Havok! A boy of Marvel!

Hey gang!

You’ve all been checking out my Women of Marvel over at Artistic License… but here’s a Boy of Marvel for you to enjoy! I’ve never really been a fan of Cyclops, but I always liked, Alex, his younger brother – better known to the world as Havok. Though he was never a major player in the X-Men when I was a kid, I always enjoyed his cameos and appearances.

The other day I decided to take a wee break from my usual Class Comics work and do a little drawing of him in his classic costume. To say I am completely thrilled with the end result would be an outright lie… but I am mostly happy with it. At any rate, I think that he turned out pretty sexy and kinda cool looking with his signature power shock wave emanating from his chest like that!

The part I enjoyed most about this illustration is that I inked it like I ink all my other work, but in order to get the white lines on black, I inversed the illustration in PhotoShop. Worked out nicely I think and allowed me to put his attributes on display in a way that was – dare I even say – subtle!

Meanwhile, I am also posting a “variant” version of the image. I really couldn’t decide which I liked best for the post, so I figured you guys could pick for yourselves! So I hope you will all enjoy my little rendition of Havok! I’d love to hear what you think.

Patrick XOXO

Havok © Copyright and TM 2007, Marvel Characters Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Illustration © 2007 Patrick Fillion. Intended as Fan Art.
Please do not repost without permission.


  1. White Wabbit says

    *sigh* Havok is one of my favvvvvvvvourites…. though I’m disappointed you chose the classic costume – I think it makes him look like a seedy old man!!! Have you not seen him lately with his sexy gorgeous yummy glorious blonde hair? Beats the weird head gear anyday haha. So… any chance you could make a lil adjustment????? :D

    Wabbit xx

  2. Woa– Patrick, you’ve been postin’ like crazy these past few days! Everytime I check there’s somethin’ new up!

    And DAYUM! Alex is PACKIN’!! I like the version on the flat black BG. It feels very Art Nouveau! And I have to admit, you’re making me like Havok with this illustration. In the past, I’ve always found him whiney. But hey, if he’s toting that between his legs, he can whine at me all he wants! lol

    LOL at what White Wabbit said about the classic costume. I admit, it is kinda dated. My favorite costumes on him are the Mutant X one and his first X-Factor one (even though it was a total ripoff of Cyke’s.)

    One last thing– in one of those X-Men fighting games for the PS2, Havok is playable and has this combo where he goes, ” I’m better than Cyclops! Say it!” It’s delivered in a very, “who’s your daddy” type of way.

  3. Hey Patrick!

    Again, another Marvel hero that I don’t know about, but wow, is he sexy. I do know of Cyclops and always theought that Cyclops was really hot, arrogant in the movies but hot anyway.

    *Please don’t be offended that I mentioned Cyclops is arrogant in the movies, this just comes from me having more of a DC Comics backround as apposed to Marvel*

    I’m just starting to get to know who’s who in the Marvel universe and I have heaps of catching up to do.

    But what would really be cool is to see you do a picture of Cyclops and Havok doing what boys do best with each other, I know it may sound EWWWWW, to a few people but I am no stranger to sex with twin brothers (not my own as I don’t have a twin nor do I have a brother.)

    Let’s move on shall we ….. As I have never seen Havok before, I have nothing to compare him too, so I have to say beautiful work. At first I thought he was one of your new creations until I read the post.

    But JC & White Wabbit mentioned other costumes, can anyone give me some good links to point me in the right direction so I can have a perve?

    Anyway, great job!

    Big Hugz!


  4. love havok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your blog is cool
    french fan

  5. White Wabbit says

    Hey Manny… you… sicko…


    Best I could do… well what I mean is that I thought it was good enough and couldn’t be bothered to keep looking hahahah.

    And JC, pardon my language but FUCK ME Havok in the game is fucking fuckable. Hahahaha. You know there’s an unlockable to get the characters in their swimgear… of course his is the speedos. Ho yeh.

    Wabbit xx

    P.s. Patrick, please PLEASE don’t satisfy Manny’s request for incest. Is no one else a bit disturbed???

  6. akemiscarab says

    Thanks so much for drawing Alex/Havok. He is my favorite comic book character. Great picture, a few choice rips in his outfit would have made the picture even better.

  7. Uncanny X-Men.net is a good source for X-Men costume galleries; here’s Havok’s:

    Oh and white wabbit– what you said reinded me of something in my house– this one’s for u:

  8. Charlie MJR says

    Hmm, see your not much of a Cyck fan either Patrick, always did find him rigid, and not in the best of ways.

    Still Havoc was intresting when seeing him, sort of the cooler younger brother… which he was, lol. I did like his appearence in mutant X and his look there, shame the series ended though.

    Truth is I’ve not followed the x-men stories much of late because of its dark nature now, so not sure where havoc is after the mutant x stories ended.

    I also thought cyck and havocs dad was kinda hot too, Corsair.

  9. Hey White Wabbit,

    You have no idea just how sick and perverted I can be at times, but never in a harmful way to anyone, physically or mentally, but I will leave the real demented stuff for my blog.


    P.S thanks for the link.

