Wave 4 is here – New Explosion Wallpaper designs!

Hey Gang…

As promised, I’ve put together Wave 4 of the Explosion Wallpaper designs you all seem to like so much! I thought it would be fun to throw Stephane in the mix, given my recent posting on Fear of Clowns and Clown Fetishes! LOL!!! I dare say that he and Zahn are my 2 faves from this wave.

I thought Jeanne Darque would make a lovely addition to this wave, with the sexy Ghostboy and Craig rounding things out with their enormous… uhm… charisma! :oD

I’m keeping note of all the characters you’ve been requesting, but there are quite at a lot… not that I am complaining! LOL!!! So please bear with me as I get to them, one Wave at a time!

I should mention that any character that’s already had a design in this series will not be appearing again. Sorry my friends… I just don’t want to repeat characters in the same style. But since you’ve all been so kind to make requests, I’ll revisit them in another style of wallpaper design later on.

Meanwhile, I think we have a conspiracy on our hands…! Who knew Dario could be so popular… and who knew he could have so “many” fans?!?! Thanks for all the kudos on his design. Who knows what his future holds? For now, he gets a part in SG #4 and an awful lot of fan mail! HA! HA! HA!

So keep an eye out for Wave 5. I’ll be posting that some time next week! In the meantime, give this wave a whirl!

Thanks again for your enthusiasm, support and comments! You are all much appreicated!

Much love,
Patrick XOXO

All illustrations and characters © Copyright 2007, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Reposting of these images without permission is STRICTLY prohibited.


  1. Hey Patrick,

    thank You so very much! Your wallpapers rock my world and this new wave is no exception. My fave: Ghostboy! I am more and more in love with this special character and I hope we’ll get to see his adventures in the promised mini-series some time soon.. =D No pressure, man, of course!! =D =D =D

    Anyways, thanks again for taking Your time and all the best – and please, do not forget the new Cam-pictures to be put onto a wallpaper *YUMMMYYYY* =D =D

  2. Oopsie… sorry – Darque didn’t show up when I loaded the site at first. She’s such a HOTTIE!!! =D =D
    Thanks for posting some girltoons as well. (Felicia, anybody??) =D

  3. Hello Patrick!

    Wow! This wave is super-sexy! The best yet in my opinion! Craig is so going on my desktop now! Thanks for granting my request. I love them all really! I love to change wallpaper constantly, so it’s really awesome that you provide such a variety. I’m definitely looking

    Take care always!

  4. Well I am to blame for the army of Dario fans. I told a couple of my friends what an amazing blog you have and they went a wee bit crazy. Sorry but you can’t blame them he so hot. You know that pic that you have that says”BOYTOON MAGAZINE Talking about Male Art and the people who create it!”. I would like to if it no trouble to you see this six hunky dude and maybe a pic of that splendid King Cock-A-Tut? Thank so much I’m sending you lot of huggies. :)

  5. White Wabbit says

    I don’t know which is scarier, the army of Dario ‘fans’ who all have minor issues with grammar, any suggestion that clowns can be sexy *brrghhhh*, or the fact these wallpapers keep coming! LOL! Ghostboy used to be my favourite until he became a woman and then Flamer filled the void… so to speak… and he’ll probably stay there (haha).

    I second a request for Felicia! (as much as I can tell the requests are starting to grate now) I loved her in ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ “It’s not the men in my life that counts- It’s the life in my men!” Ace. My friend would love her! I’ve tried introducing her to your work as she’s an outright fan of X-Men (Gambit and Rogue) and I feel it’s a natural progression haha. Come to think of it, have you ever drawn Gambit? And if not, would you? *puppy-dog eyes* (Actually, I should get round to drawing him myself)

    Haha, Love,
    Wabbit xx

    P.s. I took a ‘Which X-Man are you?’ quiz and apparently I’m Jean Grey/Phoenix. You reckon thats good or bad? Maybe there should be a ‘Which Class Comics character are you?’ quiz someday.

    *Patrick= “Enough with the requests already!”*

  6. Dario fans unite he’s an italian god and must be praise. Ok I didn’t know how fine Zahn is mmm. I love that beautiful cock. I love that shot of Stephane what a yummy view. Oh and Ghostboy he looking real good, you just made my day I was in a bad mood but seeing this pic cheered me right up thank you. Say who are those six guys on the Boytoon Magazine pic and could we see this six beefy men in your next wave of course when have time.

  7. Hi ya hon who you doing? Love this new wave of hot hung men, I’m not really into women but Jeanne Darque and Felicia are quite beautiful. And yes the army of DARIO will rise up and take over your blog mmmmahhhh (more Evil laughter) just kidding. Take care and I hope to see more of your hot sexy monster cock men. *girlish giggling*

  8. (bowing down at your feet) I’m not worth Patrick your art so awesome I love Zahn, he has such a nice big fat cock I just want to get on down on my hands and knees and suck that huge cock. (Big cheese grin) Stephane another of my favs. This is the best angle I have seen, and as for anyone who may have mean comment to us Dario fans well STOP IT. He’s a great character very handsome face, nice big pecs, suckable nipples overall he real dreamy.

