Class Comics needs your Help!!!

Hey Gang! I hope everyone is having a great Hump day!

Today, I thought I would share some recent Class Comics news with all of you. What follows is my version of a recent Class Comics press release.

As you know we’ve started distributing our books through Diamond Comic Distributors. That your favorite gay erotic comics became available in almost any comic shop in the world!

As all publishers that Diamond distributes, we must meet very strict numbers per title. The best way to do this is to offer new titles through the comic shops BEFORE they become available at our website. This is where you come in! The future of Class Comic is in your hands!!!

Right now you can go into your favorite comic shop and ask them to order copies of our 2 new titles: HvH’s “In the Blink Of An Eye” (DCD ITEM# JUN07 3378) and Logan’s “Porky #2” (DCD ITEM# JUN07 3379). They are being released first through comic stores, then later directly through us. We are asking you to order them through a local comic store! Save on shipping, get the comics first and help keep us in stores!

You can really help! Each order placed at a comic store gets us much closer to our goal.

You may even be able to get your shopkeeper to order a couple of copies for other customers!

Don’t wait until it is too late as they need to be ordered this month! With great Power comes great Responsibility. Be a Hero for Class Comics and use our Comic Store Request Form!

If you don’t already have a local comic shop, write us and we will help you find one!

These 2 books are really REALLY freakin’ FANTASTIC. You won’t want to miss them, trust me!

Thanks so much for your help, you guys. I know this is a big change to how Class Comics usually does stuff, but in the end, this will help Class grow as a company – and that means more HOT HOT HOT Gay comics for you!

Much love and many thanks to you all!

PS – The long-awaited “Art of Mike Portfolio” will be available in June through the Class Comics website and LGBT bookstores (I’ll announce the release here — won’t be long now! ;o).

The Class Comics Portfolios series isn’t yet carried through Diamond Comics Distributors, but we’re working on that! LOL!!! Check out some of the wickedly HOT art Mike has in store for you. His Portfolio is a real scorcher!

All Art is © Copyright 2007, respective creators. All Rights Reserved. All books are © Copyright 2007, Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved. Lanor © Copyright and TM 2007, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Flaming Freddy says

    Hi Patrick! Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I’ve missed you! But you’re still full of awesome things to share with us! Thanks so much!

    That’s great that your books are available through Diamond now. To be honest though, I’d feel really uncomfortable asking my comic store to order it for me, or even to buy it there. I’ve been going there for a long time and they don’t know I’m gay and I’ve never bought erotic books there. I really want to support you, though. I’m not sure what to do.

    Patrick, you are really one of my favorite artists and I feel so bad when I get embarrassed about it. I’m sorry. I guess I’ll have to stick to ordering online.

    I wish you luck though, and I’m so glad to see Class flourishing and you being in such a positive state creatively. You really have no idea how much of an inspiration and a pioneer you are!


  2. Charlie MJR says

    Hay Patrick.

    Well I think its great you can now order via the comic stores, its a lot harder and far less chance of that over here in the u.k. I asked in a comic store I’ve shopped in a few times and they never even heard of yours or any other gay erotic artists, which is very sad.

    Just means I’ll have to ask my friend who orders online normally to get this. Been looking forward to Porky#2 for a while now.

    Still, it be great if they did start bringing in your work to the u.k major comic stores, I’d proudly go in and ask for a copy (even wave it around to show your awesome art to everyone, lol).

    Looking forward to it.


  3. AHHHH! Frigin’ poo, shit, bum, wee wee, vomit! I went into 4 comics shops in Sydney and they all said that there needs to be more than an 10 of the one title of book before they can do an order! I can understand from their point of view BUT I NEED MY FUCKING FIX! LOL

    Looks like when I get the house move out of the way this next week, I just have to do it the old fashioned way and order online.

    I think I have to do something about educating these sad twats!

    Anyway, hope your well, time to watch Far Scape!

    Big Hugz!



  4. rufferstuff says

    Do you know of any online stores in the US that carry it? The nearest comic store to where I live is 40 miles. I love your comics, but it’s cheeper to pay shipping from Canada than drive that far.

  5. It seems buying these books through Diamond isn’t as popular a measure as one might hope… Anyways, hope you guys by BOTH books any which way you want or can ;)

    Logan’s art keeps getting better and better :) I’m really pround to have my book ‘paired’ with his in this momentous release :)

    Thank you Mr. Patrick Fillion ;)

  6. Hello Flaming Freddy, Charlie, Manny, Rufferstuff and HvH…

    My friends, thank you for taking the time to comment and for sharing your impressions on the whole Diamond Distribution issue. Fraz and I really appreciate your insights, thoughts and concerns.

    I think what it comes down to is choice and offering everyone more purchasing options. We completely understand that depending on where you live, you might not feel comfortable ordering our books at your local comic shop. Some people will ultimately prefer to get the books thought mail order, and that is totally cool with us.

    The Diamond distribution is a huge coup for Class and as I mentioned in the article, it will help us keep the distribution if people help make the stores aware of our product. That being said, we don’t expect everyone to do so, and won’t love you any less if you don’t! LOL!!!

    We really want our product to be as widely available as possible – and this is one more way of insuring this happens.

    Besides, this doesn’t mean that the Class Comics website won’t be selling these titles. It just means that purchasing them through the comic shops may help you get them a little sooner and avoid the shipping costs. But as I said – each to their own. Everyone has their preferred method of procuring our books, and honestly, so long as the books sell, we’re happy! HA! HA! HA!

    Meanwhile, Manny and Charlie, yes – outside of North America, our titles may be trickier to get through Diamond. It all depends on customs issues. Some shops prefer not to import books which are adult in nature. Still, we really appreciate you guys trying and letting your local shop owners know about us!

    Much love and thanks, dear friends.
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  7. Awesome art! I’m surprised your profile interests didn’t include Smallville. Superhunk, er Superman, Tom Welling is really hot.

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