My Portrait of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.

I had many heroes as a kid… well, actually, it’s probably more accurate to say that I had many heroines as a kid. From Storm of the X-Men, to Princess Leia to the Bionic Woman to Maya from Space 1999. All are powerful, beautiful, strong and independent women, more than capable of saving the day!

But one of my Heroines is rooted not so much in adventure, but in delicious horror camp. I am of course referring the incomparable ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK, as created and brought to life by the lovely Cassandra Peterson!!! From the moment I set eyes on her, I knew she would forever be one of my favorite female pop culture icons.

In 2002, I created a little piece of Elvira fan art, but I never felt that the original black and white shading I did really did the Mistress Macabre proper justice.

A few days a go, I received an email from Patterson, a fellow Elvira fan who informed me that he and Elvira are very tight, and that he would love to send her my rendition. Naturally, I was floored! But I just couldn’t let him send Elvira my original black and white image… not when I clearly felt it was not quite “all it could be!”

So I decided to update the image, and colored it in that “cell coloring” style I am so fond of. I even took the liberty of putting together a little layout for the image. In the end, I am quite pleased with the final result. Hopefully, the Mistress of the Dark herself will be just as pleased!

Meanwhile, you must check out Patterson’s Elvira website… and while you are there, you HAVE TO check out the photos of Patterson dressed up in Elvira getup. He is incredible!!!!!

So enjoy my Elvira image, dear friends. I know that she is FAR from being a Boytoon, but I figured you’d like to see her anyway!

Have a great day, darlings…
Unplesant dreams….
Patrick XOXOX

“Elivra”, “Unpleasant Dreams” and “Mistress of the Dark” are Copyright ©2007 & are registered trademarks of Queen ‘B’ Productions. All Rights Reserved.

Illustration by Patrick Fillion. Reposting is strictly prohibited.


  1. Hey Patrick!

    I love ELVIRA! She is so camp!

    I’ve always loved your portraits, as a matter of fact, when I tell people about you and show them your website, I always show the portraits section to them first, I can never get enough of hearing the “ooohhhhs” & “aaagggggghhhhsss” It’s almost like the sounds people make when they watch fireworks go off. Then I show them the dirty stuff you do, by that stage they have startched the seat of their pants so nuch I have to pry them of with a paint scraper and wash the seat cover and hang it out in the sun!

    But I’ve always thought that your best portarit is of the beautiful Kate Mulgrew aka Admiral Kathryn Janeway (Capatian Janeway in your portrait) second to that would have to be the stunning Jerri Ryan as Seven of Nine, followed by Linda Carter as Wonder Woman. (Shit! I think I know your gallery better than you do LOL)

    But speaking of your portaraits, it would be great to see you do more postings and really feature them big time in BTM. They are also such a big part of who you are and really focuses on the talent that you have apart from male erotica.

    All of those in favor of Patrick featuring more of his portraits in BTM raise your hands!

    Again, great work Young Jedi.

    Big Hugz


  2. White Wabbit says

    Hey Patrick!

    Got the whole series of Satisfaction Guaranteed through the post this mornin’, and have just sat reading them for nearly two hours hehe. I hope you don’t mind me pouring out my thoughts :P

    I did the same thing for Cube, reading them from 1-5 in one sitting, and it was a similar experience, seeing how your style has developed and changed – Dane is a lot skinnier in the first SG (and definitely looks better with less body hair these days hehe), and am I the only one who thinks maybe Matt Foxfire’s ‘equipment’ is a little bit odd?! (He looks gorgeous in #4 though). I also noticed how in the beginning the sex is a lot more… extreme. I found myself wincing a lot through the fisting and foreign objects… not my thing haha! I just felt a much more ‘romantic’ vibe running through the last one; maybe a reflection of your own personal change of interests, Patrick? Hehe.

