gayporn… LOL indeed! You want, you can have! Drop by often to see all the new stuff I’ve posted! HA! HA! HA! Thanks for the comment, my friend! ;o)

    JC… Good to hear from ya, my friend. Glad you enjoyed seeing these pics even if you already had them from previous posts. I’m also pleased you liked the BG on the Namor variant. I was very pleased with how that turned out. As for Nightcrawler, I grew up on Alan Davis artwork so it is bound to sneak into my interpretation of Marvel characters once in a while. I am glad it did on the Nightcrawler image. I always thought Alan drew Kurt to be very sexy and very handsome. Thank you for the wonderful compliment, dear friend! :oD

    Blackheart Media / Chill… Awww… thanks so much, dude! It’s always great to hear from ya. Hope all is going well with your projects! Much love to ya! :o)

    Patterson… Wonderful to hear form you! I am so pleased Cassandra posted my image of her as Elvira. I hope you are well, my friend. I look forward to chatting with you further very shortly! Much love! :o)

    HvH… Hey my friend. Glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for all the kind words. I’m glad you liked Namor’s spunk. I tried for realism there as much as possible! LOL! Talk to you soon! :o)

    Glenn… Hello my friend. Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this posting and that Spidey and Namor were among your favorites in the post. But seriously, I really appreciate you taking the time to write. I hope you keep enjoying BTM and I should have more Marvel guys in the near future! :o) Take care and thanks again for the support! :o)

    Anonymous… Thanks so much for the great comment, and for the men of DC suggestion. It certainly isn’t out of the question, it is simply that I am not as familiar with the DC Universe. However, I do find the Green Lantern and the Flash really frikkin’ hot… so as I said, anything is possible! Thanks again for stopping by! :o)

    Manny… Oy! You and a few others, I am sure… but I don’t think that that is one I’ll be drawing! LOL!!! I am too squeamish! LOL! Much love, my friend! :o)

    Hugz + kisses everyone.
    Patrick XOXOXO

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