BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #77 – Back To Basics!

If someone had told me (almost a year ago now) that Blogging was one of those intensely addictive things that leaves you feeling incredibly satisfied when you’ve posted, but terribly withdrawn and guilty when you haven’t… I might have thought twice about starting BTM… MIGHT!

The truth is that I am one of these people who likes to think that I can do it all. I’d like to believe that I can co-run Class Comics, draw comics, illustrate for Latin Inches and Black Inches Magazines, work on book projects for Bruno Gmunder, publicize the works of other artists, take part in art exhibits, have a personal life AND have a Blog all at once. BOO-Freakin’–HOO! Most of us ARE crazy busy. We all have jobs (most of us) and we all have lives (AGAIN, most of us!)… and we all want it all.

I think the key to balancing all of the elements in our little universes is to understand that certain things take precedence over others. My biggest problem, is that I start to feel guilty when I don’t get to stuff for a while – hence my recent feelings of near failure where this Blog is concerned. Still… I think that BTM remains a healthy outlet for me – a friendly forum where I can show my art and talk about stuff that I deeply appreciate, but that also really relaxes me!

Aunt May said it best – I have to start by doing the hardest thing of all – I have to start by forgiving myself… when I don’t post for a while!

Those of you who run your own Blogs will know what I mean by all of this, and probably really appreciate that nagging sense of failure I am talking about when one lets the posts go for a few weeks. I think sometimes “it’s such a shame! Boytoons Magazine started out so strong. I would post almost every day… and now…!”

… and now…?

And now I am going to suck it up and shut my whining! Why? Because I’ve posted over 70 issues of BTM, talked about dozens and dozens of awesome artists of male erotica, and had a great time doing it. This Blog — it’s not a job! It’s a hobby! It’s something I do when time permits, and I am now just becoming okay with the fact that my brain is treating it as such and NOT as a part of my daily job! That’s a great feeling!

So, yup! I’m getting back to basics. The Summer weather is cheering me on. The sun is out and it’s finally time to break out the old shorts again. Bebel Gilberto has a glorious new album, 28 Weeks Later has hit the cinemas, and I have a ton of projects on the go that are keeping me super busy, but in the best possible way. I thought it might be nice to talk a bit about some of those projects today, but instead, I’m REALLY ACTUALLY going to do what I set out to do with this post – and that’s show you some of my art!

This is some recent stuff I’ve drawn. Some is for Class, some Bruno Gmunder and some, just for the Hell of it! Whatever the case, I hope you’ll all get a kick out of it. I certainly have. I’ve been feeling really creative lately, and having so much fun trying different coloring techniques, and even creating final images out of my pencil works! It has all been about getting back to the roots of my art for me lately – recapturing what it is I love about drawing in the first place.

Meanwhile, here’s hoping that my recent infrequent posts have not chased you all away. I’d like to think that you might miss out if that were the case! LOL!!! Enjoy all the latest stuff folks… and keep checking back. You never know what you might find.


Okay – I lied. Here’s the skinny on all this new work. ;)

BTM #77: On the cover – Dane in his Summer Clothes… well, kind of in them. At least some of his best parts are out of them! ;) This pic of Dane is for a new art book that I have in the works with BG!

Dad’s Latino Houseboy – An illustration I recently created for Latin Inches Magazine. I had a great time trying new effects out in PhotoShop for this piece. I think it turned out nice and graphically artistic!

Lanor “For Example” comic strip excerpt – Lanor’s in deep trouble in this one-page strip that will debut on my website in the May 2007 updates. I went for a more “Manga” flavor in the coloring. The orange tint filter on the entire page really helps with that. Plus, I don’t get to draw Lanor nearly enough! He’s such fun!

Naked Justice “Thumbs Up” – Ain’t the
only thing he has up! (Oy! That was far too easy!) I’m posting this here in it’s entirety because Charlie asked to see all of NJ after reading the Newsflash Issue!

