BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #78 – The Movie Review Issue!

WARNING: This issue contains spoilers, and I don’t recommend you read it if you have not yet seen, or plan to see these flicks!

We all know that Summer is Movie season, when the studios haul out the big guns. This Summer we can look forward to Rise of the Silver Surfer, Shrek 3, and a veritable onslaught of other big budget flicks.

The funny thing is that the big budget stuff isn’t always the stuff I find satisfying. Also, I tend to feel that it is better to make up ones own mind about what is a good film, and to not listen too closely to what critics say. And yet, so often do films disappoint – and so often are we, the viewers left out of pocket for total duds. Sometimes, you can’t help but take the critics warnings seriously, even if you’d like to make up your mind on your own.

Fraser and I have recently discovered a second run cinema in our neighborhood that has low LOW admission prices — $4.50 per person – which is fiiiiine by us. This has permitted us to go see films that would never have paid big cinema admission for. Today, I thought I would talk about 3 films we have recently seen – three films which I don’t believe were necessarily deserving of their reviews.

I will start with the obvious Spidey 3. Sadly, being the total fanboys we are, Fraser and I rushed out to see this thing in its first week out. Did we find it lived up to the wonder of the first 2. Nope. Why? Because beneath all the showiness and special effects, it boils down to this – Peter Parker, AKA Spiderman is a whiny bitch (in this installment)! Yes, I know his life has not been rosy, but he has the most supportive, loving person in his life (Mary Jane), and still its all about “me, me, me and my problems”.

I don’t know if any of you were as INCENSED as I (or Mary Jane, for that matter) by that upside down kiss he shared with Gwen? I can never forgive him (or Sam Raimi) for that scene. EVER! I am a hopeless romantic, and to me that was the ultimate betrayal of the love Peter shares with Mary Jane. That was their kiss. END OF STORY!

To make matters worse, Spidey gets evil in this film. Okay, its all that icky black costume’s fault – I get that! But I love superhero movies because they are heroic. They are about people who lay their lives on the line for the rest of us. In this sometimes deeply flawed and ugly world of ours, this is a beautiful reminder that we all have a great deal of good in us. I find this truly beautiful – and Spidey 3 robbed me of this. Because Spidey is ultimately in it for himself and his own issues in this film, he doesn’t seem heroic to me at all.

Oh sure the Sandman was really cool, and had far more personality than Spidey did… but Venom? Well, he was somewhat thrown away in this third installment, which ultimately tried to be too big for its britches. Too much glitz, not enough heroism and that horrible Gwen person left both Fraser and I quite disappointed.

My verdict: Man, I wish we’d waited for this to hit the second run cinemas. It’s still a great deal of fun in parts, but not really gonna satisfy your expectations.

Now – On to the cheap cinema flicks.

Fraser and I love a late showing – in fact the later the better, ESPECIALLY on week nights. No Hooligans to be annoyed by then. Upon discovering this cheap cinema near our house, we noticed it was playing 300. We missed our chance to see it in its first run… seems it was not around as long as one might have hoped… so we happily pranced on to see it at low admission prices.

Let it be known that I have not actually read Frank Miller’s graphic novel – but after seeing the film, I fully plan to.

Visually, 300 was quite something. The men are as beefalicious as we expected. The Queen is gorgeous and tough as nails (SWEET!!!). And everybody who is not perfect or ugly in some way is evil… WTF?!?!

The truth is I actually liked this movie a lot, but it left feeling a bit disturbed by its lack of human compassion. Now I know it is a “period piece”, set when humanity was not quite as evolved, but I couldn’t help it — I found it hard to watch a film that states that unless you fit a certain definition of perfection or aesthetics, you should be discarded because you are of no use – or worse still, you evil!

I had high hopes that the war-mongering, yet wise and quite honorable king Leonidas would be kind to the poor hunchback man – but alas, no! He turns him away, and this of course sends the misshapen Spartan into a downward spiral toward evil and betrayal. Oy!

