BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #81 – Size Matters … or Does it?

Alright! I will admit this! I am a SIZEQUEEN! Big surprise? Well… no – not really! Not to anyone who knows me or my art I suppose. Does that mean I frown upon smaller equipment? Well… No – not really. It just means I prefer it of substantial size

So does size really matter? The purpose of today’s issue is not so much to answer this, but to pose the question and try and get a better understanding of both sides of the debate.

I love the Blog Roids and Rants! Pete, the owner (and a total sweetheart) recently posted a few pics from Logan’s Porky #2. I was very curious to read the comments his readers left. Here are 2 that accompanied the Logan artwork.

“I like a lot of these gay comics, but I wish they wouldn’t draw such ridiculously huge cocks. Unrealistic bodies are a staple of comics, but I’d find more practical wangs more appealing.”

“Seriously, it just gets to be beyond ridiculous. I get that this can be hot to someone but it ends up being borderline comedy to me. The guy can obviously draw, so why not try drawing a big dick that looks like it should be attached to a human instead of a 90 foot tall horse.”

For years, women’s breasts in comics have been mammoth in proportion. Personally, I figure if comics can give women enormous melons and completely sexualize them, then male characters can get the same treatment, especially in adult comics. Fair is fair after all. This is not my way of trying to rationalize the issue… but I rather enjoy exaggerating the appendages on my boys, and not because of some perverted desire (well, NOT strictly anyway!)… but it would seem that enormous equipment is not the ideal for everyone.

This of course is completely fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, after all! But the question remains — Is bigger really better?

I believe artists like Logan, Asmodeus (the fantastic talent behind today’s cover Boytoon, the DELICIOUS Wakka—and the horse-hung tribute to Irvine Kinneas!) and myself just enjoy drawing a really nice dick. It sounds dirty perhaps, but there you have it. A penis is a beautiful thing. My feeling is that the bigger the member, the more focus I can accord it. I’ve often said that I spend almost as much (if not more) time drawing a character’s package as I do the head on his shoulders. Some might say I am obsessed. I just think I enjoy the details, and when each character has his very own distinctive features, so much the better. That of course includes his prick!

Other artists such as Spubba, HvH and Max’ tend to draw penises which are more realistic in size, and somewhat more proportioned in relation to the rest of the character’s bodies. This is in no way less effective or less attractive. It is just another style.

Meanwhile, other artists seem to be able to work both sides of the coin, and it works perfectly well each time. Ismael Alvarez’ and JC Etheredge’s depictions of the male anatomy are not always enormous, and yet they are always effective.

I personally have often considered drawing more realistically sized cocks on my boys, but there is one rather large problem with that idea– most of my characters are characters who are known for their massive members, and who have been drawn that way for years. Still, while Cam is hung like a horse by my hand, he works perfectly well more modestly endowed by the hand of other artists. Beautifully drawn by artist Kheelan in “Diplomatic Immunity”, Cam’s equipment is of average length, and you don’t see Lanor complaining!

I suppose it is simply a matter of choice, just like anything else. You either like them large or you prefer them not as large. Your call! Personally, I firmly believe that I have set a certain precedent with my Boytoons, and that to go back on things and resize their appendages now would seem a tad bit off. Indeed, I would feel as though I were betraying the continuity of my comics (and I think some of my characters and fans might get a tad pissed! LOL!)

Portrayal by other artists aside, whe
n done by my hand, Cam, NJ, Locus, Space Cadet and their other Class Comics friends shall continue to have big, bold, beautiful cocks. And while it is ultimately up to you the reader to decide weather or not this is a personal turn on or turn off, I would hope that a character’s physical attributes would not keep you from enjoying the other aspects of the books. After all, there is more to it than cock. There is love of the craft, and countless hours of sweat, effort and hard work. And if you bother to read it, there actually IS a story.

If size is that big a factor to you, you just might end up missing something that is really worthwhile.

