Hey Gang…

I hope you are all having a great week! Thought you might want to know that yours truly is taking part in an upcoming art show called Toonfetish.

Toonfetish will be held at the Antebellum gallery in Hollywood. Check out the press release below for more information on the show and its participants (including the amazing Dronio – creator of this issue’s sexy and romantic cover toons!)

Antebellum is proud to present TOONFETISH! an exhibition of Gay erotic comic & illustrated art.

Over the past 25 years, the medium of illustrative storytelling has exploded far beyond the realm of disposable kiddies’ entertainment. Whether mainstream or alternative, comics are now a respected art form that features an endless array of illustration styles and diverse subject matter including adult fantasy, erotic & fetish themes.

40 years after pioneer Tom of Finland blazed the trail with his dirty drawings, a whole new generation of artists carry gay erotic illustration into the new millennium. These artists who could, and in many cases do, work in the mainstream, have chosen to use their formidable talents to create images and stories that express themselves erotically. Unabashed, unapologetic and definitely UN-PC, they’re putting their imaginations on paper for all to enjoy — from single image pinups to fantasy and science fiction adventures to everyday erotic tales.

Gay erotic comics not only reflect existing fetishes and types in real life, but now influence and add to the gallery of arousing archetypes. Sexy Manga Boys, Nasty Skatepunks, Slutty Spacestuds, Superhung Superheroes and curiously hot Otherworldly Creatures have seeped into the fantasies of many a comic reader. Toons have now become a fetish unto themselves.

As creator of G-MAN and CHELSEA BOYS books, internationally renowned artist Glen Hanson leads the pack in this field. Together with legendary fetish and fashion photographer Rick Castro, they have put together TOONFETISH! a show that will feature some of the hottest artists working in this field today including- Drubskin, from San Diego, CA, Dronio, from Bologna, Italy, Justin Hall, from San Francisco, CA, Zart from Athens, Greece, Savieri, from Melbourne, Australia, Patrick Fillion from Vancouver, Canada and many more!

TOONFETISH! explodes in Hollywood at the ANTEBELLUM GALLERY opening night reception- June 8th! The exhibit runs through July, 13th, 2007 with kickass drawing salons and events throughout the show’s run lead by the artists themselves!

The show will be co-curated by Rick Castro & Glen Hanson. For more information, contact Rick Castro at:

Antebellum Gallery
1643 N Las Palmas Ave
Hollywood, Ca 90028
323 856-0667
general hours-
Wednesday thru Saturday 1-7pm

All © copyrights held by respective artists. Please do not repost without permission.


  1. Hey Patrick,

    This looks like an amazing show, I would do anything to make my way over to Hollywood to sneak a peek, but to much water between me and the USA.

    This is the type of exchibition that the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Sydney Australia would just love to get their hands on. Each year usually around Mardi Gras they always have a Tom Of Finland excibition that does really well.

    If things go well, maybe it might be worth the organizers to maybe bring it to Australia next year as a part of the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 30th Annivesary Festival, as next years Mardi Gras will be the biggest so far to date.

    I hope that this will not just be a one off event, it would be great to see it take place on a yearly basis as the list of artist’s just always seems to get bigger. Bigger with fresh new ideas, concepts and styles.

    Fingers crossed that all this works out well for everyone involved.

    Licks & Chews

  2. BTW!

    If the organizers do decide to bring “Toonfetish” to Australia, I’d more than happy to promote it for them, as that is my forte afterall!


  3. wow…I didn´t know nothing about…its fantastic!!! i really love that styles. I dind´t found any mail in their site to contact :(

  4. François says

    You need to do a portfolio of Dronio’s illustrations.
    He’s such an interesting artist.

  5. François says

    By the way, Ivan, Logan’s site is at
    Pages from Porky here: (texts in French, but that’s not a problem, I think).

  6. O.K. – This is what happens when people use their p.c after taking Stillnox!

  7. Thanks François!!!

  8. Sweet! Too bad I live on the other end of the country or I’d totally check this out. Oh well, there’s always Comic Con in July…not exactly the same thing. I hope this works out great for everyone involved.


  9. erikdiegroBe says

    i’ve bought recently “incredibly hung adventures” yes ! french reads english books too. I would like to say to Patrick and addressing to me to him, why not make a series style advengers but Emma peel in masculine or androgyne , or resumptions of series like, magnum, funny ladies etc… what think our very dear Patrick of it? kiss kiss erik (France)

  10. Hello dear friends…

    It is so wonderful that you are all so excited about the Toonfetish show.

    Manny, thanks for the great suggestions. I will certainly pass that on to the curator of the show. Who knows – maybe there could be an Australian Toonfetish show someday!

    Ivan… I am so pleased I could help you discover Dronio’s work. He truly is fantastic. Certainly an artist to keep an eye on! :o)

    Francois… Thank you so much for stopping by. A Dronio Portfolio would be WICKED!!! I will certainly keep that suggestion in mind. Currently the next 3 Portfolios are already allotted for, but if they do well, a Dronio one is certainly a possibility!

    Primex… thanks for the well wishes my friend. I know what you mean though – I can’t even attend the Toonfetish show in person. Ah well, I will have to be content with letting my art speak for me! :/

    Erikdiegrobe… Thank you so much for the lovely message. I am really happy to hear that you enjoyed Mighty Males. And in fact, I have been toying with a male Emma Peel adventure idea for a while. Now that I know there is interest in the idea, maybe I will have to ACTUALLY get to work on it! LOL!!! Thanks so much for your lovely note and input!

    All the best to all of you!
    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

    PS – Francois, thanks so much for the Logan link! :oD

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