BLISS: A new book from Bruno Gmunder!

Hey Gang…

I’m very pleased to bring you this piece of news. I mentioned a few posts back that I have been working on “BLISS: The Art of Patrick Fillion”, a new Art Book with publisher Bruno Gmunder. Well the book is done, and it’s now in the hands of the boys at BG. I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek.

Set to be released in the Fall, this book is a whopping 96 pages of full color art. Initially, the book was to include works in progress, as well as a behind the scenes look at the creation of the art. That concept was dropped in favor of offering up as much glossy, full color finished art as possible. Mostly that is because I’m currently working on a book which will feature all the behind the scenes stuff you guys want to see, as well as a step by step look at the creation of the art and other cool stuff. That’ll come out through Class at a later date.

Meanwhile, Bliss, like Heroes and Hot chocolate, is a hardcover collection of some of my favorite characters and illustrations. Unlike its predecessors however, it is quite a bit raunchier. I pulled out all the stops on this one! It features all the Class Comics characters you know and love, as well as images I created for magazines and other projects.

Some of the artwork you’ll have seen here on BTM, but a lot of it is new stuff I created expressly for the book.

In any case, it should be a fun collection. We’ll be offering up some signed copies on the Class Comics Website when it comes out, and I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on its availability and release. 2008 “Bliss” Calendars will also be available!

Hope everyone is having a great day! Thanks again my friends!
Hugz + Kisses!
Patrick XOXO

All characters and illustrations are © Copyright 2007, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved. Please do not repost without permission.



  2. White Wabbit says


    *appalled* His name is Flamer,

    Wow Patrick this looks great! I can see it’ll contain a lot of my favourite pictures of yours. Is the book going to be very large? I got the Heroes book but I had an issue with its size; would love to see your artwork on a larger scale I guess. Haha I guess I must be a bit of a size queen… but then so must everyone here haha. I’m so getting a signed copy!!! Would be totally stoked if you could somehow write a personal message!

    Gosh I do love Flamer. Looks good even in a red pvc thong hahah. haha. Sorry elphos I’ve never been good at sharing :P

    Wabbit xx

  3. rufferstuff says

    I have to say you produce the best erotic calendar I’ve ever seen. Crystal clear images on thick paper. Worth keeping and framing after the year has past.

    I agree with the larger size. Wouldn’t mind having a folio sized coffee table book of your work.

  4. Charlie MJR says


    WOW, I can’t wait to see this! 96 pages of your art, its like a dream come true.
    And it looks like you’ve included all your guys, old and new, such as the extra lovely Flamer. I think he’s starting to become a new fav by a lot you know, I’m so hoping to see more of him soon.

    This is going to be Great, I’m all abuzz now :)

  5. Charlie MJR says

    Hay, Can we share Flamer White Wabbit? I’m sure theres more then enough of him to go around :P

  6. Hey Patrick!


    I am so happy and proud of you for getting this all together. I can’t wait for it to get to Australia through my local Gay Book Shop.

    So if it’s released in Fall your time of the year that will make it Spring in Australia.

    The cover looks amazing, it would be great to see an uncensored version of the cover as a wallpaper *hint*

    This is going to look great sitting next to the “Heroes” book you did a while back, and by going on the snippets you’ve shown us, you can tell just how much you have progressed in your work since “Heroes.”

    So when can we expect the Major Motion Picture???? Sorry just stirring the shit pot, you know how I am!

    Again, congratulations on what already to me looks like a perfect job well done!

    Well, time to get on with packing the house for my move next week, I despise moving house more than being asked to pop pimples on a persons back!

    Big Hugz!


  7. sport boy says

    I agree on the book size – hopefully a coffee table format. A Flamer wallpaper would be great.

  8. White Wabbit says


    Well, you see the thing is that back in January on the 6th I did actually claim the title of #1 Flamer Fan – and if I may quote Patrick himself – “So I think it’s official! You truly are his #1 fan… and deservedly so!” Thank you.

    I guess I could lend him out now and then, but he’ll always have a lil (invisible) bunny symbol branded on his fine ass to remind y’all who he really belongs to haha.

    No hard feelings… haha,
    Wabbit xx

  9. Looks very, very cool! :)
    I’ll keep my eyes open for this one.

  10. Oh Dear!

    Seems like we have a “I saw him first” cat fight on our hands!

    I think I’ll stand back and watch the fur fly on this one!




  12. akemiscarab says

    Hi Patrick.

    The preview pics look great.96 pages of your great art and characters. I will have to pick up 2 copies of it.I loved your Heroes artbook. Love the Deimos and Flamer pics. Any chance you can do a poster or print of that Deimos picture?

  13. Charlie MJR says

    Oh well wabbit, looks like I’ll have to coax Flamer away for a few hours then. And if you find a little moon shaped logo on his butt, no hard feelings :P

  14. Testament says

    guess i have to buy it just for that awesome cover ^^

  15. White Wabbit says

    You keep your logos to yourself Charlie;

    I saw him first!!

    *snatches Flamer away from Charlie*
    “Are you okay my booboo?” *snuggle snuggle* “Don’t worry the bad man won’t hurt you again”


  16. Charlie MJR says

    You got to sleep sometime Wabbit, and by then I’ll have nabbed Flamer and taken him across the border, hehe :P

  17. White Wabbit says

    Poor Flamer, gone are the days when it was jus him n’ me, now I have to contend with all these hooligans. Isn’t there anyone else Charlie? You can have anyone else haha jus let me have Flamer.

    Actually why am I asking permission? He IS mine tsss.

