And now for something completely different — Star Wars Wallpaper!

Hey Gang!

Well, just like P!nk, I’m not dead! But I tell ya, it’s been one psycho week! I’ve rarely been this swamped with outside work and commissions… but this is not a complaint. I am very grateful that all this work is coming in. A boy has to pay his rent somehow! LOL!!!

Meanwhile, I needed a sanity break this afternoon and I was in a bit of a Star Wars mood… so, this was the result. I have been meaning to experiment with coloring rough pencils in PhotoShop for like, Ever, and so I cut loose today! I whipped up Leia, some Jawas and Bib Fortuna in a jiff. I knew that these illos weren’t going to be inked, so I cut loose on the pencils. The Queen however is what sparked this whole idea. I drew her back in 2000, shortly after seeing the Phantom Menace for the 4 millionth time. I never did anything with her until today!

The result is a pretty cool, graphic looking set of wallpaper images I believe. I’ve got Amidala on my monitor and she looks peachy! :o)

In any case, I know this isn’t what you folks come to BTM for, but I’d like to think that we are not only interested in muscles and big wieners! LOL!!!

Enjoy the wallpaper, dear friends… and I promise I will have some enormous wangs ready for you very, very soon. I’ve been hard at work on a cool new project that I’ll share a little about with you in no time — Just got to get a little more work done on it first. And speaking of work, back to it I go. It’s gonna be a busy weekend!

Much love to you all!
Patrick XOXO

Jawas, Bib Fortuna, Princess Leia and Queen Amidala are © Copyright and TM 2007, Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

All illustrations are by Patrick Fillion and are intended as fan art.


  1. Did someone just hear Patrick say something?

  2. Hi there everybody,

    wow – I just dreamed up an Anakin/Obi-Wan lovestory, penciled by Patrick Fillion… YUMMY! =D =D =D

    Or a Luke/Han-lovestory…

    Or a Chewbacca/C-3PO-lovestory…

    Thanks for that awesome update, I am going to attend a nerd-con in 4 weeks and I cannot await getting my Federation-uniform or my Clone-trooper-armor out of their boxes! =D

    All the best to y’all!

  3. Hey Patrick!

    Beautiful Star Wars work you have done.

    You see this is what I mean by possibally publishing an Art Book covering all of your work, it’s too good to be tucked away somewhere and not spoken about, screw it, show the world what you CAN do and don’t be ashamed or think it’s egotistical for doing so either. I mean if Paris Hilton can write a trash book that I wouldn’t use to even wipe my ass with and people look up to her as a role model (stupid fools) Then you can publish a book that people will look at and be inspired to become future artists.

    There, I’ve jumped off my soapbox and said my peice like a ranting lunatic!

    Any chance that you might do a set of Star Trek Voyager Wallpapers one day??

    Big Hugz!


  4. Asmodeus says

    And I thought you did a Darth Maul or a Gen. Grievous wallpaper. But I love the Amidala and the… I forgot the hooded people’s name. I almost said Eewok, but their fur came to mind. (I think I even spelled that wrong.)

    Can’t wait for news on your upcoming projects! And sorry I haven’t commented back then. I only got seconds to read your entries because of my school plates. No time to type my reactions.

    Thanks for visiting by my blog, too. Real nice of you. Updated as well. Hope to hear from you again soon. Love ya! XD

  5. Iván G says

    Great Patrick!!!
    I love Leia´s Nials!!!!

  6. Dorian Hudson says

    You rock man… I love your art work.

  7. humbuged says

    These are cool, it’s nice to see you doing stuff that aren’t just hunky naked men. Although I have no complaints to to that too :)

  8. Not really a fan of Star Wars, but a fan of your work ;) Awesome wallpapers!

    Great to have the artist back ;)

  9. Hey Gang…

    I had so much fun drawing up these Star Wars illustrations – I’m thrilled you enjoyed them as well!

    Phrog… HA! HA! HA! Great suggestions, my friend – but I’m afraid I any not be drawing Star Wars Slash with Han or Luke. See, I tend to like the more obscure characters ( Leia and Amidala being exceptions ) for the SW universe… but I am working on a wave 2. I’m including the sexy Kit Fisto in that wave. Keep your eyes peeled! And thanks again for the comment! XOXO

    Manny… Thanks for the comment (the second one! ;o) I’ve wanted to do an art book that would feature my “other” art for the longest time, but the problem is copyright issues. I can draw the stuff no problem, but publishing it in a book is a whole ‘nother pair of mittens. I have to learn more about all of that. The thing is it can be dangerously vague and subject to interpretation – so thus far, I’ve just preferred to steer clear of it. Still, at least I can post my Star Wars and other pop culture art here at BTM! Thanks again my friend! XOXO

    Asmodeus… Always great to hear from you my friend… but please, don’t worry about not always being able to comment on my posts. I know what it is like, trust me! I don’t always have the opportunity to comment on the Blogs I visit – yours included. I try to from to time, as much as I can! Still, I am loving what you’ve been up to and always look forward to seeing more of your stuff! Take care, and thanks again! XOXO

    Ivan… Thanks so much, dear friend! Much love to you and thanks again for stopping by! XOXO

    Dorian Hudson… thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words! Always much appreciated! Come back any time you like! XOXO

    Humbugged… Hey, thanks my friend! I must admit that these were a nice break from the usual hung variety of images people have come to except from me! Glad you enjoyed them! Talk to you soon! XOXO

    HvH… So nice to read from you, dear friend! Thanks for the comment! By now you’ve seen the image of Maya I drew in this particular style. I’m just having so much fun with the freeness of this technique – it’s been a blast – and it’s great to know that you enjoy the result! Much love! XOXO

    Thanks again everyone! Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

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