So I wanna know what you think about this. I am not looking to judge or anything, honest. I am really genuinely, curious about your take on the proportion of male anatomy in today’s erotic (or mainstream) comics! So all you fans and all you artists out there, don’t be shy. Do you care either way? Voice your opinions! They are ALL welcome! :o) I look forward to reading them!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All illustration and character copyrights are held by their respective creators and owners.


  1. You know I’ve kind of been waiting for you to make a blog about this. =P
    I enjoyed reading it, but the bottom line is personal choice, everyones different and some peoples tastes change and some people can look at stuff andenjoy it because of the art, not their dislikes(Sexual in this matter). I once showed some of your art to a friend and they replied with, ” Damn! They could break a neck with that thing!” LOL! Me on the other hand, it’s eye candy but Patrick I notice so much detail you put in all of your work! Bigger equals more detail as you said, that’s one major thing some people enjoy, expecially comic artists.

    I’m eager to read others comments as well. =)
    (That picture of Cam and the other two is just lovely by the way!)

  2. On the ‘new fans’ thing: I think it has to do with what a reader is picking up the comic, for. In my case, with Diplomatic Immunity, my fans are generally female, to gay fans of ‘yaoi’. They’re graphic novel readers weaned on picture reading Japanese comics, and so they are, by and large, trained to notice the artwork before delving into the actual story. Stylized art like large cocks or gigantic breasts, will either put a these sort of fans off, or completely intrigue them. It’s a crapshoot, and certainly nothing I’d change my style for.

    As it stands now, I don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about ‘Class fans’ coming along and saying—OMG, can you make that rocket more realistic—because Class fans have known, from day 1, what your style is all about. I think as Class diversifies its talent [acquiring new creators and styles and their respective fanbases] you’re going to get some crit. I think the ‘yaoi crunch’ is bringing in ‘gay fans of manga’ that aren’t necessarily fans of ‘gay porn comics’ and so some will like it, some will complain.

    On a future note, I don’t think you’re alienating possible fans by sticking to your ‘size standard’. I think Class has benefited from the infusion of solid stories and licenses, but it can still retain its house style, and acquire new fans. It’s up to you how you want to appease those fans…personally cater to their likes in your new works, or just license or hire those creators that will cater to them—but still stay true to what you love, and what Class is really all about.

    I think you’re having one of those…am I a creator, or am I a publisher, sort of moments. ^_-

  3. Charlie MJR says

    Interesting post Patrick. Thing is it truly is a matter of choice and what you prefer. I for one am I bit of a size queen too, and love your guys being well endowed, I’ve always thought they seem to pull it off naturally with their massive dongs.
    Logan too is another size queen from looking at his drawings, and I’m sure happy about that :P

    The thing I love about such artists as you and Logan and the rest, you all have your very unique styles, just as any comic artist would. Take someone who draws wolverine comics for example, some draw him extremely rugged, some with younger features, some more hairy, some a little taller, some a little shorter. So it’s all a matter of choice (though I think most could agree my Wolverine being of certain size in one place).

    Love the Wakka picture, he was very, very sexy in FFX, although I was totally in love with Kimahri and his brooding, silent attitude.

    Nice Irvine pic too, him and Zell from FF8 where hotties.

    Funny thing, I was a bit surprised at first to see Cam with those 2 ladies all over him, but they remembered he is Bi, so maybe he just wanted to try that for a night. (Seems strange considering how much he gets on with Lanor and Locus, but there you go).

  4. White Wabbit says


    Ooh in case anyone wants to see my VAST collection of home-made Zell ‘erotic imagery’ well… you can’t ’cause he’s mine.

    Oh hang on there’s an actual post to comment about here. Well, I personally believe I have duel personalities because my dominant side likes babyfaced boys with ‘proportional’ goods, yet my dirty little bitch side *ahem* likes big hard rippling figures of manliness with impressive mindblowing equipment…
    :| Well… what I’m trynna say I guess is… I like your big ‘uns.

    Funny how I don’t feel quite right using the word ‘cock’ or ‘dick’ or especially ‘penis’ haha.