  10. Asmodeus says

    Yeah I prefer Alex than Scott. I especially like him in the Goblin Queen series with Priori, with his tattered costume and all. Hehe. (Wait, that was Alex, right?) Anyway, lovin’ the bulge on him. Now, thats realistic! How can a man in tights have no bulge at all. Something that always happen in comics. Seemingly neutered men. Lol

    And about Bliss. Huhuhuhu! :( I haven’t any money! When I saw it in its hardbound cover I just wanted to grab it! Sigh, besides, I don’t know how overseas transaction goes. Haven’t ordered anything from another country aside from those that come to our bookstores on their own. AND I don’t have a credit card. Lol

    The day I own one of your comicbooks would really be THE day. Poor me. Ahahahaha! Lol

  11. Very sexy… and lots of attitude. Given up trying to ink drawings over here. I’m too messy and can’t seem to get nice crisp lines like yours. Please tell me your secret :)

  12. I think I always prefered Havok to Cyclops, I guess theres just something about a blonde. But out of all the Summers brothers I’d say Vulcan is probably my fav, guess I just have a thing for bad boys… I should probably draw the line at patricide though, right?lol

    JC your so right, the X-factor costume was probably the best, his original threads are a little dated, but I love that whole retro look:) And what is this Ps2 game all you guys are chatting about? I so wanna see Alex in his speedo’s!

    I felt absolutely shafted when I found out he wasn’t gonna be a playable character in X-men Legends 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance:( damn those Activision guys!

  13. whiteboy says

    I remember seeing awhile back you had a hot nude pic of Namor, since I was so busy at my job I didn’t have time to save the pic and make it my wallpaper. All your pics I use as my background cause your pics are hot, anyway I was wondering if by chance you might put his pic back up? If not I understand.

  14. Hey folks…

    Glad you enjoyed my little pic of Havoc – despite your mean teasing about the poor guy’s classic outfit! LOL!!! Still I was happy to share it with you. I realize I am like the only person who actually likes the classic look, but then… I tend to prefer the original look of most Marvel characters anyways!

    White Wabbit… Glad you liked the image, you picky boy! LOL!!! Yes, his latest costume is very nice, but to me it’s not Havok like I remember him from when I was a kid. Sorry! I don’t foresee a wardrobe change anytime soon – but that doesn’t mean that I won’t feel in the mood to draw a more updated version at some point! :o) Hugz + Kisses! XOXO

    JC…thanks for stopping by, my friend. Glad you enjoyed the image. And yeah… I have been posting like nuts lately! I can always tell I’ve been in overdrive when it takes me weeks to get to answering all the comments! LOL! In any case, I’m glad I could help you see Havok in a new light. I also really like the all black version of the illustration myself. I think it makes more of an impression. Anyhow, much love my friend! Thanks again for the comment! XOXO

    Manny… My dear, dear friend. PLEASE – don’t apologize for saying that Movie Cyclops is whiny, cause it’s TOTALLY TRUE! I’ve never liked Cyclops in general and the day that a powerless, Mohawk-clad Storm kicked his ass and earned herself the title of leaser of the X-Men was one of the best days of my life! So, no worries! You’re just calling it like it is! Glad you liked the pic of Havok though. He’s definitely the best of the 2 brothers! LOL! Hugz + Kisses! XOXO

    Driian… Merci beaucoup, mon ami! Je suis tres heureux que tu ai aimer mon dessin de Havok! Reviens tant que tu voudras. C’est toujours un plaisir d’avoir des nouvelles de mes fans Francais! A bientot! XOXO

    Akemiscarab…Hey there! Glad I could offer up a more eroticized version of your favorite comic character. Would you believe that I originally had planned on drawing him in a ripped costume… but I changed my mind for two reasons. The first is that because of the way I inversed his costume in PhotoShop, I felt rips would have looked a bit odd and complicated the process. And secondly, I didn’t want to repeat the ripped costume idea just because I did Daimon Hellstorm and Spiderman in shredded outfits not too long ago. So I settled for the REALLY skin tight and revealing spandex. LOL!! Glad you like the pic anyway! Hugz + Kisses! XOXO

    Charlie… Thanks for the comment, my friend. Yeah, I’ve NEVER been a fan of Cyclops. In my opinion, they should just have done away with that whiny bitch when they brought in the all new, all different X-Men in Giant Sized X-Men #1. Ah well… what can you do. Glad you enjoyed the pic of Havok. And Corsair… yeah, he was hot… but always struck me as such a throw away character. Ah well… that’s the Summers family for ya! LOL! XOXO

    Asmodeus… Hey dude! Glad you enjoyed the Havok pic. I totally agree with you! Guys in skin tight spandex are gonna be sporting a bulge! I am just doing my part fighting for the right of bulges all over the world of comics! LOL!!! Meanwhile, Alex as the Goblin Queen’s consort was pretty hot! Too bad Marc Silvestri seemed a bit shy about giving Alex any yummy details. I don’t even think we see his nips! Ah well… You can see I have my work cut out for me! HA! HA! HA! All the best, my friend! XOXO

    Rudy… Hi there, my friend. Thanks so much for stopping by! I really love your work and think you are a very gifted artist! :o) As for inking, it can certainly be a tricky part of the process. Honestly, I don’t; know that I have any real big secret. I guess the biggest thing is the materials you use. I don’t use pen and ink in the traditional sense, because I always make a huge mess with those. I use drafting pens by Micron. They are precise, dry quickly and do a fantastic job… plus they come in several various sizes, which is perfect for varying line thickness. Check those out if you can. They are amazing! Anyhow, thanks again for stopping by! I look forward to seeing more of your wicked work! XOXO

    Pbenson… thanks so much for stopping by! I’m very pleased you enjoyed the Havok image. I too was kinda hoping that Havok would be included in Marvel Alliance… alas, it was not meant to be. However, he is in X-Men Dimensions, and makes a formidable opponent. Of course when I play with Storm, every character falls before the elemental might of the Goddess! LOL!!! Hugz + Kisses! XOXO

    Whiteboy… hey there! Thanks for the comment! :o) I am really glad you enjoyed the Havok pic and my other boys of Marvel. I’ll be very happy to repost Namor for ya this coming week. Keep your eyes peeled my friend! Cheers! XOXO

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

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