Class Comics Cuties Series 1: When artists go nuts!

On occasion, I get truly sick and tired of my regular work, and in those times, I have to work on something that is completely distracting and most importantly, a WHOLE BUNCH of fun. That’s precisely how these little guys came about! As you know, Fraser and I love collecting action figures, and lately Hasbro has been cranking out the most adorable Star Wars Galactic Heroes and Marvel Super Hero Squad figures. Essentially, these are hyper-adorable versions of classic characters, sold in packages of 2 and about 2 inches tall.

Fraser once suggested that it would be so cool to see what some of our characters might look like done in this style… so I thought, why not?

I created Series 1 to include some of our most popular characters, and thought it might be fun to whip up some wallpaper featuring the figures in their packaging! LOL!!! I love the marketing side of things, and it’s always so fun for me to get to play around with questions like “who gets to be in the first wave?” and “who gets packaged with who?” etc…

Of course, this is probably as close as Fraser and I will ever get to seeing our characters done up in this adorable Hasbro style. Still, it was so much fun drawing and coloring these cuties that I could not resist sharing them with you!

Honestly, as an artist, I really believe that it is important to come up for air once in a while. We can get so bogged down with our workflow, and there are times we forget that drawing something for the fun of it is just as vital to our existence as the projects that earn you a living. These little guys did me a world of good in a week that was filled with work related woes and bullshit. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I had fun creating them. And hell, if nothing else, they make great desktops!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXOXO

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  1. White Wabbit says

    Cute! ^_^

    …Though I see you couldn’t resist the bulge hehe.
    It kinda makes you wonder what they’d all be like as kids: I bet Cam was adorable as a lil boy! (Does that sound dodgy to anyone?) I think we all know who YOU’d choose to be the RARE LIMITED EDITION character (*ahem* Diablos)

    I have a few Final Fantasy action figures, but big ones ;) (ie. 1/8 scale). Would be cool to see Class Comics characters in plastic form – am I right in recalling you once said something about that maybe becoming a reality? Though I’d have to hide em under my pillow til I move out of home haha! (Maybe not so bad after all).

    Well, carry on enjoying yourself, wouldn’t want you packing it all in just yet!

    Wabbit xx

  2. Aww isn’t that the cutest. They look like “Gashapon” toys, like those vending machines where the toys come in little capsules. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without the compulsary bulge. They kind of remind me of those Powder Puff things, or whatever it is.

    Anyway, I think it’s good to break away from the norm and do something different from time to time, it keeps us sane to go a little nuts sometimes. Or in my case, keeps me insane but prevents me from going completely goofy.

    You take care Patrick, good to hear you are having fun. Now I’m going to go and try to scoop some air into a heap…

    LOTS of LOVE
    Reikro the headless chicken reporting from the planet Zarb.

  3. Hey Patrick!

    LOL! This is fantastic work! This is the type of work I could see you use if you ever decided to do a storyline on your “Toons As Kids” could you imagine the sceneario? It would be a hoot!

    Speaking of hoot, Mardi Gras this year was a major hoot, I’m kind of still recovering from the whole event and recovering from the eye candy that was out and about. I have to take my hat off to the organizers this year, they did the best job so far, I really can’t wait for their 30th Anniversary next year, that is going to be MASSIVE in full sense of the word!

    But for now, time to rest my tired, battered old body from the weekend festivities, I swear, it takes me longer to recover these days as appossed to what it did when I was 21 years old – funny how age creeps up on you.

    Again, love the work and great to see you having some fun with your Toons, keep it up!

    Big Hugz & Kisses


  4. Oh! I forgot to mention that you change the layout of your blog almost as often as I change my jocks (when I can be bothered wearing them) Not that that’s a bad thing and that goes for changing your jocks also LOL!


  5. Anonymous says

    It’s amazing how you can cutify them and yet they’re still pretty hawt ^^

    Some people would turn them into bishies… oh no I’ve said the word.
    *washes tongue with soap*

  6. ZOMG they’re CHIBIS!!! Kawaiiii! :-)

  7. oh im a big fan, and i would buy the little deimos one it looks cute as hell lol.

  8. dreamerboy6 says

    Oh my gosh! I would totally buy those figures if they really existed! I love that kind of thing! It’s like… chibi-Cam and NJ! ^_^ I love it!

  9. What are Chibi’s? We may call them something else in Australia.

  10. dreamerboy6 says

    Manny-Chibi is the Japanese word for “small” or “tiny”. It’s often used in anime and manga to describe a specific stylized version of a normal character depicted in a very cute, tiny and often comical manner. Sometimes these characters are used to break the tension in an otherwise overly-tense or dramatic series. One excellent example would be “Lodoss Island” in Record of Lodoss War.

  11. Hi Dreamerboy6,

    Thanks very much for explaining that to me. I had a feeling that it would be something like that. We normally use the words “Squirts” which is more of a slang word here.


  12. richard rennie says

    hey patrick….
    beautiful work continues….the naked justice action figure is hilarious.

    however, i’d love to see them in action….certainly not flip book form. full frame with lively true to flesh color — movement capture and projected.

    hope it’s beautiful.

    kind regards — peace


  13. Hi everyone…

    Just a few words of thanks for all the fantastic comments you’ve posted lately! It’s been really hectic over here and I’ve had very little time to devote to the Blog, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate and enjoy reading your comments! :o)

    I’m so pleased you all enjoyed my little Chibis! LOL!!! They were certainly great fun to draw! :)

    Much love and thanks to all of you!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  14. tee hee they’re so cute!

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