BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #79 – A whole year of Boytoons Magazine!

Hey everybody!

Can you believe that exactly 1 year ago, on May 30, 2006, Boytoons Magazine was born? Feels kinda cool that I have actually stuck with this Blog for that long. Sure, there have been ups and downs – times where I thought maybe I’d had enough of doing this – but in the end, I am so pleased, and quite proud that BTM is still around. It remains a source of great fun and relaxation for me – and hopefully for you kind folks as well. Hell, I enjoy Blogging so much, that I even started up Artistic License!

After a whole year of talking about other artists of gay erotic art, reviewing movies, comics, action figures, and sharing some of my new art with you guys, I can honestly say that BTM has been a great way for me to get in touch with you guys. You are the fans of that keep this stuff alive and it’s a real pleasure, and honor to have the opportunity to chat with you first-hand.

A close artist friend of mine once asked me why I bothered with Boytoons Magazine? He wondered what made my opinion any more interesting or special than the next guy. I told him that I didn’t feel that my opinions were of any greater importance than anyone elses’ – but that BTM was – IS my way of contributing (or at least trying to contribute) in a positive manner to our community and to Gay Pop Culture. I am not certain if my answer made much sense – but I do feel that I want to give something back to all of you who have encouraged me from the get go, and continue to do so today. I also feel that it is important for emerging artists to have a voice that speaks for them. It isn’t easy starting up in this industry, TRUST ME!!! I know first hand! LOL! If I can help out, even in some small way, I am very happy to do so.

In this past year of Blogging, I’ve become more aware of the Blogging community at large . I have also noticed that new Blogs which discuss Gay erotic art and illustration have been popping up all over. This is such an amazing thing. It means that this material is strong and healthy, and that it is making waves as a valid and respectable art form. It gives this form of art a voice, and that means the world to me, and to other artists of the genre I am certain. Plus it creates an overall feeling of well-being, which we can all use – especially in these sometimes not-so-fun times!

So after a year, I am content in knowing that I have posted a shit-load of hot art and had a great deal of fun doing it. I am content that I have finally come to terms with the fact that Blogging is and SHOULD be a hobby, and that I should never feel like it’s a chore. I am content in knowing that I still have a shit-load of hot art to post and a ton of great new artists to discover with you!

Thanks to everyone who reads this Blog and supports the efforts of Gay artists like yours truly! You guys are truly the best and I look forward to the next year of BTM with all of you!

Much love, and warm wishes!
Patrick XOXOX

PS – I thought that this group shot of my boys might well suit an anniversary issue! In celebration of this 1-year anniversary event, I whipped up a new Wallpaper design for you. Plus I followed JC’s suggestion and made sure that both PC and MAC owners could make use of this Wallpaper! Enjoy dear friends! ;)

All characters are © Copyright and TM, Patrick Fillion/Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved. Please do not repost without permission.


  1. Hey Patrick!

    1 Year already! Shit, time flies when your on Prozac!

    Love the new wallpaper, this is the type of thing that should be printed on a t shirt – Balls and all!

    To be honest, BTM is more than just a blog when you think about it, it’s more of an electronic meeting over cheescake & coffee, we’ve bitched, booed, giggled like shrieking girls and gassed bag like a pack of old hags sitting around a “bingo” table waiting to win the meat tray. Poor Phrog has been bitch slpped more times than I care to poke a tick at. Not to mention the “Y” (Manny runs for cover)

    But one that that stands out amongst all the artwork and the discussion, is the respect everyone has for each other and what they have to say. Something that makes BTM a fun place to visit. People have become friends, and have a tendancy to chat to each other at times just for the sake of chatting even though it has nothing to do with the posting you may have put up, I know I am a guilty party for that *smirk*

    So, well done Young Jedi, give your self a pat on the back and make Fraz give you a pat on the arse! You’ve deserved it.

    Big Hugz!


  2. Ahoi there Patrick!

    1 Year, indeed an achievement! Like dear Manny said, BTM is so much more than just a blog. I’ve had some good times here and met some great people! What really amazes me is the fact that you, arguably one of the most well known gay erotic artists of our time, are willing to mingle with fellow artists and fans, which I think is great. Although I haven’t been here from the start, I certainly have enjoyed my time here. Thank you for sharing your great art with us. Here’s to another great year ahead.

    LOTS of LOVE

  3. Group shots of all your characters is a give in we know any artist loves to do. Even if it’s a pain in the ass. Hehe. Zahn up front, are you enjoying drawing him or just drawing so much he came up front naturally? I love Jon Dazy’s pose and expression, and Space Cadet and Locus are back there and Gah! Group shots rock.