    I have to say that overall it’s a very successful project, I like all the little stories going on, with the odd little one-offs like Zeke’s (who looks particularly cute in those lil undies by-the-way). The fourth book is beautiful and a fitting finale to the series; you must be proud! (And no doubt somewhat relieved). Would’ve loved to have seen Elias and Steven get it on, though! *obsessed with blonds*

    Well, congrads again on another great publication :)
    Hope you don’t mind me blabbing on, bear in mind I could have sat here typing forever haha!

    Wabbit xx

  3. I even fallowed the Maya (Space:1999) link to see if it led to that portrait of her you showed me :)


  4. Anonymous says

    Hello Patrick.

    this comment is about Elvira. ^_~

    I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one that loves here.

    I actually got to see her premiere movie “Elvira’s haunted mansion” at Comic Con San Diego in 2002 and I got to see and meet her again in 2006 Comic Con san diego.

    in fact I was so “star struck” that I got all nervous.

    because shes not just an idol to me she was also one of my first jerk off sessions. ^_~*

    so much love towards her.


  5. Nothing on TV or movies even slightly compares to the last five minutes of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. You know what I’m talkin’ about. The Vegas scene– with the tassles. Yeah, that movie is definetely in my top 10– strictly becasue of that scene.

    Cassandra Peterson is a GENIUS.

  6. Not to mention the scene where she takes the piss out of Flashdance. Couldn’t have been done better if Mel Brooks did it himself! Classic.

  7. Hey Gang…

    Thanks for all your great comments on my Elvira illustration and stuff. I’m really pleased I could share it with you all and it’s nice to know you think I did her justice.

    Manny… You’re a sweetheart! It’s so cool that you like my image of Janeway so much! I think I may well decide to update the coloring on it at some point, time permitting! ? I appreciate your kind words about my portrait work, but I have to be honest – I have never found it to be my strongest suit. I seem to do okay when I draw people that fascinate me, but it’s rarely just about how they look. There has to be a certain “attraction” there to make me want to draw them. Attraction can be many things, including a certain amount of “hero worship” I suppose – as is the case here with Elvira, and certainly with Captain Janeway! In any case, I will try to feature more of my portraiture in the future! Hugz + Kisses – XOXOX

    White Wabbit… Thanks so much for stopping by! I am so pleased you enjoyed SG #4 and I’m really glad you thought it was a fitting conclusion to the series. You are completely right! I did sort of “soften” up the series starting in book 3. The first 2 chapters were pretty hard core, but I think that mostly that is because they were originally written and illustrated for When I left Chisel and decided to continue the series on my own, I sorta shifted directions. Issue #4 is a testament to my needing to bring a little sweetness to the characters’ lives – especially Dane who up until this issue has always been a pretty tragic character.

    Meanwhile, I agree with you – Matthew’s penis was a little odd in the first couple of SG issues. Ah the things we would change if we could turn back time! LOL!!! Mostly, I think it is just a good example of how an artist’s art and style can change and evolve over time. I’d like to think that I refine my designs the more I draw them. Fox is no exception, and my feeling is that he looks far better now than he did at the start of the series! Thanks again for stopping by – Hugz + kisses XOXO

    HvH… Lovely to hear from you, dear friend! Glad you liked the Elvira piece – and you are so sweet about my Maya illustration. Someday, I will have to update the colors on that piece and make her look a bit better! LOL!!! Hugz + Kisses XOXO

    Janonymous… Thanks so much for the great comment! I’m glad you liked my Elvira illustration! My friend, I so don’t blame you for being a bit star struck at meeting Elvira in person. She seems so charismatic and larger than life. Certainly, I think this is why she is so damn good at what she does! She seems very sure of herself yet so sweet and genuinely lovely all at once. Who can blame you for your attraction to her! I feel the same way, and though my attraction to her is not necessarily sexual in nature, I am no less “star struck”! LOL!!! Hugz + Kisses XOXO

    JC… Yup! Cassandra is a genius. She is soooooo bloody funny, and her humor just seems to come so effortlessly to her! She really is fabulous fun, and Elvira: Mistress of the Night remains one of my all-time fave films! It’s so fantastically campy and witty all at once! It’s a real treat to watch over and over and over again! ;) Hugz + Kisses! XOXO

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