You know, I’ve always thought that Homer Simpson was kinda hot. Like when he sits in that teeny tiny swimming pool on hot days keeping his beer on his tummy! LOL!!! I guess in those moments, I can see what Marge sees in the big lug! He can be, you know, regular-guy sexy! HA! HA! HA!

Course this latest illustration by Ismael Alvarez also kinda shows me what Marge sees in him. ¡Ay, caramba!!!! That is one big yellow wiener! ;)

Check out Ismael’s latest update on his newly re-designed website! Homer’s just one of the goodies you can feast your eyes on there!

Patrick XOXO

Homer Simpson © Copyright and TM 2007, Twentieth Century Fox. All Rights Reserved. Illustration © 2007 Ismael Alvarez. All Rights reserved.


  1. You think Homer is hot? Thank God there is hope for me yet!!! Anyway, I’ve seen this pic and couldn’t help having a chuckle. I love The Simpsons and Homer is my favourite character and it’s quite interesting seeing him in the buff as i’ve never ever thought how he would look showing all.

    Take Care

  2. Oh Great!

    Not only am I searching for a support group to help me sort out my issues with “School Girl” But now I have to find one for “Homer, Models For Colt Porn Star Calender!”




    Big Hugz & Kisses


  3. BTW – Ismael, your work as always is a pleasure to look at and talk about. Please don’t think that what I said above was “flinging mud” at your work. It’s just me being a dizzy queen!


  4. Hey there Reikro and Manny…

    Hope you boys are well. Glad you enjoyed Ismael’s Homer, Reikro! My friend, I am certain there is a lot of sexiness about you! :oD Every guy has his own kind — I really believe that!

    And Manny, you continue to be a source of Hilarity — Although School Girl is starting to take offense! LOL!!!

    Much love to you both!
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

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