Porky #2 and The Art of Mike Portfolio are coming!

Hey Gang! Thought you might like an update on the next 2 books that Class will be putting out. The whole team has been hard at work putting together Porky #2 – and man this is one HELL of an issue. You’ll learn more about Porky in this one and get a few more hints as to what his future holds. But I gotta tell you, that kid ain’t playing with a full deck of cards. The shit that boy gets into! LOL!!! Logan’s art and storytelling continue to ROCK in this issue as things promise to get even more out of hand for our favorite little chub!

Meanwhile, The Art of Mike Portfolio is coming together beautifully. I am just putting the final little layout touches on it. Each time I open the file I am blown away by this amazing artist’s incredible talent. The really exciting part of this book is that it really shows the full spectrum of Mike’s illustrative talent. The earlier pieces are no less beautiful than the newest ones and it is very exciting to travel along the path of this master’s incredibly intense and arousing imagery!

We’ve also finalized the cover to this book. Initially, we were to use Mike’s beautiful image of Camili-Cat, but have since opted for his equally alluring pic of Lanor, favoring the non-nude image in order to motivate more bookstores to carry the Portfolios. These puppies seem to appeal as more than comic books, and carry a certain amount of “art book” clout with retailers. The fact that the covers have no nudity seems to encourage vendors to display the books more prominently. But don’t worry, there is plenty of nudity and sex on the inside. You’ll recognize Mike’s gorgeous Boytoons from his work in Freshmen and Men magazines amongst other publications. Plus he’s drawn a whole whack of new dudes for this Portfolio!

So stay toned my friends. I’ll bring you more updates as I get them!

Have a fantastic evening everyone! More from me shortly!
Hugz + kisses,

Patrick XOXOOX

Porky: The English Version © and TM 2007, Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Porky created by Logan.
Lanor © and TM 2007, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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  1. Hey Patrick,

    LANOR!!! =D =D =D
    As You probably know by now, I am a big fan of Your catbois – and since Lanor wasn’t featured that much by now, I am really, really happy that he made it onto the cover of the Mike-Portfolio…

    Thanks for the update and all the best to You and everybody in here!


  2. Hallo Patrick

    Yet more great releases from Class to look forward to! Porky #2 is a long time coming and I can’t wait to read what happens next. The Art of Mike Portfolio looks great and I will defenitely be getting that. An idea just popped into my head, why not make your own portfolio range, each edition concentrating on a specific character. We can have the “The Art of Patrick #1 – Naked Justice” or ahem….Deimos (wink wink nudge nudge wink wink wink…)

    Lots of Love

    PS: wink wink nudge nudge…..nudge

  3. Hey Patrick!

    Now that I have come to terms with my issues of “Porn Star Homer” (Nothing a shot of valium in the ass couldn’t fix)

    Though Porky isn’t really my thing, I still can take the time out to appreciate Logans work. He does tread where most people fear to go and he does push the bounderies. Logan’s work actually reminds me of John Waters’s movies, such as Mulitple Maniacs in which Divine gets raped by a 20 foot Lobster, though both are completly different artists in their own rights, it’s people like Logan and John Waters that pave the way for the “extrodanary” to be acceptable.

    I’m really looking forward to the Art Of Mike. Great marketing ploy not to have “Lanor” naked on the cover. This will leave the imagination to run wild as to the contents of the book. Though “Sex Sells” in advertising these days satistics show that consumers are looking for the tease factor and are moving away from the “in your face” advertising that we have grown used too. It’s also a growing trend that a person can be rough and ruggid but can still be very sexy or sensual, I think your choice of cover for this book covers all of that in just one glance. Though not everyone may agree with me, but they are more likely to be fans of pure smut not art.

    Yeah, I have to agree with Reikro, an artbook focusing on your Boytoons would be amazing. I know you have done Heroes, but your portfolio has increased so much since then, and why just concerntrate on your Boytoons? You have proved in the past that your talent goes way beyond guy’s with massive “willies.”

    Well, that’s enough from me. Hope your all having a great Easter and remember that when you all decide to take that chomp out of your Easter Eggs this weekend, that a moment on the lips, is a lifetime on the hips!

    Licks & Chews


  4. White Wabbit says


    I’ve been having problems with my computer so I’ve missed your posts as they’ve arrived. But, unfortunately for y’all, I’m back now!

    I LOVED your pencils post, something I’m so familiar with as I’m rarely bothered to go any further than that stage. And I do often prefer pencils to finished works; there’s something very honest and tangible about a pencil drawing and you can really connect with the artist’s ‘vision’ by seeing how marks are made.

    Good to see Porky #2 on the way but don’t bring out any new comics too soon!!! *low on money* I dunno what possessed me to get #1 but I liked it… from a curious POV. And I love Mike’s Lanor… but… when we will see how things turn out in Part 3 of Felinoids?

    Ah, I know I sound like an impatient nag, I’m just excited because I care so much hehe.

    Wabbit xx

    P.s. I can forget Foxfire’s ‘past-life’ penis if you can – which begs the question, what would it look like to draw it now?

  5. Anonymous says

    hey patrick
    i’m a brazilian Logan’s fan
    can youpost some pages of porky for me?
    i never found his draws =/


  6. Hey Gang…

    Phrog, my friend… I TOTALLY thought of you when we asked Mike to draw Lanor for the cover of his Portfolio. Didn’t he do a fantastic job with him? Thanks for the well wishes!

    Reikro… I’m glad you’re looking forward to Porky #2 and The Art of Mike Portfolio. Both books should be pretty sweet! Thanks also for the suggestion about my own Portfolio projects. Truth be told, Fraz and I feel that since Bruno Gmunder is putting out books of my work, that it is best for us to focus the Class Comics Portfolios on other artists. However, I like your idea of doing an entire Portfolio on 1 specific character. I’ll keep that in mind!

    Manny… Many thanks as always for your wonderful comments. It’s great to hear that you enjoy Logan’s art enough to read a comic that isn’t strictly your cup of tea. I think that is what art appreciation is all about. Sometimes we find we enjoy the subject matter and the art, and sometimes we find we can appreciate the art above all. It’s a wonderful thing. Thanks as well for your input on the “Patrick Fillion Portfolio” idea. As I mentioned to Reikro, I like the idea of focusing on one particular character. We will see what the future holds for that idea.

    White Wabbit…Great to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the pencil posts. It’s cool that you gave Porky #1 a chance even if it isn’t your cup of tea. Logan’s art is incredible, and as many mentioned, one can easily get into his art style even if the subject matter isn’t ones cup of tea. Meanwhile, I am working on Felinoids #3, but as with SG #4, I am taking my sweet time in order to make sure that the book comes together just right. I hope to have it out in 2008 however. I appreciate your enthusiasm though, and I’ll post more news about the project here at BTM very soon. And oh yeah, I guess we didn’t get to see Fox’s cock in SG #4 – but I can guarantee you I would not draw it the same way I used to. LOL!!!

    …and to Logan’s Brazilian fan… thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. The best place for more Porky artwork is Logan’s website: Check him out at http://www.loganporncomics.org

    Thanks everyone.
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOXO

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