Despite this unsavory aspect, and a rather one-track minded story, it is a grandiose film, and you have no time to catch your breath. It is quite entertaining… and well, heroic… in a kind of Klingon way I suppose. It was wonderful seeing it on the big screen, because visually it is a beautiful, artful film. I am not certain seeing it on DVD a
t home would have the same affect.

My verdict: It’s a shame it didn’t stick around (at least not in my neck of the woods) for very long. It’s a fun film that is not only entertaining, but has great art direction, which is largely due the original work of Frank Miller – or so I understand.

Lastly, Fraser and I saw The Reaping – a film which even the usher warned us not to see. Okay… but here it is… I LIKED IT!!!!

The Reaping’s reviews were not entirely fair in my humble opinion. You see, horror films can be creepy and enthralling without being masterpieces. The Reaping is no masterpiece. It is flawed in its content, sometimes trips over its own plot, and its ending feels a little “over special effected” for my tastes… but it is creepy as Hell, with a story that has a religious angle that appeals to the recovering Catholic in me. It leaves you guessing and convinces you that the apocalypse really is here. Hilary Swank is wonderful in the role of Catherine, an ordained, ex-minister who has turned away from God after the brutal slaying of her husband and daughter, 5 years ago in the Sudan. Plus it’s nice to see an Academy Award winning actress do a film that is unexpected. And I must tell you, her hunky and ever so sweet partner in science, Ben, played by the gorgeous Idris Elba is also brilliantly cast in his role.

In the end, the Devil’s offspring, creepy cultists, swarms of locusts and rivers of human blood leave you feeling quite satisfied that you have just had a lot of fun at being creeped out.

Clearly, this didn’t deserve all the nasty reviews. It is a far more coherent and fun film than the Grudge 2 for example (course come to think of it… that got nasty reviews which were well deserved!)

Ah well. Call me crazy, but I plan to throw the Reaping onto my pile of schlocky Horror DVDs when it comes out on disc. Will I buy it new? Well… no; let’s not crazy for God’s sake!!! I’ll wait for my local video store to sell it as a previously viewed disc.

Don’t you just love second runs – or second hand?!? ;)

PS – A special thank you goes to my pal Ismael Alvarez for his gorgeous rendition of King Leonidas SANS his cod piece on this issue’s cover! Beautiful illustration, Ismi! Thanks for creating it!

PPS– I would have gladly talked about how FANTASTIC 28 Weeks Later was, but this issue was running a bit long. Besides, the flick kicks SOOOO much ass, you just have to see it! Enjoy! ;o)

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  1. Ahoy hoy there Patrick

    Ahhh yes movies. I love movies but I can be full of shit about what I watch. The only movie I saw in the cinema recently was Casino Royale which I hugely enjoyed, but it will probably be months before I see something on the big screen again. I don’t have a specific taste in movies, just like my taste in music, I don’t go for a specific genre, I just like what I like. Though I won’t usually watch a horror movie, the last one I saw was erm….Saw, which as far as I can work out is about people attached to bits of metal who scream alot. If however I do find a movie I like, I can watch it 50 times over and not tire of it. I think I might just go through my DVD’s and watch a movie in bed. I hope that you will post more movie related post and pics in the future. Oh and great pic Ismi!

    LOTS of LOVE

  2. Asmodeus says

    Yeah, I liked Spiderman 3 more for its special effects than its story. Pity really. Well, thats what you get for having three different screen writers. (The movie does seem it was originally different pieces mashed together.) I liked Al Gough more as the writer. You know, in Spiderman 2.

    And on 300. When I first saw that, I thought their abs were computer generated ’cause they were so perfect and *drools*. But then I bought a DVD and watched the special features, and oh my god, they’re real! The ‘features’ has this portion showing the actors’ training, and wow! they really deserve to have those bodies for what they’ve been through before the film. And Butler (Leonidas) actually had a flobby stomach before the filming. Haha!