Spidey “Was I supposed to shred the black one?” – Whipped this up before seeing Spidey3. I quickly colored the pencils in PhotoShop for a fun graphic feel.

Jon Dazy pencils – Jon’s another one of those characters that I don’t draw often enough. I’m in the process of finishing up this image as we speak.

Down Low Fuck 3 – This is image 3 of 4 from a set I’ve been doing for Black Inches. The story it accompanies is all about a Gay Private Dick that just can’t keep it in his pants. Lots of fun, plus it’s cool to get to illustrate a series of shorts.

Dane in Tropical Paradise — Here’s the final version of the Dane image. See ya all very soon gang! ;)

All Artwork © Copyright 2007, Patrick Fillion. All Rights Reserved. Please do not repost without permission.


  1. rufferstuff says

    I hope you don’t start seeing the blog as a chore since that could end with your closing it. This is a great place to find out about future projects you are planning and find out about other artists you like. I’m happy with whatever you post here.

    Speaking of future projects, are there any plans for “Hot Chocolate #2” or a collection of your artwork from “Latin Inches”? I love your art, but I’ve never been big on pictorial magazines. Having the images collected in 1 book is a much better way to keep it.

  2. Charlie MJR says

    Aww its so wonderful to hear from you Patrick! I was starting to worry, but reading your post it makes sense absolutly, you’ve got so much to focus on and so many things to think of at once, plus its unfair of us to pull your away from Fraser, he’s your muse and more importantly your boyfriend, so you should always think of him, and yourself first.

    It is hard to run a blog, I know, I tried running my heroes blog but really forgot to update it for so long, I must get back to it.

    Your so sweet posting that NJ pic I mentioned, I so wanted to see him in full, I just love him so much.

    I also think maybe the weather plays an important thing in our actions. Its gotten sunnier here in the u.k and thats really made me feel more alert and buzzing. Must be the same with you.

    Its great to hear from you patrick, wonderful post, also love the Dane pick, seeing him with confidense after finally finding love in SG#4, he deserves it.

    Bye for now, hope to hear more soon.


  3. Young Jedi!

    Stop being so hard on yourself, your just the same as everyone else, you can only take on step at a time. I really don’t think that anyone expects anymore from you than you already give, and that is a shitload more than anyone else that I have come across ever since I first emailed you almost 2 years ago.

    I for one don’t expect you to reply to every single post and if you don’t reply then you always make it up to everyone by sharing some new artwork, or by giving us a glimpse into what your working on, not even world famous performers do that for their fans.

    So, with that being said, beautiful Zane artwork, as is the rest and I’ll never get tired of saying this to you either, “Your work is really showing maturity.” It’s really obvious that you are feeling so comfortable with your Toons and that you are in a good head space with them at this point in time, regardless of the other projects you are working on. You know Michael Angelo, Salvidor Dali even Andy Warhol all had their favorite works that they created, but never were they as comfortable with their works when they were your age as you are with yours.

    Big Hugz!


  4. Wow – Lanor!!! =D =D =D

    You know, Patrick, it’s just as manny said – don’t be too hard on Yourselves. We all enjoy Your artwork way too much to be “disappointed”.
    That’s what “having a life” is all about – relationships, work, fulfillment… and blogging hahahaha =D

    Anyways, thanks so much for the Lanor-drawing, I think I’m in love (and feel quite the geek again)


  5. dreamerboy6 says

    Oh my Gourd…! As a huge Spidey fan (I grew up having huge fantasies about our friendly neighborhood Spiderman) I have to say, I LOVE your version, Patrick! I really enjoy the slightly rougher look of it, there’s something more carnal and raw and passionate about it. I LOVE seeing Spidey like this! Great piece! LOVE IT! :D

  6. Greetings Patrick and everyone here at BTM.

    It’s been a long time since I last commented, but here I am.

    I say, blogging is a weird and wonderfull thing. I’ve had my blog for some time now and recently decided to close it because no one would read or comment on it, making it a bit like playing tennis against a mattress. Well last month I decided to bring Reikronian back from the dead. I realised it can be therapeutic to just write anything I want, even if no one reads it.