    Now leave me in peace with my blondie. MINE. :P

  18. Charlie MJR says

    Flamer is just to lovely for one person Wabbit, sorry, I’m getting my share.

    Its like all the insane fangirls who ‘claim’ to have nabbed Hugh Jackman first, but he’s more then man enough for everyone.. some just don’t know how to share.

  19. White Wabbit says

    Hello!! What did I say right at the beginning!!

    Quote: “I’ve never been good at sharing

    Your making me upset with your stealing!! I’m only little!! Well… mentally wise!!! *ahem*

    Now give me back my CANDY *yank*

  20. OMG I can’t wait, I managed to get both of your previous Gmunder books over here in the UK, but if your selling signed copies of Bliss than I may just have to order directly from Class:)

    And come on gents, theres more than enough to go around, or though while your busy fighting over Flamer I’ve managed to bag NJ all to myself:) Oh Felix could you be anymore perfect? Theres not a single guy in the Fillionverse that can compare to you… Except Cam:)

    Mind you, that pic of Deimos is pretty impressive, they used it on the cover of the H&O release ‘Haute Tension’ and it made the big D one of my fav cover studs. How the hell do you manage to make all these guys so friggin hot?! Excuse my why I go splash myself with ice cold water… *hot*

  21. Hey folks…

    Wow… I never thought this simple post would generate so much craziness! LOL!!! Seriously, I really appreciate your enthusiasm!

    Elphos, I will have to keep your suggestion of wallpaper using that Flamer illustration. Since it’s horizontal, it would lend itself nicely to a wallpaper design. Thanks again for stopping by! XOXO

    White Wabbit… Yup! This book will be larger in size than my previous Heroes and Hot Chocolate books. It will be roughly the dimensions of a comic book. As much as I loved the Heroes and Hot chocolate books, I swore to myself that the next hard cover I’d put out would be larger so that I could feature more of the illustrations. The previous books were great, but due to their size, I had to cut off a lot of the artwork. Not with Bliss – and I’m rather pleased about that! Hugz + kisses! XOXO

    Rufferstuff… Thanks for the kind words, my friend. The Bliss calendar should look pretty swank once BG has it printed. They did a lovely layout for it. I can’t wait to see it in print myself. Meanwhile, as I mentioned about to Wabbit, I think you will find the size of this new Bliss book more to your liking! Thanks again! XOXO

    Charlie… You are such a sweetie! I am so happy that you are so excited about the new book. I really put as much fun stuff into it as I possibly could, so hopefully the collection will not disappoint. I tried to include at least one image of each of my male characters so that everyone might be present. In the end, I think people will be happy to find their fave Class Comics Boytoons are all included – especially in this beautiful hard cover, glossy paper and full color format. Cheers my friend! XOXO

    Manny… Thanks for the compliments, dear friend. I am pleased you like the cover of the book – I had a feeling that seeing Diablo as the cover boy would please you! And yes – I will keep your suggestion of turning that image into a wallpaper design in mind as well. I think it would look nice. I did use it in the Retro Splash series a while back, so you can always check that out in the meantime… but a new version of the image in its full color version would be cool.

    As for a major motion picture… LOL – that would be swell… but somehow I think I might have a hard time convincing the studios not to censor of change the character’s outfits! LOL!!! Perhaps an adult feature is more likely! I’ll certainly keep you all posted! ;) Hugz + Kisses! XOXO

    Sport Boy… Hey, thanks for stopping by, my friend! Well, rest easy… I have learned from the previous 2 hard cover books I did – Bliss is definitely LARGER! LOL!!! As for a Flamer wallpaper… since so may of you are into him, I just may have to comply very soon! LOL!!! Thanks again fro dropping in! XOXO

    HvH… Wonderful to hear from you dear friend. I always appreciate your comments! :o) I’ll make sure and let you all know when the book becomes available! Much love! XOXO

    Blackheart… Thanks so much for the kind words, my friend. Yup – we keep trying our best! LOL!!! It’s exciting to see the result of our work come to life. The Bliss book is really a major pleasure for me though – there’s nothing I love than seeing my boys in print. Much love to ya! XOXO

    Akemiscarab… Hey my friend! Thanks for the great comment and compliments! It’s so cool to see how excited people are about this new book. I’ll be sure to let you guys know when it’s available. Meanwhile, thanks for your suggestion about the Flamer and Deimos illustrations becoming available as an art prints. We’re actually gearing up to release the second wave of color art prints – so I will mention this to Fraser! We’ll see what we can do about including them! Thanks again for stopping by! XOXO

    Testament… LOL!!! Thanks so much for the cool comment. Your comments are always so wonderfully worded! I love hearing form you! It’s great to see that the cover is that effective. Hopefully it will help to convince other people to buy the book! Much love! XOXO

    Pbenson… It’s wonderful to hear from you – and it’s really cool to know that you are so up to date on all the various releases I’ve had through H&O and BG as well as Class. Yes – H&O did a fantastic job on Haute Tension, and although Deimos isn’t the character I draw the most often, I was really happy with how he turned out on that illustration. I’m very proud to include it in the Bliss book. As for making the boys hot… well… It’s part of my job to make sure they are effective! LOL!!! Let’s just say that sometimes I need some cold water splashed into my face as well! HA! HA! HA! Hugz + Kisses! XOXO

    And boys – Pbenson is right – there is totally enough Flamer to go around! Let’s all share and be friends, ‘kay?! LOL!!!

    Thanks again for all the wonderful comments gang!
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOXO

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