    Anyway, I thank its makers for making such a homo erotic film. *nod, nod*

    The Reaping… Well, I liked the religious angle – Ten Plagues and all. Plus, the kid was from Tim Burton’s, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Violet. But the movie for me was too Ang Lee-ish (a little slow-paced but visually stunning) without the visually stunning part.
    Okay… the effects may have made it visually stunning… I just don’t like slow films, I guess.

  3. Hi there everybody,

    300 is an awesome movie. I totally enjoyed the Comic when I first read it and I had my doubts about making a movie about the brave 300. But after Sin City, I was relieved: Frank Miller writes in such a “liveable” and “live” way, I believe it’s pretty easy to convert his themes from print to the movies.

    The Reaping: Well, it has Hillary Swank in it *yummy*++, so I’m totally subjective hehe =)

    Spidey 3: I gotta admit, I enjoyed the movie; to me, it was exactly the same as the first two incarnations, but after readin’ Your review, I think You’re right: The kiss-part was a sell-out. It is mainly there to show the growing rift between MJ and Peter (she doesn’t tell him that she got fired, which is – I think – equally bad), but it’s really “their” kiss as You wrote it.
    Venom was exquisitely animated but the “real” Eddie Brock was a bodybuidling, roidfested freak from the beginning. The costume just increased his “features”.

    2007 is an awesome year for movies: I just saw a preview of Pirates of the Caribbean and what can I say: The bi-side in me is quite satisfied: Orland AND Keira altogether – what could You possibly ask for more? Captain Barbossa is fantastic, I totally enjoy his whole performance in all 3 movies, he is my favorite character.

    That’s it for now, all You guys take care.

  4. François says

    For what it’s worth, I’m surprised none of you picked up on the homophobic undercurrents in 300 and other Miller’s works.
    I’ve co-written an article with Joe Palmer on that matter (written just before the movie was out), if you’re interested, have a look here:

  5. White Wabbit says

    As a kid reading my dad’s old (original!) Spiderman comics I used to love him but then they made the 1st film. It caused instant death to my interest in every way. Sorry!! haha. I have not seen the second or third films and never plan to. Although Sandman was my favourite villain!!! Glad to hear he’s still doin’ ok :P

    It’s the same with Harry Potter… loved the books… until the films. It’s because films seriously impact on your previous conceptions of various elements, such as a characters look or voice etc. Sometimes it works; Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was definately a success in my eyes, and generally I didn’t have an issue with any other casting in the Xmen films EXCEPT NIGHTCRAWLER (who shoulda been much cuter!) and … well, Rogue coulda been a bit more… like Rogue. But I’m so glad they didn’t include Gambit or Havok in the films as I sense disappointment – except I’ve heard of a fourth film coming out (how!!! why?? just let it be!!). Ah well…

    Love Frank Miller’s graphic novels and was sceptical about the Sin City film but again it was realised so faithfully that it worked really well. Haven’t read or seen 300 but my brother insists they’re both a winner.

    And haven’t seen The Reaping but i loveeeee my horror and if you recommend it you know i’ll give it a try. Haven’t seen Grudge 2- because I was literally traumatised by the first one (had to sleep with the light on for a week haha… and still get scared now n then… *ahem*) But I love makin myself shit-scared really haha. Couldn’t quite gather whether you liked Saw or not, reikro, and well… i personally like the cleverness of some the killer’s ‘traps’ but i felt like i was gonna be sick about 10 mins into the 3rd one!! haha Made me question why I was so excited in the first place about the prospect of seeing people getting horribly mutilated.

    God I could go on forever!! Shut up now!!!

    Wabbit xx

  6. Good Morning my friends…

    Glad you could all stop by. I am always a bit worried when I post an issue that is not directly related to comics – but somehow movie magic tends to bring us all together! LOL! It’s great to see you enjoyed the posting.