    You certainly have been busy, lot’s of projects, that’s good! It’s also good to see more of your great art. I always thought Dane was a bit of a yummy bunny, and he looks gorgeous here. Also the pic of NJ, so sweet and horny at the same time. I can go on until we all dissapear up each others arses, but I need to get back to work.

    Take care!

    LOTS of LOVE

  7. Damian & Trent says

    We’ve had a hard time posting. System did not recognize us, or something. Anyhow, we read all your posts & are happy guys when you have time to shout-out to your fans, of which we are two. Art on this entry is terrific. Dane & NJ & Latin dude all look great. Many, many thanks & props to you, Patrick.

    Damian & Trent

  8. Sixpencenotthewiser says

    Your “Latin Inches” artwork is amazing -as everything you draw- please keep your posting. And I totally agree with your perception of blogging sometimes. But rest assured that you’ll always find us here :-)

  9. Charlie MJR says

    I was flicking around at other websites you may have been on Patrick and came across this one on outpersonals. You have have read it already, but its a good one. I liked what Ernie Alderetes said about NJs half dollar sized nipples, he does have the best pair of man nips I’ve ever seen on a hero.

    Heres the link

  10. Woa! Lotsa goodies for us Boytoons fans, dude! Love it! I especially like the NJ pinup. Something about your execution on this one seems different– I can’t put my finger on it– but it’s awesome. And the bg on the Dane piece is absolutely stunning! Very realistic, but at the same time comicbooky– haha.

    Yeah, I know what you mean all too well when you say you feel guilty for not posting. Whenever I go more than a week, I freak out and think I’ve lost all my supporters for not paying attention to them– lol. Then I post and people comment and I wipe the sweat from my brow.

    Also, you of all people should not freak too much when you let a few weeks go by without posting becasue whe you DO post– BOY DO YOU POST! LOL!

    Take care!

  11. Asmodeus says

    Yeah, I had my On/Off periods at blogging, too. It can be really irritating at first. I felt guilty not posting anything, its like my schoolworks were piling up. But still, laziness got the best of me. Hehe.

    Anyway, love the new stuff. XD
    (Just a quick visit. Still busy – procrastinating. Ahahahahaha! Joke)

  12. White Wabbit says

    I think you should be very proud of what you have achieved with Boytoons, and even though us readers are sometimes forced to wait, the expectations are always fulfilled and that’s what keeps us holding on ’til next time! The best blogs you post are when you’re obviously very excited yourself about what you want to show us all, so never feel you have to post for the sake of it. We will all still love you anyway!!

    Love Lanor. Would love to see some more romantic artwork of him and Cam. The girliness inside sometimes craves for more than big willies!………..hang about, maybe I should draw this myself! …but not this weekend I am so busy!!! I’ll find some time soon.

    Wabbit xx

  13. Charlie MJR says

    I hope you don’t mind me dragging this up Patrick, but something else I wanted to mention was something that happened on Y!gallery recently. They are using advertising to get more funding for there site, and this bugged me considering how they seem to demand artists to give them money on top of that to keep the site going.

    I wrote on its thread how if they hadn’t chased away all the furry artists, and more so, one of the best gay artists today (certain someone we all know :), then it might have attracted more people to stay on.

    I’m still a member there because I like to see some of my fav artists work, but refuse to post any drawings and never give them money!

    I’m sorry, this is right off topic, just had to mention it cause of their shameless moderators.

  14. Typical of the Y

    “Pay us money and we’ll censor you and feed you shit, not only that but we will tell you what your art should look like, remember folks freedom of expression, can’t be bought”

    OOPPS! My bitch pill is kicking in!


  15. Charlie MJR says

    hehe, good one Manny. And thats what art should be able, freedom of expression. Use to be a great site but now its just… urr (slapped in the face with a wet fish).