    And asmodeus’s Final Fantasy boys are hot; love Wakka, always felt he was a bit sort of forgotten, I mean he’s the only one out of the FFX group you can’t get a 12″ figurine of!! And you know what fun I’d like to have with one of those. Irvine, too (and for that matter Zell *ahem* MINE) were not made into large figures. Though I do possess a very nice Seifer Almasy mm-mm. All blonde fitties = Wabbit’s. Am I waffling?? I’m stressed, I have lots of work to do by tomorrow and I’m taking a break and spazzing out it seems. Though the upside is that my project is designing men’s underwear!! :D

    Anyway, um,
    Wabbit xx

  5. Hey Patrick,

    I’m sure this recent post of BTM is going to spark some debate. So it will be interesting to see what people say.

    These days I think that people are consatnly having size, shoved in their faces in general advertising whether it’s on television or in magazines, ie: Male models have bodies, Female models have big boobs.

    But when it comes to Homo Erotic Art, I think there are 4 kinds of people:

    1) People who appreciate the art for what it is and can see in the work how th Artist is expressing him or herself

    2) People who are only in it for the smutt factor

    3) People who look at it and don’t understand where the artist is coming from. Now with no offence to these kind of people, but maybe they need to look up Roman art and sculptures, as some of these works (before the fall of Rome) where based on the size of mens cocks and were always worshiped (in a way) back in the days of Roman Orgies.

    4) People who are realistic, these are more than likely to be people who think, such a huge cock can’t get stiff.

    But I can see where Homo Erotic Artist’s are coming from when they do draw such massive cocks. From where I stand I see it as the Artist letting the imagination explode, and doing to their creation what Mainstream artists have been doing with Women’s boobs, making them big.

    But as you know and you will know this better than anyone Patrick, is that each artist has their own style. I can tell your work, JC’s work, Iceman’s work, G Man’s work (and so the list goes on) even if I don’t see your names published on the works. And it’s the style and what the Artist is representing in that peice of work is what I tend to look at the most.

    If people are so worried about the size of a cock in an expression of Art, then I think they need to take a break from reality and try and learn to enjoy it for what it is, there is nothing worse than people who physco analyze everything that see, please give it a break but what is worst is when they think they can say that it’s likely to put future fans off your work or anybodies for that matter, the question I have for them is simple “How do you know?”

    As for being a size queen in reality, for me it’s a case of, I have my tastes. If I get on well with person of my taste, then I am happy, if they have a huge cock, so what, if they remember that my favorite dish is stir fried garlic, pepper chicken with stir fired veges in oyster sauce served with jasmin rice, then the lottery is won. You see, I’m not so much of a “sicko” after all!

    Big Hugz!


  6. I am so glad you have tackled this subject Patrick. I have been very aware of peoples reactions to my own take on appendages in my toons. I do enjoy drawing them large (what is it with us artists!) but also I actually have a fantastic time drawing them of more realistic proportions. and with my “variety is the spice of life” attitude towards my characters I think its only right that some of my toons have smaller schlongs. Infact I feel responsible in a way to represent the more “normal” sized dong in my toons. Afterall we arent all blessed with pornstar proportions and even I get tired of size being an issue wherever I look in the gay communities both off and online, so I hope that some folks appreciate a little diversity in their cartoon enjoyment. Having said all that, it is true that when drawing a comic page for example, a large member makes for a more impressive feature on the page and u can get the detail in hehe!!! but big, or small, thick, or thin, I think that in cartoons, willies should be embraced in all their varied glory!!!!
    Hugz Shemmy xxx
    Notice I never used the word cock…oops!!

  7. I’d say this is a hard one (no pun intended) but to be perfectly honest, well for me at least, it really isn’t.
    Bigger is most definitely better in my opinion.I mean big cocks aren’t the reason I buy your comics, (well, not the only reason lol) as you say theres a story involved and you’ve created genuinely beautiful, interesting and funny characters that we all love. And thats the reason I’m a loyal fan.
    But, theres no doubt about the fact that my initial attraction to your work was the detail and page space you give to your male members! As you say ‘a penis is a beautiful thing’ and should be treated as such.

