Explosion Wallpaper Designs – Wave 3

G’Morning gang!

Hope your Saturdays are going well so far! I thought I’d usher in my weekend by whipping up a new wave of my recent “Explosion” Wallpaper designs. I REALLY want to thank you all for commenting on the second wave, and for suggesting characters you wanted to see in this and future waves.

Otis requested some NJ (and Craig from the SG series, which, not to worry, I will be posting in Wave 4). Meanwhile, Vicky 215 also requested NJ as well as Incubus, Dario and any boy with ample foreskin… so I thought it would be good fun to throw in Devilhound. He’s uncut and makes for a fun design! :o)

Wave 3 also features a GIRLTOON!!! Catnip gets her own wallpaper as requested by White Wabbit! Thanks for thinking of her, Wabbit! I sometimes refrain from posting female art here when I really shouldn’t! Once in a while it’s good to mix it up! Glad you requested my pretty kitty! :oD

And yes there will be a fourth wave. Don’t be shy folks. Lemme know who you’d like to see in it! It’s a lot of fun to put these together for you and nice to know they are well received!

So enjoy this latest offering and have a great weekend!

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXOX

All illustrations © Copyright 2007 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reposting of these images without permission is STRICTLY prohibited.


  1. Liked the new wallpaper, especially the Dario pic, I look forward to seeing more of him doing his tarzan schtick

  2. Well you done it again your art truly is divine. Man you sure know how to turn a guy on. Anyway beautiful 3 wave I love them all you are so talented take care and I wish nothing but the best for you. Sending you lots of kisses.

  3. love the wallpapers, but could we get ass shots of all your characters in the next wallpaper series? and yes, your guys are soo hot!!!

  4. White Wabbit says

    :D :D :D :D :D
    Wowwwwww thank you so much for Catnip! I’ve replaced my MADONNA wallpaper, that’s how much I care!! Haha! *though is listening to Erotica right now to repent*

    Incubus is looking hot, (whyyyyyyyy did he have to change!?)

    As for more suggestions, well, …I couldn’t suggest any other ONE. All your characters are so loved! …Maybe another Flamer??? Haha!!

    Wabbit xx

  5. Sorry to bother you again I know that your a busy guy I forgot to ask in the next wave could we possible see King Cock-A-Tut? I really love this skin tone and his so sexy and Bob from Demios? Could I ask you something? Are you going to continue with the waves? This pic make great wallpaper and I just love your art. If you do could the fifth wave include the six guys who are having an orgy from SG#4? And the sixth be from your website title “bestbunboys”, do you have frontal of this three if not the back shot equal great. I look forward to SG#4.

  6. *steals Dario* Nnnngh, so sexy! You won’t mind if I borrow him for a little while, will ya? *runs away*

  7. Hello once again Patrick!

    I love Devilhound’s hairy legs and what a great angle to show off NJ’s thighs. Such thighs! He can probably crack nuts with those thighs though hopefully not his own. But it’s Incubus that steals the show. He’s got such a cheeky pose and I do find his cock mesmerising…but then it is at a very jaunty angle.

    Thats enough blabering from me. Once again thanks for sharing.

    LOTS of LOVE

  8. Hey Patrick,

    gorgeous new additions! Thanks for these beautiful wallpapers. You wanted to know which ones we would like to have, okay here we go:
    Do You remember the Cam-pic that you sent me just recently? It’s him in the NJ-pose (from behind). Now, I saw that picture in one of the Flash-files over at Your personal website.
    Do You think it would be possible to have this one as wp? Thanks for any effort and all the best!

  9. Sixpencenotthewiser says

    Thanx ever so much! I’m a wallpaper junkie and you just gave me my weekly fix. Dario is yummy, BTW and the horny ones are to die for. As always, you’re the best.