    Reikro… Though I tend to favor horror films, mostly because I like the adrenaline rush, I too often find myself liking films of all kinds of genres. So long as a film has heart of some kind, I can generally get behind it. And yes, watching DVDs in bed is soooooo much fun and quite relaxing. Hope you found a good one to sit back and enjoy! :o) Thanks again for the comment, and I will be sure to post more movie stuff in the future! XOXO

    Asmodeus… Sounds like you see a lot of films, my friend! That is very cool! :o) They are a great way to unwind and take a break from day to day stuff. I tend to agree with your points on the 3 movies I mentioned in the article. As for the Reaping, I can see how some people could find it slow. I guess I just really liked the creepiness of the setting and the supporting cast of characters. Better still however, is “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”… it has a great cast, a VERY scary story and that religious undercurrent that can frighten so very effectively! Thanks for the comment! XOXO

    Phrog… Glad you enjoyed the post, my friend. Yes, 300 was certainly very “alive” – even if most everyone in the film ends up dead! HA! HA! HA! As for Spidey, I know what you mean when you say the Spidey/Gwen kiss was used as a metaphor to show the rift that was happening between Peter and Mary Jane – but it still really bothered me. I guess I feel that not telling someone you got fired is forgivable – but that kiss was just sooooo cruel. It really broke my heart. :o( In any case, it’s always a great pleasure to hear from you my friend. Thanks again for the wonderful comments! And yup! Hilary is quite a lovely woman. It’s cool that an actress of her caliber took a chance on a horror film. After all – they can’t ALL star Sarah Michelle Gellar. LOL!!! XOXO

    Francois… Welcome to my Blog, my friend. It was great to hear from you. And thank you also for posting the link to your article on 300 and Frank Miller’s work. I found it very informative (and of course) especially well written. The truth is that I know very little about Miller or his work. As I stated in this issue, I have not even read 300 the Graphic novel. I did however find certain aspects of the film a bit suspect, but without further knowledge of the author to back up my suspicions, I could not be certain I was only imagining things. I agree the “boy-loving” comment did annoy me, and struck me as rather un-Gay friendly. And you are correct, given that this is a period piece, Gay aspects should certainly be more prominent in the film. Xerxes also struck me as a giant mock drag queen, which also rather annoyed me. Despite this, I wasn’t certain it was something I should mention in my article since, as I said, I wasn’t certain I was overreacting. Seems perhaps I wasn’t after all.

    The irony here is that despite the homophobic undertones, we are shown a very homo-erotic film filled with near nude beefcake who parade around under a coat of oil and sweat. I wonder if the people behind the film realized that they would have a large gay audience? They should have been a little more inclusive and positive toward gay content or references. Didn’t they realize that a major part of their box office gross would come from Gay movie goers?

    I think knowing a bit more about Miller’s past works and 300 in general, I would most likely regard the film with a much different eye the second time around. Thank you so much once again for you comment. It was much appreciated. Take care my friend! :o) XOXO

    White Wabbit… Thanks so much for dropping by, my friend. It is true that often, film adaptations of the comics we love – of the heroes we love – can leave us a bit disappointed. I know for me, the casting of Halle Berry as Storm left me questioning whether I would even see the first X-Men movie. Though in the end, I grew to be “okay” with her performance, she still would never have been my first choice for the role. I think it is a difficult thing to open our minds to films that tend to be drastically different from what we have come to know in the comics – or worse still – that tend to contradict our impression of the comic. All that to say that I can understand your feeling son a lot of this.

    The Reaping did appeal to me a great deal – but be warned — Most everyone else I have spoken to hated it. It is not so much a recommendation as perhaps a word to the wise. Watch it with NO expectations and I think you will discover that it has some really great aspects to it, and that you can overlook the stinky stuff for the sake of a fun story and film.