  16. Patrick, NEVER apologize for having a social life outside of the internet. The thing to remember is that so many of us feel privileged just to be able to have this kind of opportunity to interact with one of our favorite artists with a full time work schedule. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s so much more fun to sweat over big things. :-) Keep smiling.

  17. Hey there,

    when will we see the new Updates? I know, I’m pushing and ranting and I probably am a little “edgy”, but I so need my Patrick-Boytoon-Fix!!! :D

    Please, don’t take that too seriously, I am just sooo hooked.

    Peace, love & the universe

  18. Hey Gang…

    It’s really great to hear from all of you! Thank you all so much for commenting on this issue! :o)

    Rufferstuff… Thanks for stopping by. I don’t want to start seeing BTM like a chore either, that’s why it’s important for me to keep doing it at a pace that works for me. I think I am slowly learning that lesson! LOL! The thing is that when I do it that way, I really have a lot of fun at it. Meanwhile, as for a Hot Chocolate 2 or a collection of my Latin Inches art, nothing is planned exactly like that – however, m next book with Bruno Gmunder, Bliss will showcase a lot of my recent Black and Latin Inches art. Thanks again for the comment! XOXO

    Charlie… always a pleasure to hear from you, my friend! Glad you enjoyed the latest issue of BTM and the pics that went with it. I was very happy to show you the NJ image “uncut” since you were so sweet to ask for it! Also, it’s kind of funny, but I am feeling a renewed interest in Dane since the end of SG. I think it’s that he does seem more confident to me as well. I think I find that more inspiring in him! LOL!!! Meanwhile, yes the Y!… the Y!… I know they continue to be a source of frustration for a lot of people, and I can appreciate your point of view. I prefer to focus on all the good stuff in life and just try and forget about all the crap that went on there. It’s made me much happier, trust me! Hugz + Kisses! XOXO

    Manny… Thanks for the comment. Glad to see you are liking this latest volley of work and that you feel it is very mature. Always nice to hear! :o) Like any artist worth his salt, I do my best to keep learning and evolving my craft, hopefully making it better and better. It’s always nice to hear that I am heading in the right direction! Thanks again for your support! XOXO

    Phrog… Glad you enjoyed the new drawing of Lanor. Hopefully I’ll get my website updated soon so you can see the rest of the strip. Mmmmm – he’s just so yummy being all manhandled like that! LOL!!! Keep on smiling my friend, and thanks for the comment! XOXO

    Dreamerboy6… Hey dude! I’m so pleased you liked my Spidey! I actually thought twice about posting it, but then thought, what the Hell, right!? I thought he was sexy and figured some of you folks might as well. I’m so pleased you did! Enjoy and thanks again! XOXO

    Reikro… Hello, dear friend. Yes, Blogging can be frustrating, and it is rather nice to get comments from your readers. It makes you feel like you are writing for someone other than yourself. Of course I have learned that just because people do not always leave comments does not mean they are not reading and enjoying your entries. I view a ton of Blogs regularly, and rarely have the opportunity to comment – but I am still lovin’! All that to say that I appreciate your point of view immensely! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the words of encouragement. XOXO

    Damian and Trent… How are you, boys? Great to hear from you! It’s so nice to know you guys still enjoy the Blog and keep an eye on it even if sometimes I don’t update for some time! I actually really do love having new art to share with everyone here, and it’s nice to know that it is appreciated. Thanks for the kind words, my friends! XOXO

    Sixpencenonethewiser… Hello again, my friend. Good to hear form you! Thanks so much for the kind words regarding my Latin Inches work. You know its funny – I don’t draw for Latin Inches as much as I do for Black Inches, so most of the time, my LI work gets overlooked. It’s really nice to hear that you appreciate it. I’ll try to post more of it in the future. Thanks again for the comment! XOXO

