New Updates to my website!

Good evenin’ folks…

I thought you might like to know that Fraz and I just finished updating my website. You can FINALLY see the rest of that Lanor strip I showed you a few posts back – AND you can check out part 2 of the Naked Justice fiction that Freshmen Magazine author, Mike Hicks wrote. “A taste of Justice: Second Helping” is now live.

We’ve made a few cosmetic changes as well, all in the spirit of trying to reduce load time. Expect more changes to come in the next few updates.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve done.

Hugz + Kisses!
Patrick XOXOX


  1. Testament says

    The new design is great :) LOVE IT ^.^

  2. White Wabbit says

    Hey Patrick!

    Found the Lanor strip hilarious haha, and Lanor is undoubtedly ‘a beautiful creature’, but you know what? I actually think Locus stole my attention!! …Something in the expression, very dreamy, very cute, very… mmm!! *such a girl*

    Anyway, I do recall when you previously posted that panel from the strip that I said I’d do my own Cam and Lanor pic, which I have done but not coloured. So… ready yourself! haha

    Wabbit xx

  3. Ugggh you guys are so lucky you have the whole subscription keys to check out Patrick’s site stuff! Someday I will though! =D
    Patrick the updated designs are awesome, and Zahn is on your menu. Muahaha, It’s fun to tease you for liking him so much, since ya said you didn’t venture into the swords and sorcery too much.

  4. Aw, I’d love to see the Lanor strip…but I am not joining UGAS. Perhaps you’ll print it up someday, when you gather enough images. ^_-

  5. Hey Patrick,

    The updates look fantastic, Love the Lanor strip.

    What I really like is that you are able to take characters that look so serious phsically and give them all their own sense of humour. That is no easy task when it comes to writing. One of the projects I am working involves four gay men to have their own brand of humour but still be able to understand where the other person is coming from, so I tend to get the funniest friends I know all in a room and I record what they say without them knowing and use their inflections, sentence structure and angle of humor to develope dialouge for my writing, though at times my spelling has a lot to be desired for, but spell check always comes in handy.

    But back onto writing dialouge, you’re in a good place with your Toons at the moment as it shows in your work, when it comes to brainstorming dialouge, how do you come up with it? Do you do the majority on your own or do you have people who help you out with this?

    Sorry for having a peek a boo under all the rocks that I walk past but we have all seen the rough sketches and story borads of your work and your concept art, it will be great to see how all the rest is put together also, after all it is a part of the final product and is something that fasicnates me.

    Maybe one day you might do a series of postings based on, A Day In The life Of Class Comics, that would be awesome! Unless you have already and I have missed it while I was vacation last year.

    Big Hugs!


  6. Hiya friend!

    Been to the site — Amazeeeng! lol!
    Though I have yet to see the real goodies darn UGAS. No, darn credit card! Argh! When will I have one?! …VISA? lol! XD

    Anyhoo, regarding to the question you posted in my blog, which I answered there as well – sure, Patrick, you’re more than welcome! XD

  7. Hi Patrick,

    wow – thanks for the updates! Especially the Lanor-strip made me supremely happy. As You know, I’m a catboi-nerd and I was looking forward to Lanor’s and Cam’s next adventures.

    Btw, that Collector-Character reminds me of the Watcher in the Marvel-Universe (not in its design, but in its dialogue, though Your dialogue is a “tad” more erotic! =D) Is there a connection?

    On another note: I FINALLY RECEIVED MY CAM’S 20th BIRTHDAY-BOOK!!! WOW!!! That’s soooo sexy! My favorite panel is when Locus enters Cam’s body, both would make a perfect couple. But anybody wants a piece of Cam (me included) and the boy is more than willing to share *tee-hee* =D

    Anyways, thanks for posting, thanks for listening and – as usual – all the best!

    PS: I was at a Star Trek-Convention this weekend. Kate Mulgrew rocks, and so does Garrett Wang!

  8. Hey Phrog!

    I am so jelouse of you getting to see Kate Mulgrew at the convention, she is such a beautiful woman not just to look at but in general. She is a huge advocate for gay rights and human rights for that matter. If you ever get the chance, watch a movie called “throw Momma From The Train.” It was made in the late eighties and she play’s Danny DeVitos wife in it, she is very funny in it, and also a bit cold hearted with a dry sense of humor.


  9. Hey manny,

    you are sooo right: She spoke about her work on Voyager in general and about Tim Russ and the rest of her men harassing her at 2.30 a.m. during a horribly technoidy-babbly take on the show.
    She is awesome to say the least.

    Her take on George Bush is so damn harsh, we guys fell off our chairs when she started. She was really going for it and I truly understand where she comes from: She feels ashamed as USAmerican with this man in charge.

    I didn’t ask her a question because I was too shy to do so (NERD!) but if I had known that she was fighting for gay rights, I would have adressed that. I didn’t know it and I thank You, manny, for that info.

    Moreover, we had Avery Brooks there as well. Boy, does this man look fantastic! He’s, what, like, 57 years old and he looks terrific! I’m serious.

    All the best to You, babes!

  10. Hey folks…

    Glad you liked the updates to my website… It’s always nice to hear that I’m doing something right! LOL!!! As for the AVS systems…yeah, I understand that they can suck… but yours truly ahs to make a living! LOL!!! But beyond that, I try to bring you as much fun stuff here at BTM to keep things interesting. Also, Tina’s correct… the 1-page strips will be collected into one book at some point. It won’t be anytime soon I’m afraid, but it is planned.

    Meanwhile, I am glad that the free section can offer up some fun stuff for everyone. :o)

    And Manny and Phrog… You both know how much I LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE The lovely Kate Mulgrew. I am SOOOOOO jealous! LOL!!!!

    Much love to you all, my friends!
    Patrick XOXOX

    PS – White Wabbit… I’m glad you liked the Locus cameo in the latest Lanor strip. You’ll be happy to know that I am currently working on a future strip featuring my lean, green, sex machine in a very naughty predicament I rather think you will appreciate! LOL!!! Keep your eyes peeled! ;o)

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