    As for Saw 3… well, I tend to dislike films that are all about real people doing horrible violent and grotesque things to one another. I prefer the more supernatural element… or even the more fantasy elements like zombies and the “ghosts” form the Grudge. And yeah “Grudge-A-Rella” as Fraser and I like to call her, really scared the crap out of us. To this day, woe be me if I think of her face when I am in the dark. YIKES!!! Thanks again fro the comment my friend! XOXO

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  7. White Wabbit.
    Saw was alright, I don’t know how it stacks up as a horror movie as I am no expert on the subject. I won’t refuse to watch it if I have to, but I won’t go and buy or rent it. I get a bit squirmy when people have to do something like cut their foot off to escape a trap or something like that. Like I said, I’m not a big fan of horror movies, which begs the question why I went with my friends to see the directors cut of The Excorcist when it was showing a few years ago. Halfway through the movie I started to examine the shape of my popcorn and read the ingrediants on the cup of my soft drink, anything to keep my attention off the screen. I had trouble sleeping for weeks and I was too damn scared to go to the bathroom at night. My record is holding out for two hours before I had the courage to go.

  8. Hey Patrick,

    Well, I have to admitt, I didn’t like S3, I loved the first 2 movies but I thought that the story line just wasn’t quite up to scratch. The friend that I went with actually pointed out something that made a lot of sense to me, the Spiderman movies are almost using the same format as the first 3 Superman movies, Spiderman 1 & Superman 1, the comparison was that of the new guy on the block, being the hero, the woman associated in their lives falling for the hero, but ignoring the secret identity. Spiderman 2 & Superman 2, Identities are revealed and all of a sudden the woman is in love with Peter Parker & Clark Kent. Spiderman 3 & Superman 3, the hero is fighting the good side and the bad side, the only difference is that in Superman 3 Clark Kent & Superman get split up into 2 individuals and belt the crap out of each other. Then there are the comparisons to the way the editors of both newspapers are portrayed.

    But considering that they are 2 different kinds of Superheroes, I still enjoy Spiderman just as much as I enjoy Superman, though it’s no secret to you that Superman = GOD to me.

    As with SAW 3, I enjoyed it, it’s movies like that, that screw with your head as apposed to a madman with an axe, that really make me scared to sleep if I watch them before I go to bed, in fear of not knowing if I will wake up in my bed or in a chamber with a head mask on.

    Still haven’t see 28 Weeks, but will do so after I move house in a few weeks (long story) but I am finally moving into a place I purchased some years back, now that the tennants have paid of the mortgage for me LOL!

    Big Hugz!


  9. Charlie MJR says

    I’ve not gone to see spiderman 3 either Patrick, nor did I go to see 300, but what you say about sm3 is what a lot of my friends said too. One of my friends was deeply disappointed in the lack of character in venom, as he carries a massive fan following and, as I was told, was nothing like the venom in the comics. Venom also was meant to be larger then spiderman as eddie brock being a muscle mary, but another fact they skipped out on. I’m sort of a venom fan too, so don’t want to be disappointed in seeing a strung out version of him.

    It seems spidey 3 lost the plot, and from what I was told, sandman was the ONLY genuine character in it. I put me in mind of the flop that was x-men 3, which despite having my fav mutant hero Beast in it, and the ever lovely Hugh Jackman, the plot was messed up and I’ve hardly watched it since getting the dvd.

    As for 300, I didn’t see that because a friend said it lacked substance, that it was all showy and worshiping of muscle men. I do love to worship muscle men, but was convinced it didn’t have much to it. Though from what you say for the visual and unique style of it it might be worth a look (I’ve got a thing for roman men anyway, hehe).

    I’m waiting to see when they release Wolverine the movie, since I love both Wolvie and Hugh Jackman.

  10. Charlie MJR says

    Just another quick note, one movie I saw recently that I found so remarkable and so powerful was Pan’s Labyrinth. If you can you must get this dvd, its such a powerful film and so many twists and turns. Its in spanish but subtitles, which I think helps you follow the plot more when you have to read it.