    JC… always a pleasure, dear friend! I’m glad to see that you think my posts have some “meat” to them… and not just of the naughty variety! LOL!!! Truth is I can’t seem to just post “little posts”! I tend to invest a lot of myself into the Blogging, which is why sometimes I can find it a bit draining. Still, I’m always glad when I publish something here and people react to it so positively! Makes it all worthwhile! And hey – you’re a fine one to talk about posts with substance – DUDE – your Blog entries are just as long as involved as mine! LOL!!! I guess we’re both kinda nutty that way! :o) Much love, dear friend! XOXO

    Asmodeus… How have you been, my friend? Always a pleasure to read from you! Yup – life can take priority over Blogging from time to time, and I guess that’s okay! LOL! Glad to see you like all the latest art I’ve posted! Thanks again for stopping by! XOXO

    White Wabbit… Hey there! Great to hear from you! I think you really nailed it on the head – I really do tend to invest myself in the posts I feel most excited about. I love sharing that stuff with you guys, and I am thrilled it shows! :o) Meanwhile, if you ever do decide to draw Lanor, I hope you will send the final version my way! You know how much I love your art! I’ll look forward to that! Much love – XOXO

    Gymtwin… Great to read you, my friend! Thanks for the kind words! You are such a sweetie! :o) I really am trying to take the Blogging things at a more relaxed pace – that way I enjoy it more too. It’s great to hear that you guys appreciate the stuff I do post when I get around to it, ‘cause let’s face it – I post this stuff mainly for your enjoyment! LOL!!! Thanks again for the comment! As always, it is much appreciated! XOXO

    Much love to each and every one of you!
    Patrick XOXO

  19. vicky215 says

    It’s been a while since I posted any comments. How are you doing? I love all your pics especially the hot latino and spiderman pic. Geart stuff, say by chance you don’t happen to have any video games characters do you? If you do would you post them? I’m a big fan of King of Fighters and I’m hoping that you already have a nude foreskin pic of Terry Bogard. And if you don’t that ok, I looking forward to what others goodies you have. MWAH sending big wet kisses.

  20. trish316 says

    Oh my you are so talented. I love all this pic but to let you know I really love the Spiderman pic. I always loved Peter Parker and I wished that someone would have drawn him nude and thanks to you my dreams come true. Beautiful, do you by the way have any nude male videogame characters? I think I saw a pic of Ryu and of Chun-Li drawn in black and white? Anyway keep up with the stellar job your doing. Kiss kiss love.

  21. whiteboy says

    All I can say is your art is the best out there,man I can’t wait to see more post from you.

  22. Hi there! I love your work a whole lot. It’s the best stuff I’ve seen out side of y!Gallery!. But I have a question: is BoyToons Magazine an actual magazine that I can buy?

  23. Hey folks… Thanks for stopping by! :o)

    Trish… I am so pleased you liked my Spidey drawing. I had a great time whipping him up! LOL!!! As for Video Game characters, I did a drawing of Remy from Street Fighter 3 some time ago. You can use the search function on my Blog to find the posting.

    I did draw Ryu, Rose, Chun Li and Ken a long time ago… and I do believe I posted them here a while back as well. I think the search function should find that image as well. Just type any of their names in and you shouldn’t have any problems! Hugz + kisses! XXOO

    Whiteboy… Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the lovely compliment! Much appreciated! Come back any time! XOXO

    Daniel… Hey there! Welcome to my BTM! I really appreciated your kind words! :o) Meanwhile, I am afraid that Boytoons Magazine isn’t really a “real” printed paper magazine. I created it as an online mag expressly for this Blog. But a lot of the artists I talk about have their own sites and sell their work in printed format. If there are specific artists you like, you can be sure that any articles I’ve written up on them will include links to their websites where you will be able to find more info on them and their art.

    If you enjoy my stuff and are interested in printed comics, you can check out for available issues and ways to order online etc…

    Thanks again for dropping by! Come back soon! :o) XOXO

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  24. I gotta say Patrick, you are one of the best artists out there! I absolutely LOVE you spider-man! Maybe a Patrick Fillion Spider-man comic?? That would be HOT!! :P

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