BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #76 – Special Newsflash Issue!

Hey Gang…

Hope this issue finds you all doing well! I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to talk to you about today, so instead of posting like a BILLION articles, I thought I’d do a Special Issue of BTM. So hang on to your butts folks, and check out these hot newsflashes!

HvH is Interviewed by Nightcharm

The boys at Nightcharm recently interviewed the fabulous HvH. They asked all sorts of wicked questions and got to know this incredible talent a little better. Check out the article at the Nightcharm to get all the goodies on HvH including what inspires him to create his art etc… PLUS, check out all the awesome HvH art on display!

Meanwhile, be sure to keep an eye on HvH’s Blog, where he posts new material frequently.

Marvel releases Alpha Flight Classic TPB

Northstar, Aurora, Snowbird, Guardian, Marrina, Puck, Sasquatch and Shaman! Ever since Marvel comics started releasing their “essentials” series, I hoped that someday they would compile the classic Alpha Flight titles by John Byrne. Well, I got my wish – sort of. This week I picked up Volume #1 of Marvel’s “Alpha Flight Classics”, which compiles issues #1 – 8.

Being Canadian I truly appreciate that this series feels authentically Canadian – not like today’s dreadful Omega Flight which couldn’t be LESS Canadian-feeling if it tried.

John Byrne’s vision is truly unique and our heroes travel all over the country, from British Columbia, to Newfoundland to Alberta and Ontario. Everywhere they go, Byrne makes a point of drawing in some Canadian landmark, which really helps to sell the book as a Canadian adventure.

This collection has little in the way of gay content, despite the inclusion of Northstar (who is not out of the closet at this point) but it is a wonderful collection of stuff that inspired me to draw when I was a kid and fired my imagination. Though Byrne’s art may seem scratchy to some, it is wonderfully dynamic and action packed and very consistent.

The first 8 issues of Alpha Flight aren’t necessarily the strongest of Byrne’s run on the series, but they are a delicious read, and a terrific glimpse at things to come – and they HANDS DOWN beat anything that came after Byrne left the series after issue #28 (except maybe for Jim Lee’s wicked DREAMQUEEN!). If you never got the chance to read Alpha Flight in the 80’s, this is the way to go!

The Xtra GLBT Newsmagazine Writes up Class Comics.

For those of you interested in knowing a bit more about Class Comics, Fraz and myself, you can check out this interview that the XTRA recently published about us. It was written by Serafin, a fantastic writer, but also a brilliant singer/performer. Check out his site for some great musical discoveries as well!

The Art of J.J. Kirby

When Bruno Gmunder released “Stripped: The Illustrated Man”, I devoted an entire issue of BTM to the book. Among the artists I mentioned was J.J. Kirby, whose fantasticly hot men caught your attention. Though I am still not aware of an official Kirby site, I recently discovered a Blog to which he occasionally contributes. Seems the friends of Jim Lee are out in force! Check out GELATOMETTI for more of Kirby’s gorgeous artwork – and that of other really gifted
artists as well.

J.J. is also the talent behind this issues’ exquisite rendition of cover Boytoon, Daimon Hellstorm! You’ll find Daimon in the Gelatometti archives, along with a whack of other cool stuff! Man– check out the BUTT on J.J’s Iron Fist!!! WHOA! LOL!

Adam G’s Male Art Resource

I know most of you are fans of Male Erotic Art, and you’ll be thrilled to know that Adam G has decided to devote his entire Blog to the very subject. Adam has compiled an impressive list of links. From artists to photographers, Adam’s lists covers almost everyone in the industry.

He also writes articles on various creators, so it’s a good idea to check in regularly so as not to miss any new updates.

Bruno Gmunder’s Blog

For those of you interested in keeping up with the Art Book releases of publisher Bruno Gmunder, check out The Queer Art Blog. There you’ll find a comprehensive listing of most of their art books, and a few helpful write-ups and descriptions on most volumes.

Personally, I am really looking forward to getting my hands on Robert Richard’s new art book ALLURE! Man, this is one talented artist! Get more details on Robert and tons of other artists at Queer Art Blog!