  11. A man after my own heart, I completely agree about Spiderman 3. It just seemed as if they were trying to jam in as much as they possibly could without much regard for the story or characters. Pete was whiney, Gwen was freakishly blond and poor MJ and Harry… Well, they were just treated like a couple of spare pricks at a whores wedding. Things didn’t really pick up for those two until the end (which was quite cool) The only redeeming thing for me was Eddie Brock (Who knew Topher Grace could look so hot?) and everyone was laughing in the cinema when dark Pete was doing his weird little dance moves down the sidewalk lol. Could have been so much more, lets hope they do better with Spiderman 3, maybe Carnage could be the villian?

    Ohh and 300, none of my friends wanted to go and see that movie so, I ended up going with my brother (which was a bizarre experiance in itself lol) I had such high hopes for this movie and although it was visually stunning… Well, I found it quite disapointing, where as my bro loved it? That ‘Boy loving’ line pissed me off aswell and your right, it did seem very uninclusive (is that a word?) but then I guess it wouldn’t have appealed to the masses if it had been somekinda homo lovefest. Looking around the auditorium the audience was mostly guys in their late teens to late 20’s and from the banter going on they didn’t strike me as the open minded types lol. Maybe if they had done a little more research they would have discovered that homosexuality was not only excepted, but encouraged in Spartar. Even the women had lesbian relationships (they were probably the most independant ladies in the entire Empire probably more so that Beyonce!) Spartar itself was famous for its pederasty practices!… And here I am giving you a history lesson:)

    Oh thank god! someone else managed to see Pans Labyrinth. Patrick if you haven’t checked this movie out you really should. to be perfectly honest anything Guillermo del Toro does is worth watching! And seeing as you love fantasty horror films, he’s the Spanish master of them! Yay Hellboy!

    And one more thing before I go. I recently saw a couple of horror movies on dvd and wondered if anyone else has managed to check them out? DeadBirds (a low budget, but really atmospheric film) Pulse (complete shit!) and Silent Hill (pretty impressive considering it was based on a video game lol) managed to see any of those Mr Fillion?
    And one more final thing. Don’t know if anyone liked Lord of the Rings here but the first installment of this trilogy is gonna be the next big thing. Its based of Phillip Pullmans ‘His Dark Materials’.The books were pure magick (I had started reading them to my Nephew and ended up enjoying them myself lol) so I’m sure the films will be as well.
    Please please please guys watch this trailer! I’d love to know what you all think:) Link is below

  12. Don’t know if that link is gonna show up so just paste this into your browser and get rid of the gaps:)

  13. White Wabbit says

    OOH I’d recommend Pan’s Labyrinth too, but don’t go thinking it’s some family film. The ‘bottle’ scene is… without doubt the most disturbing piece of film I have ever witnessed. *feels sick at the thought*

    Reikro! So know the feeling of not wanting to get up in the night. My bathroom light is a bitch as sometimes it triggers the circuit breaker which means having to go downstairs and flick the switch in the under-stair cupboard. In the dark. I don’t think there’s anyone who goes slower down stairs only to run back up them afterwards haha!

    And I also liked Silent Hill based on the brilliantly unnerving games though my friend annoyed me the whole way through because she’d seen it before and kept telling me what was coming up next. Bitch. hehe

    Wabbit xx

  14. OMG the bottle scene was absolutely awful! The blade in the mouth after the interrogation escape was pretty sick too!

    What the hell is up with being scared of the dark after watching horror movies though.! I’m not usually, but after say something like Exorcist I get a bit cagey about putting my feet on the floor by my bed. Like Satan is gonna be lurking around underneath my mattress… I’m sure he’s got far more important things to do with his time?lol How disturbing was that guy with the pyramid thing on his head in Silent Hill though… Urgh giving myself the heebie jeebies:(

  15. Anonymous says

    Hey Patrick,

    I saw all three of the movies you spoke of and had no problem accepting them for what they were except for one… 300.