    Its not like your the only artist that prefers to draw guys in this way. Look at people like, Tom of Finland, Etienne, Brad Parker, Sadao Hasegawa, Logan, Tagame etc. Theres alot of size queens out there lol and I think its because aesthetically its more appealing. Also, I spose a huge phallus represents virility and everyone one of guys is as virile as a stallion, so there really isn’t any other way to portray them:)

    An interesting point was made in the post about women’s ‘mammoth’ breast size in comics. And we’re not necessarily talking about erotic comics here. Open a mainstream comic from any publisher and your bound to see the female form exaggerated to some degree at the very least. Its not exactly genitalia but, breasts are by and large what we consider a woman’s sexual attributes. Men on the other hand in mainstream comics (or though athletic and generally buff); aren’t portrayed in the same way. I’m not exactly a crotch watcher lol but in a sexual sense theres nothing much going on down there… Male characters in mainstream comics are about as anatomically correct as a Ken doll. At least the ones I’ve read anyway lol. And thats why erotic comics and your comics in particular should be different. In erotic art sexuality is important and so you exaggerate your characters appendages, however your levelling the field because whether their male or female your characters are portrayed as equally bountiful lol.

    I’m going off on a tangent here I’m sure, sexual equality in comics is probably best saved for another post lol, But heres one blogger who likes big cocks! haha;) oh god does that make me a perv? lol

  8. Charlie MJR says

    Wabbit, I’m pretty sure I liked zell long before you did, so off you trot. I already called dibs on him long ago… and Wakka.

  9. There are people who actually like smaller cocks? Ahahahahaha! Thats a revelation.

    But I like them big… (e_e)

  10. I’m so glad u brought this up, man! And thanks for the plug! In the piece you used, I made Preston’s wang extra long and floppy becasue I was trying o evoke that moment after you have sex and you lose your erection– but for a little while, it stays just as big– just not as hard– lol. Personally, I like ’em all– big, small, cut, uncut– the more the merrier.

    But when it comes to my art… Nothing infuriates me more than when I show my best friend one of my new illustrations and the very 1st thing out of her mouth is, “Woa, that would hurt.”

    Every time she says this, I have to remind her that it wouldn’t cuz it’s a CARTOON and if YOU were a cartoon, you’d think nothing of it. The art of cartooning is exaggeration and I’m sure if one of my characters actually existed in real life, you’d probably be just as taken aback by the size of their feet or hands or head.

    And then I bring up how it’s not a problem for her to like anime characters with eyes half the size of their heads. Dude, if I saw an anime character in real life, I’d run for the hills. In a way, it’s almost grotesque if you think about it. Imagine the sound those eyes would make when they blinked! EEWW!

    So yeah, exaggeration in cartoon art has existed for millenia. Sure, if a real person tried to screw one of my mammoth-hung characters, they’d probably die– but then again, that same character could also crush a real person’s skull in one of his mammoth-sized hands… like a peanut– LOL!

    Awesome post, Patrick!!! XOXO

  11. Hey JC!

    I have to agree with waht you said in regards to “Cartooning being an exageration.”

    If it wasn’t for these exagerations, Superman wouldn’t fly, Yogi Bear wouldn’t talk, Wonder Woman would be an Avon lady of the Amazon etc..

    But as I mentioned earlier, I prefer to see it as the creator’s imagination exploding and tend to focus more on the art as a whole as apposed to a part of the art.

    And honestly, how many people who claim they don’t like big cocks in comics or art, can honestly say that they haven’t walked into a sex shop and stared at a 20 inch dildo for a moment or two, that’s if they don’t already own a collection of them for themselves!

    As for seeing a person with eyeballs half the size of their heads, well that about decribes 90% of Gay men in Sydney at Mardi Gras LOL!


  12. White Wabbit says

    *sigh* Seriously let’s not debate about Zell, Charlie. I am always going to be the more obsessive one.