That’s it for this issue folks. Hope you enjoyed it — be sure to come back real soon! I have a lot of other stuff to talk to you about! Until then, have fun and be safe!

Hugz + Kisses,


  1. Hello, Hello, Hi, Hi!

    Well, Patrick you have been a busy boy this issue, so many topics all under the one roof. This issue of BTM would have to be the K-Mart of all BTM issues!

    I’m glad that Marvel are releasing their “Essentails Series.” Though I am not into Marvel as much as I am DC Comics, it’s great to see that they are embarking on this project. DC Comics have been doing it for years now re-releasing a collection of “Golden Age Era” titles but in book form. I think it’s great that companies such as Marvel & DC are doing things like this because at the end of the day if it wasn’t for these kind of titles, mainstream comics wouldn’t be where they are today. And it’s great to own a peice of history in this way considering that the majority of us weren’t born when the early editions were released. I know that’s how I feel when I buy a new volume of Superman’s Golden Age series.

    Nice to see that Jim Lee got a mention also. He really took the face of comic artwork in the DC Universe and really raised the bar much higher by taking the format of comics to a whole new level. I have heaps of Jim Lee’s DC artwork of Superman & Batman, he gave the image of these two characters are real edge but maintaining the essence of who they are. He really has the “WOW” factor in his work because whenever I see his work no matter what it is I always say “Wow!”

    And great to hear about the write up you recieved in GLBT. It’s great to see that local gay press aknowledge your work and Class Comics as a part of a lifestyle as apposed to focusing on who’s who on the scene and what to wear, and who should cut your hair like the Aussie rags do. I imagine that your scrapbook of articles written about you and your toons is starting to buldge at the sides by now.

    Well time to push off, I’m still trying to get the ringing out of my ears from attending the Paul Stanley concerts in Sydney last week, a true showman even without KISS (though KISS haven’t broken up) and a fantastic show.

    Big Hugz!


  2. Michael Breyette says

    Robert Richards’ book “Allure” is great! Love the lines in his work. I found it very motivational and inspiring. I am glad that Bruno Gmünder put together his work in this compilation.

  3. Charlie MJR says

    Hi Patrick.

    Wow, didn’t know they were doing this essentals series at marvel. Alpha flight was one of my favourite titles too, because well I liked the x-men, it was nice to have a different feel to it with a canadian super team. Also that Wolvie is canadian has always intreged me highly. My fav alpha flight though had to always be big, fuzzy Sasquatch. I read that short series where sasquatch leads a new band of Alpha’s for a short run, about a year I think, and it was great to see Sas stand out as the main guy for once.

    Great news on the article they wrote about you Patrick. its obvious how much of an impact your art is having both in GLBT communities and the comic book world. Lol, and to think I only discovered your work by chance years ago, just to see it raise to the level it has.

    btw, noticed that new pic of Naked justice next to you in the article, he’s looking super hot in that. Any chance we might get a preview of that on the blog soon?

    Chat soon Patrick.


  4. Hey Patrick,

    Just a quick question for you, are Divine’s movies such as Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Desperate Living & Polyester available in Canada or are they banned over there?


  5. Hey Patrick and all “Alpha Flight” Fans.

    After reading what you wrote Patrick, I did some research into Alpha Flight and found a link that contains all the original comic book covers for this particular series. Link is as follows:

    Just click on the Alpha Flight link and it will take you to all 130 issues that were released, the thumbnails can be clicked on to enlarge the images that you can save on your hardrive.

    The Comic Browser link is a great resource to almost every mainstream superhero comic book and others that has ever been released dating all the way back to the very first Superman comic released in 1938.

    Hope you all enjoy!


  6. Heyo Patrick

    I’m not exactly an Alpha Flight fan because when I started buying Marvel comics, their team broke up and there weren’t, to my knowledge, an Alpha Flight issue on sale.

    The only time I got to see an Alpha Flight character was picking another title (X-men, deadpool etc) with a guest appearence or a Wolverine flashback story. Hopefully the new essential series will change all that.

    Thanks for linking my blog. This has come a total suprise. Hopefully I’ll find more artists to link and feature soon.

    Congrats on the GLBT Xtra article. Hopefully you’ll have many more in the future.


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