    Yes, 300 was visually stunning and lushly homo-erotic which gave me immense pleasure. However, at the same time I found myself very uncomfortable with the depiction of the villians. They were all minorities who were painted as debased, war mongers in league with a psychotic, self-proclaimed god (as you put it,”…the mock drag queen”). Needless to say, it rubbed me the wrong way.

    Maybe it’s my own fault. Even though I was bothered by the TV trailer showing the black guy(s) being thrown into a pit, I was drawn by the beauty of the cinematography and ignored my instincts. I hate that I paid money to see this movie and I won’t be buying the DVD nor recommending it to anyone.

    Have a good one,

  16. The thing that really put me off about 300 was that whole “we’re not like those boy-loving Athenians” comment that they managed to sqeeze in not more than 5 minutes into the film. Historically, the Spartans were JUST AS “boy-loving” as any of the ancient Greeks. I was also slightly offended at how Xerxes, the villian, was portrayed as effeminate. They went out of their way to villify gays.

    I also didn’t like how it couldnt decide whether it was rooted in reality or fantasy. They shouldn’t have showed us giant weirdo fanciful beasts if the army wasn’t going to fight them.

    ALSO– I felt like it was a bit of a campaign to get our boys to sign up and fight for Bush. You don’t know how many guys I heard talking about how they wanted to go to war after seeing that movie.

    (sorry– I’m a conspiracy theorist… let me stop before I get my computer seized by the government– haha.)

  17. Hey jc,

    I always wanted to respond to one of Your postings because I absolutely adore Your art, so here we go:

    300 – in my opinion – is NOT a try to get soldiers to Iraq. First of all, the comic and its story are ancient (Frank Miller must be, like a thousand years old by now haha). 300 is a story about bravery, about ancient “heroifications” and distortions of everything. You see, in ancient greek history, Hector was depicted as the perfect soldier whose spear could only be held by him. An exaggeration, way out of every proportion possible.

    To me, it is just a story, put on screen; distorted, exaggerated, but beautifully designed.

    Another thing: “boy love”. To the ancient greeks (and almost every other ancient society), boy-loving was not “just boy-loving”. Beauty was more a means of youth and agility, no matter the gender. You’re right: The comment about the boy-loving athenians was ridiculous; just a means to achieve an effect, nothing more.

    But: If I were “truly” gay (I’m bisexual), I would definitely not be offended by such remarks. We all are humans, nothing more, nothing less. We all are equal – even if there are lots of people who disagree.
    But it is my decision to make a difference: Gay, hetero, muslim, christian – who cares? If it wasn’t for my bisexual side, I would never have discovered Patricks (and Your) art and – boy – what a loss!

    That’s what I want to say: Don’t get enraged over such things, You/we are better than that.

    I hope nobody is offended by my bad English and/or by my wording, because I damn sure do not want to offend anybody here. I love You all, seriously.

    All the best to Y’all.

  18. White Wabbit says

    Wow Phroq,

    I’m with you on this one, it’s easy to read too deeply into things, I haven’t seen the film at all but sounds like this is what’s happening, I mean; is this really the only film that has ever included a remark from a (fictional) character like this?

    Well… maybe I’m just a little bit too drunk right now to be makin’ much sense… but… at the end of the day, it’s just a film? Just because Queer As Folk showed underage sex didn’t mean it was out to encourage it.

    You’re right I’m drunk.

    Wabbit xx

  19. Hey wabbit,

    thanks for Your comment, I truly appreciate what You’re saying and I am relieved that You’re not offended by my – maybe a little – harsh wording.

    all the best! =D
    Yours truly

  20. Holy Crap, you guys!

    I had NO IDEA this issue would get everyone so fired up! LOL!!! IT’S FANTASTIC!!!

    Thanks for all the really great comments! I love it when something I post gets everyone talking! Way cool!

    And Pbenson – Yup! Silent Hill was fantastic! It was a truly artful, visually beautiful (if somewhat disturbing) film! I can’t wait for the sequel! Hopefully, the quality level will be at least as good as the first film!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

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