SG #4 and the HvH Portfolio are HERE!!!

Good evenin’ gang…

It has been a really topsy turvy 10 days for Fraser and I! One of our cats has just been diagnosed with a really rare feline disorder, and so we have been pretty focused on her health and wellbeing. It’s left us a bit disoriented. It’s amazing how attached we become to our pets.

Still there is light at the end of the tunnel, and despite Mayson’s condition, we remain hopeful! I think that is really important.

We have tried to focus on the good stuff a lot lately, and I am sooooooo pleased to tell you all that Satisfaction Guaranteed #4 and the HvH Portfolio are finally available for purchase at the Class Comics website. I know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting these 2 books. I can honestly say I think you will find they were worth the wait! LOL!!! :o)

So go get ‘em, tigers! ;) Meanwhile, I will have some new stuff to post here very soon! Enjoy the books!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO


  1. I hope your cat gets well soon, Patrick. Take care and good luck on the launch of SG#4.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    I had cats myself and we (my family) had a really tough time when they got sick and You are right: It’s amazing how much we get attached to our pets (although we know: Attachmenets are the path to the dark side! Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering!!)

    Anyways, I received the newsletter from Class Comics and I am amazed how good the books look! I’ll definitely get those as soon as they’re available through Diamond reatilers =D =D
    Speaking of Diamong: Do You have any news of the April-releases of Class Comics?
    And about the whereabouts of the new Cam-picture in all its true full-color glory? =D

    All the best to You, Mayson, Fraz, Alexis and everybody on this board!

  3. Oh man that sucks I know how it feels when your pet sick and they can’t tell you how the feel, hopefully he’ll make a speedy recovery. I also am attach to my pets I just love them so much. Also I got some bad news alot of Adult orientated blogs are getting axe. Hopefully your blog well be spared if not is there a way we your loyal fans can save it? I hope that there something we can do I really love your blog and they way you interact with your fans so please if we can do something let us know. Much love and a early Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

  4. Hello, Patrick, my friend.
    Yes, our pets are part of our families. I wish she gets well as soon as possible. I’d like, also, to wish you lots of success for the books that just came out. You all deserve it.

    Hugs, dear friend

  5. Sixpencenotthewiser says

    Man, hope the kitty gets better soon. And good luck!

  6. Hey Patrick,
    You’re very welcome about the photo manipulation I did of your boytoons. I enjoy your work immensely since discovering your work in Black Inches years ago. My project is proceeding on pace…not as quickly as i would like…but I’ve already put 2 plus years into it…and even though it’s not sexual work such as your own…once completed, I’ll like to send you a copy of it, and perhaps you can give me some pointers on publishing it. Thanks a lot. More Boytoons photo manipulations coming soon…I’m going to do another on locus…he’s my favorite.Perhaps I’ll do one with Cam doing Lion-o…lol.


  8. Tina Anderson says

    TRYING TO POST – not letting me. If this shows up more than once, feel free to delete.

    I hope Mayson is at least comfortable. We lost Cleo and Ramses [our siames couple] at the start of last year, and in September we acquired Lee. What can I say, Mr. Gynocrat just cannot say no to the spawn, and they wanted a new cat.

    They become part of you, in their own strange way, their very existence leaks into your work just as much as anyone else close to you. Sometimes, they’re more than pets. Hang in there…

    As for SG #4, I did pimp it a bit at GGY, hope you don’t mind, I know my audience isn’t exactly your audience ((^_^)), but I just can’t help sharing your works with them. I have to ask though, I’m completely smitten with the SG member on the far left of the promo image on the website. Who is that?


  9. Damian & Trent says

    Our buddy, Kevin, ordered the two new comics right away. We’ll wait till they appear at our best book/comic shop. Can’t wait to get past the covers, ….. or under the covers, as it goes.

    Damian & Trent

  10. White Wabbit says

    I told myself I wouldn’t get SG#1, 2 or 3 until 4 came out so I could get em all at once… and that is what I have just done!!! (yay!)
    Shipping seems expensive these days! But, well, they have to get to me from the other side of that big puddle somehow!
    Whats the latest on Cube 6? I want to know who the hell Jetstream is!! And want Ghostboy to return to being a BOY! And will Cam ever work with the Guardians again? I miss him… when is the next Camili-Cat comic due? (I’m irritating MYSELF with all these questions)

    Good luck with your feline friend; she’s fortunate at least to have such loving owners.

    Oh and in case you thought I was having a a dig at your Anatomy Of A Boytoon article I wasn’t! *sigh*

    Much love,
    Wabbit xx

  11. Well I hope your cat make a speedy recovery, I think she get better because I can tell you really love your cat. All she need is the right med and a whole lot of love. Can I ask you something? As the creator of Jeremy Kilmer in the 1st SG he’s tan and when I saw the preview to SG#4 his skin tone alot lighter and he doesn’t have the mermaid tattoo or the yin/yang tatt on his left nut. So my question is which Jeremy pic is his official look? Anyway I send you lots of love.

  12. Hello Patrick

    I am sorry to hear about Mayson’s condition. We have two cats and we know just how attached one can get to your pets. Our little Emma is deaf, much to the dismay of Purdey who can hiss all she wants when the little one starts to irritate her but not knowing that she can’t hear a thing. I would love to see your cats, you should post a photo of them on your blog, I think I will post piccies of our kitties (that’s nearly a lyric!) on my blog. Anyway, I wish you Fraz and Mayson all the best.

    I put in a order of SG#4 first thing in the morning when I got the Class Comics newsletter, really looking forward to it and the cover is great! Now that SG is complete, do you think there will be another similar series featuring “normal” (as in with no super powers) people or perhaps something entirely new?

    LOTS of LOVE

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