    That is all.

    Wabbit xx

    Oh yeh haven’t got that project done.

    Me –> =_=

  13. Anonymous says

    All I have to say on the matter, Patrick, is “I wanna see more Bob!”


  14. François says

    Well, I seem to be in the minority here.
    Cocks drawn by Patrick or Logan don’t do much for me, as much as I admire their work in general (and I do!).
    On the other hand, as other people have said, I’d never think of telling Patrick, “Draw more realistic cocks”. It’s his style, he likes doing it and his readers like it.
    As for me, I’ll just keep making fun of those impossibly large cocks :)

  15. Charlie MJR says

    You know I got a book once called ‘The science of X-men’ which talked about regarding all the x-mens powers and strengths using scientific understanding of their biology, and if what they do would be possible. Things like Beast and his muscle mass, where he weighs in around 350 pounds of compact muscle, but can stand upright, this would be impossible to do for a normal human being. And Colossus being so flexible when in his metallic form suggests his skins of an alien origin.

    In comics, exaggeration is everything, it takes what we regard in normal day-to-day life and warps it into something amazing. This also goes for the size of your boytoons cocks, they’re as real as wolverine still looking fit past 100.

  16. Damian & Trent says

    B-I-G !

    Thank you.

    Damian & Trent

  17. To be honest, in real life, I would be terrified by a penis the size of NJ’s.

    BUT: As everybody else in here already realized – that’s the thing about Comics and Comic book characters; it’s all exaggerated and enhanced in a certain way.

    Patrick, Your art is so damn beautiful, it’s just mind-boggling.
    It’s not just about your boys’ penis-sizes. It’s the stories, the dialogue, their characters, the colors and – foremost – Your drawings and renderings of them.

    For instance, my fave panel(s) in the “Cam’s 20th birthday”-book is when Locus is reluctant to enter Cam because they just fought over Cam being selfish.
    And this is what turns me really on, because it is REAL. Your art makes the beauty, Your stories and dialogue make the reality.

    So, all in all, I do not really, truly care for cocksizes. I care for the whole package (pun absolutely, 100% intended): drawings, inkings, colors, stories, dialogue AND: character development.

    Cam, for instance, is my favorite of Your boys (along with Lanor and Locus hehe) because he’s “real” in a way. Actually, I had a girlfriend who was almost exactly the same as Cam is: erratic, supremely beautiful and not fully aware of how he/she hurts her surroundings with his/her behavior.

    Thanks for reading all my bulls**t and for posting.
    You guys rock!

  18. Michael Breyette says

    Patrick, it’s almost laughable that someone would criticize your (or anyone’s) COMIC art as UNREAListic. Afterall that’s the nature of the beast. Doing comic art gives you license to step beyond the constraints of reality.

    Though my artwork is considered realistic I have heard my share of criticisms as well, that ‘my men are all well built and traditionally handsome’. Well for one I see nothing wrong with that! And really, I’m rendering the male physique in all it’s beauty. It may be based in reality but it’s still a fantasy; an ideal that I am illustrating. Michelangelo’s ‘David’ might not be so adored if he was out of shape and unattractive.

    Secondly, if you’re like me you are drawing for yourself, creating scenes and men/characters that you want to see. You are your own audience first. If others connect with what you are doing that is great.

    Don’t start compromising what you want to do for what others want from you.

    I love your drawings as they are.

    Of course I think your response to this issue should have been, “huh? you mean other guy’s cock’s aren’t this big?”.

  19. Personally, I see the large cocks as just what the artist chooses to place emphasis. It’s more of a ‘fact’ than a point of issue. It just ‘is.’ If I like the art, there may be any reason for my selection. However, I will never dislike any work simply because the artist choose to not have a huge cock.

