Variant Zahn Wallpaper.

Hello folks!

Just a quick one today as I have a TON of work waiting for me… BLAH!! So much for Fridays being more relaxed, huh? LOL!

Anyhow, here’s a variant background design for my previous Zahn wallpaper. I was having a little fun with PhotoShop this morning and thought you might enjoy the results!

I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and interest in my recent waves of Explosion Wallpaper. I have received enough requests to keep me making wallpaper until the end of time! HA! HA! HA! I’ll try get to as many as possible very shortly!

More from me soon, gang! Have an awesome Friday!
Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All illustrations and characters © Copyright 2007, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reposting of these images without permission is STRICTLY prohibited.


  1. Well darling your art deserves to be praise and adored you truly are a talented artist I can’t wait to see what else you have. Kiss kiss

  2. Thanks so much for Zahn can I ask you something? When is his 1st issue coming out? And could you give us a preview like you did with Naked Justice? Thank hon. MWAH giving you air kisses

  3. MJR Charlie says

    Zahn is just SO sexy theres a chance he might be me second fav character of yours Patrick (Although my heart belongs to NJ) hee.

    I’m really hoping you might consider, even as a one shot, a comic released to buy of Zahn, sense I can’t view your web comics.

    Someone else I just wanted to mention. I heard about your works being advertised in Preview magazine, this is great, and funny enough my straight friend paul rang me, whos also into comics, and said he saw your work advertised. Paul was never sure what to make of your works, cause obviously not in his book, but I think he’s finally considered your work in the same regard as a lot of other comics.

    We all did that ourselves, but if a straight guy can, well, who knows what next, lol.


  4. Hey mjr_charlie,

    what You said about Your friend Paul is 110 percent what I feel about Patricks comics: I am straight (or bi) as well but ever since I saw Camili-Cat the very first time, there’s no turning back.

    So, You could say, the Class Comics are that sexy that You could even turn straight guys into gays by the dozens.
    Funny, isn’t it?

  5. geez man– you have been busy with the blog! I feel like I haven’t seen the last 5 posts! Anyway, thanks for the wallpapers and the headsup about Theo’s site.

    And the clown thing… I dunno man, they creep me out. Not as bad as Zombies though. Ever see Killer Clowns From Outer Space? Great film– but skrry.

  6. ladydragon3 says

    Oh my Zahn so hunkilicious. :) I would like to see the updated nude pics of SG#4 Jeremy Kilmer and Simon Halliwell. That is all thank you

  7. Hey Gang…

    Nice to see Zahn has some solid fans out there.

    Well Charlie, I am knee deep in the pages of my one-shot Zahn book. If all goes well, we’ll see that come out sometime in the summer. Course, I don’t like to schedule books that far ahead because there can be a ton of things that change by then… but suffice it to say that I am really throwing myself into this project and loving every minute.

    It’s so great to hear about your friends and their views on my comics. And hey, I guess I gotta be doing something right if I can even get you straight boys into my Boytoons! LOL!!!

    As for killer clown, well JC I am sad to see you are scared by them and all… but you have to admit that they are way sexier than Zombies! HA! HA! HA!

    Thanks again for all the comments everyone. They are all very appreciated!
    Much love, hugz and kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

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