  9. I got 2 words to say that describe this wave “HOT STUFF”. I only have two request 1. you know that pic that you did title “Best Bun Boys” well if you have a frontal of the third guy with the lower back tattoo. 2. there an old pic of a vampire I believe his name is Asier correct me if I wrong.

  10. All this wallpapers look very deelishis. Your such a sweetheart for sharing your beautiful pics. For the next wave the only thing I want to see is any Callboy from SG who has foreskin. As a man with foreskin its such a turn-on to play with the natural penis. Take care man and thanks for this hot new wallpaper

  11. cutieppie24 says

    I just love Stephane my goodness what a breath taking view. If you could would you please post any of the Callboy from SG. Thank you

  12. Hi Patrick,

    What a clown this Stephane is!!! I loved the angle too but the part that I liked most is the small tattoo on his balls. Sooo romantic.


  13. seraphicreverie says

    Hey Patrick,

    Awesome designs. If I didn’t live at home I’d so put the Diablo one from a past wave as my background :P

    I just thought I’d drop by to show you some new fan art of Cam I did…

    Not to open old wounds, but I hope the y!gallery mods don’t get pissed and remove Cam or give me shit about it…I heard that works of Cam were okay. I’m still dissappointed about what went down at y!gallery, but all the more so thrilled that I can come and look at your lovely works here!

  14. Oh how I’m loving this new wave simply beautiful. I only have 2 request 1. nude Cardinal pic if you have it. 2. On your webite gallery called portfolio version 1 “Guardian and Henchmen” the dude who in front of Catnip I love to see him in your next wave.

  15. You keep me coming back to your hot blog. I have three request if you don’t mind 1. There a lovely looking dude in front of Catnip titled “guardian and henchmen”. 2.The dude from “bestbunboys” the tan guy with that beautiful lower back tattoo. 3.you did a pic called Jack Horner if you have a complete nude pic of him if not then any guy who has nice foreskin. Thank a lot

  16. How delightful love the new wave and yes Dario now has a legion of loyal fans. Maybe when you create a new comic issue he’ll be the main character.(hint hint hint) Well I don’t really know what other characters to request, I just want those hot hung men to have foreskin. Thank and much love.

  17. Damian & Trent says

    Hey, Patrick. Seventeen comments on one entry. That’s a lot. You’ve been busy blogging. This entry’s nice! We don’t like clowns, but when is a clown not a clown. Ghost Boy is sort of like a clown, but not like a clown, too. We like him, a lot, even tho we don’t like clowns. GB looks great here! Thanks.

    Damian & Trent

  18. ladydragon3 says

    Love this new wave very hot. I don’t really have any particular character that I would like to see but if you have more uncut men that would make my day. If you create more wave with uncut guys could they be similar to Stephane? You know with their foreskin covering the head of their penis.

  19. Hey Patrick,

    Awesome work on the entire Explosion series so far! It’s been AGES since I’ve posted any comments (sorry about that, btw. I guess I’ve just had tons of stuff going on), but that doesn’t mean I still haven’t been visiting the site every day to keep up to date on all things Class. Craig, Dane, Dominion and Ghostboy were definitely the standouts for me, but they all look fantastic.

    Thanks for all the hot wallpapers, and good luck with all your 2007 projects.

  20. HEY PARTICK!!!

    SORRY I’ve not sent messages on here sooner!

    I’ve taken on some new responsibilities at home, that have kept me damn busy.

    Anyway, here are some ideas for the next Wave(s) of the New Explosion Wallpapers! . . .

    Bob – from Deimos
    Deimos himself
    an all-nude Noah Beckett-Marron
    and finally
    a really hot Vallan image

    Hope these aren’t too ‘off the wall’ ;-)

    Your Pal,

  21. Hey Gang…

    I hope you all had a terrific weekend.

    My apologies for not addressing each one of your comments individually. Time is a bit short this evening. But as always, I really appreciate your wonderful comments and suggestions.

    I have taken note of the characters you’d like to see in a wallpaper design. I will certainly try to get to most of them soon, if not in the explosion series, then in another style of wallpaper.

    Thanks again for your continued enthusiasm and interest in my wallpaper designs. You really make it fun to put these together.

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOXO

  22. Hey Seraphicreverie…

    Well as always dear friend, you impress with your talent. I LOVE this latest illustration of Cam you drew. It’s very gorgeous and very sexy! I am really looking forward to seeing what you will come up with next.

    Also, I only now just saw the link. Sometimes I can’t get to the comments section of my Blog as often or quickly as I’d like, so things take a while to get to me. You can always email me stuff you’ve drawn. That way, odds are I’ll get it a lot sooner. ?

    Thanks again for the really beautiful drawing. Take care dear friend!
    Much love,
    Patrick XOXOXO

    PS — Thanks also for the kind words you said about the Wallpaper designs! :oD

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