  4. Hey guys (e.g. Patrick, manny, Reikro/hiroke and beebo),

    one year passes like nothing and I can remember when I first read about this blog. I was excited and I still AM excited whenever some new stuff is posted; I make sure I’ll check the blog 3 times daily (yea, I’m a nerd).

    And what manny said is right: This blog has become much more than “just” an outlet for beautiful art. We have sort of become inter-friends, everybody with their own characters and with their own ideas and creative minds.

    I totally adore everybody’s ideas here and I learned alot from everybody. It’s such a beautiful and fun place to be at.

    Thanks to Y’all, guys and gals, don’t ever dare leaving or I’ll post a pic of my art!!! =D =D =D

    All the best, seriously.

  5. White Wabbit says

    Waow, Happy Birthday Boytoons!

    It is definately an achievement to have kept going. I’ve tried keeping diaries before which have never lasted more than a month, even though I enjoyed writing in them. I even was gonna start a Blog of my own before I realised that, actually, I have nothing much to say and no one who’ll listen!!
    But you have both, and I think it’s the combination of the two that equals true Blog success. So you keep posting interesting posts, and us readers will keep leaving (hopefully) interesting responses. And then Boytoons will never end!!!

    Very nice illustration, as always, but… you seem to have forgotten someone… *tear* :'(

    Wabbit xx

  6. That is a really really really cool image, dude. (Space Cadet’s gettin’ replaced! woot!) When you do character splashes like that, what’s the process? Do you draw them all separate or all together?

    And yes, happy anniversary to Boytoons Megazine! It’s an amazing idea and even if you can’t devote as much time to it as you’d like, just remember that all of us you’ve inspired totally understand 100%.

    So here’s to another glorious year of comic cock! BooYAH!

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  8. Hey Folks…

    Thanks to you all for dropping by!

    Manny… Yup – it does seem that BTM has become a community in a way – a circle of friends where people are always welcome to come and chat about toon cock amongst other things! I honestly never imagined the Blog would take on this sort of role, but I am very glad it has. For me, it’s always great to hear from familiar people, and meet new ones as well! Thanks again for everything! XOXO

    Reikro… You are so sweet, dear friend. And you are most welcome! I love sharing stuff with you guys! I get very inspired by your comments and am always happy to post something new for all of you to see! Count on more of that happening! LOL!!! Hugz + Kisses! XOXO

    Beebo… Thanks for the compliment, my friend. I love drawing group shots, but somewhere along half way into inking, I think “Why the Hell do I do this shit to myself?!?!” LOL!!! They are great to draw, but take forever to ink! Ah well… the end result is the reward for me! As for Zahn, I really am enjoying him. He’s great fun to draw and he comes to me quite naturally. I think as characters go, he is really starting to assert himself nicely! Much love! XOXO

    Phrog… Thanks so much for the kind words, dear friend. It is always so nice to hear from you and I am thrilled to see that you enjoy the stuff I post! :o) That’s why I do it. I agree that it is always a pleasure to hear from everyone here and that it’s so cool to get everyone’s opinions on the stuff I post. It certainly helps me as an artist to know if the direction I am headed in is actually working! Much love to you, my friend! XOXO

    White Wabbit… Thanks for the comments, my friend. I will do my best to keep posting interesting stuff for you guys to read! LOL!!! I am sorry that Flamer didn’t make it onto the Boys of Class illustration – I ran out of room. I also wanted to try and get as many secondary characters as possible into the shot. I will have a little something featuring Flamer for you to see later on this coming week, which will hopefully help you feel better! LOL!!! Hugz + Kisses! XOXO

    JC… Thanks for the great comment, my friend. Don’t you worry – I would never dream of replacing Space Cadet! LOL!!! That is just Captain Jung taking his flight pack for a test drive! HA! HA! HA! As for this group shot, I drew it all as one piece. Most of the time I will draw each character separately, so that I can have them to play with individually if need be… but this time I wanted the ensemble to be nice and tight. Drawing them together makes the characters work better layout-wise sometimes. So yah! All in one go! Needless to say, I was very pleased when this piece was finished! I had had enough of inking at the end! LOL! ;) Thanks for the Bday wishes, my friend! XOXO

    Thanks again everyone! Hugz + kisses to the whole lot of you! :oD
    Patrick XOXOXOX

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