BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #73 – The Art of Iván García – IG Studios!

Good Morning my friends…

I have a very special treat for you all this morning. I recently happened upon a fantastic artist named Iván García. Iván’s website, IG Studios is an amazing collection of some of this very talented artist’s phenomenal work.

This man’s portfolio is a pleasure to peruse. I especially love that he is a very versatile artist, seeming quite comfortable in all kinds of illustrative categories. There you will find some of his own characters; sexy creations both male and female. You can see a sampling of some of his Star Wars art and his comic work. His pin-up section is a wonderful assortment of stunning portraits and more (his Kylie Minogue is GORGEOUS!). Why, he even has a section on the medical diagrams he has illustrated.

What I find most appealing about Iván’s art however is its bold defiance. His Boytoons (and Girltoons) have a palpable attitude of brazenness about them, which infuses his creations with vivid personality and life. Some are ruffians and perhaps even delinquents. Most you would not want to get in an argument with… but I am willing to bet that all of them would be great fun to have a roll in the hay with! LOL!!!

Iván García’s art is bold in other ways as well, and by that I mean its sheer graphic intensity and colorful beauty. His is a style I largely admire because it makes no compromise or excuses. It is as intense as it is and it completely owns that intensity.

My feeling is that you will rather enjoy your visit to Iván’s website, IG Studio. Have your trusty Google translator ready though – his site is entirely in Spanish. But as always, my feeling is that a picture speaks a thousand words, and even if you don’t take the time to read through the translated text, you’ll almost certainly feel the full impact of this talented artist’s incredible work!

All illustrations © Copyright 2007 Iván García/IG Studios. All Rights Reserved.


  1. White Wabbit says

    I love his Natalie Portman/Queen Amidala/Padme pics best, and they reminded me you did that totally SICK portrait of her yourself. Amidala rocks.

    Wabbit xx

    P.s. That’s good sick, not bad sick haha.

  2. Hey Patrick!

    This is a little gem you have unearthed this time. Iva has some great work and it’s a site worth bookmarking and looking at again in a few more weeks. I really love his portrait of Divine, it’s ver rare to find a portrait of the “First Lady of Filth” these days, considering that she has been dead for so long and most people have no idea who she is.

    I could actually see Iva doing an amazing portrait of Bettie Page. His work reminds me of the “Almost Straight” porn series I have seen where curious straight (yeah) guys start doing each other, kind of like a “Behind The Tool Shed” scenario.

    He has a very in your face way of presenting his art also, I’ve noticed he doesn’t rely to much on backgrounds or scenery, but the images tend to speak for themselves. And that’s a good thing because some artists tend to pay so much attention on their backgrounds that the focus is taken away from the characters themselves.

    Nice posting, Can’t wait to see what he does in the new few months.

    Big Hugz!


  3. Click on my head and see what really goes on in my head when no ones watching LOL – I got a new silly blog up and running.

  4. Ismael Álvarez says

    Hey my dear Patrick :). Long time!, I’m happy for to see the awesome artwork of Ivan here!. I love the work of Ivan :)

    By the way. I’m finishing to INCUBUS and LANOR, in two or three days them shipment! :)

    A lot of kisses Patrick!

  5. Hi there, everybody,

    Just dropping by to say hi to y’all and excuse myself for not posting, but my company went bancrupt and I’m a little busier than usual, as You probably can imagine…

    Anyways, the above video is an internet-legend by now and I am pretty sure most of You guys have seen it, but still I wanted to share it with You.
    I met George with his friend Walter koenig last year and they both are hilarious! Highly recommended!

  6. Anonymous says

    Hey Patrick,

    It would be interesting to see your interpretation of old 70’s porn stars like harry reems,john holms etc…

  7. Woa nice find, Patrick! This guy’s stuff is awesome. I was actually turned on my the red-headed adult in his male puberty illo– haha.

    But what really caught my eye were his XY-Men! I love the costumes– so sexy but still sleek at the same time! I wanna buy the book but can’t figure outt how to order it.

  8. Hey there everyone!

    Thanks so much for your patience in awaiting my response to your comments! I am so pleased you all enjoyed this posting on Ivan’s fantastic work! I really hope you will all keep an eye on his art. He is so talented and very creative. I think it is safe to say we can expect some pretty great things to come form this amazing artist in the years to come!

    Hugz + kisses to you all – thanks again for stopping by!
    Patrick XOXOX

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