  20. Well, I think that in a cartoon, dicks being extremely huge is okay I mean it IS a cartoon and that is what their for. I would imagine that superman is a superman everywhere wouldn’t you? (From what I hear in the recent movie he was s super his nuts where digitally reduced, jeezus that would be the biggest head trip for me if I were in his shoes.) In real life I’m not picky, I mean I am generally a top by nature anyway so as long as it gets hard and squirts we’re cool. When I draw I like to add a little length though, it defines the character if it is in an erotic situation. And unless it is a specific point being made I doubt anyone wants to read/look at a fake baby dick anyway.

  21. Chubtoons says

    I like to draw everything big…weither it’s dicks, muscles, bellis…I like to make it all big. And if I don’t make it big, I’ll do so inorder to make other parts look bigger. I want to convey power and strength in my men. That’s just me.

  22. Charlie MJR says

    Think of it like this, in comics and games and cartoons the ability to have greater development in such things like the male form is a great gift and a treat. In real life if someone trys to overdevelop themselves it looks wrong because its going beyond the limits of their own development, but in creative ideas and animation they can be streched out to look right.

    developing hands, feet, head, shoulders to be as developed as the body itself is one of the great things about drawing it yourself.

  23. Hey Skeez! You know, I know someone who worked on Brandon Routh’s bulge in that film. He said that it wasn’t so much what the dude was packing as much as it was he outfit leaving nothing to the imagination. He also said that most films nowadays have a team of CG artists whose job is to “modesty check” every single shot (basically flatten all bulges and nipples.)

    Good ol’ Puritan America. Give me the RAW FOOTAGE, man!

  24. Charlie MJR says

    You’ve a good point JC, given how the classic super hero suit is skintight so much so it shows off their muscles, why then did they never show off the guys nipples? Or their bulge? Its one aspect many comic artists seem to avoid, like if they drew mens nipples, thats a no go area for them, so they just sandblast them off… the women however… I’ve seen enough pictures of Rogue and Storm when their ‘perky’.

    This is something I thought of a while ago, characters who don’t wear shirts in comics or cartoons, you often saw without nipples. Like Beast in x-men (o.k, covered in fur, but some artists did draw 2 blue circles in), and from that great cartoon Gargoyles, the main hero Goliath was smooth as anything but had no nips either… like someone sandblasted them off, yet in the comics, you could see them.

    Its all about artists take on things, their is no set rule… some just would be more daring then others.

  25. My dear, dear friends…

    I never dreamed that this post would generate soooo much interest. I truly appreciated reading all the comments you left. I think everyone has very valid points and points of view. From those of us who like our Boytoons hung like horses to those of us who prefer them more realistically endowed, I think the coolest thing is that we can all agree on one thing … we love the fact that there are artists out there who draw Boytoons in the buff and put them in comics! LOL!!!

    Seriously, size, be it cartoon or real, is really, truly a case of personal preference. I think the great thing is that most people feel that the size of a toon’s wang would not keep them from appreciating a comic, whether it is a mainstream comic book (where the male characters are almost always flat crotched), or whether it’s in a comic by Logan! Despite the personal preference issue, when it comes down to it, we all seem to love a good story and a charismatic character! That is the really important part I think…and certainly as a creator of comics myself, that is the part I find to be truly the coolest!

    I hope you won’t be offended if I don’t address every comment separately, but I think this paragraph really sums up my feelings on the matter. I can’t thank you all enough for sharing your thoughts with me and everyone here on this subject. Though I am certain that this debate will continue on in years to come, it’s really great to get an inside idea of where people sit.

    Much love to each and everyone of you!
    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  26. Great topic, great thread, and great comments by all. Personally, I’m a size-queen. However, I didn’t know that until I chanced upon Patrick’s superb comics and was gobsmacked by the images in them. It opened up a whole new aspect of my sexuality to which I was previously unaware. And, for that, thank you, Patrick. :-)

    The Graeco-Roman notion of “beauty as truth” in art is perfectly encapsulated by Patrick’s images, which reveal the true beauty of the male form. The fact that certain elements of that form may appear to be outsized is merely an optical illusion; in reality, they are perfectly proportioned within Fillion’s amazing universe, a universe that anyone in his right mind would love to visit. ;-)

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