  10. Hi Patrick how are you? I a big fan I want to know when you’ll release Satisfaction Guaranteed#4? I can’t wait to see what happens to Dario. He is my favorite SG character just look at him he oozes with sex appeal. Long gorgeous hair, nice pecs, beautiful skin tone I’m just crazy about him. May I ask you something do you think you’ll do a blog with pics just on him? He real sexy as you can tell I’m his #1 fangirl.Thanks and much love to you hon.

  11. I just want to let you know that I love all the wonderful wallpaper it just beautiful every one of them. Patrick I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but I have to agree with trish316 Dario is one sexy beast and I do hope and pray that you’ll do a blog with just his pics. Man your art so damn fine.

  12. My my what awesome wallpaper you have, oh man Dario such a turn on I would like to see more pics of him pretty please?

  13. Dude I don’t know that you had a blog until my friends told me. Boy your art really killer, I just love your style and coloring man your so freaking talented for the four wave could you maybe put King Cock-A-Tut and Zahn personal I like them the best. Also everyones tlking about Dario and I have to admit he’s made my top five fav hunky guys of your he #2 #1 of course is Incubus. Any who I would like to see more pics of Dario if that’s Ok with you. Peace man.

  14. Dario so sexy no wonder all of his client like the jungle fantasy.

  15. do you have more hot pics of Dario? My goodness he body so gorgeous I want to lick him from his head down to his toes.

  16. What beautiful wallpaper I personal love Incubus. I just love this pierced nipples and his prince albert foreskin penis I just love it. I view Inky as a super hero now as far as normal guys go I enjoy Dario, I mean what not to love about him his sexy baby. ;)

  17. I just want to thank you for sharing your beautiful art with the world. Your guy are remarkable and have well tone muscle I couls stare at them all day. Dario my man I absolutely adore him, he so handsome do you have more pics of him?

  18. LadyDragon3 says

    Oh Nelly Dario such a magnificent specimen, the embodiment of what truly is sexy.*wolf whistling*:) Can I ask you something? How big is he? In his bio it does say.

  19. I fell in love with your Dario wallpaper, he’s so drop dead gorgeous. It no wonder lots of people fallen for him, he has a lovley face, stellar body and a nice big uncut cock. That why he get lot of clients I personal love the jungle fantasy he tarzan me jane. *girlish giggling* Could you please maybe in a future blog do a dedication to just him? Oh and CONGRATS on the Diamond Comic distribute I hope that you sell lots and lot of magazines.

  20. When I saw Dario wallpaper I instantly got an erection. Damn this guy beyond hot I definitely will make him my new wallpaper. I know that you have lots of things to do but could you possible one day do a blog only on Dario? I thin he’s so lovely and I can’t stop ogling his sexy body. Man you such a freaking great artist, listen I recently join the Y! gallery and I saw that they had a forgiveness thing for jan 15 2007. It stated that anyone who got suspended or banned can join again. I read your blog on what happen at y that suck so much have you found a community that not so restrict if so have you join? And could you give us the link? Peace out and congrats on the diamond comic selling your hot mag.

  21. Dude like your blog so amazing I read what happen @ ygallery and that bogus. Hey you should start a community and if you do will you give us the link? I bet lots of people artist and art lovers will join. Now then bro into important business, I love your righteous art such hunky hot men especially that Dario. How big is he in his bio I don’t see his cock size? I love everything about the guy, say do you think that sometime in a future blog you might have hot pics of just him? He drips of hot manliness, he so smoking hot mmmm. Later dude

  22. latinlover says

    (bows down and worshipping the ground you walk). First let me say thank you for the wonderful art, you my man are the greatest artist in our time. Now then let my comment on this pics, Devilhound not really into hairy legs but he has an amazing face and I love his overall design I hope will get to see more of him. Incubus, I would love to give that horny little devil one night of passion. Naked Justice I love that the only thing he wears are boots and gloves and a mask but damn he’s a hottie. Catnip will she brings out the animal in me. And finally Dario alot of people said what I was going to say :( he really is beautiful. I really do hope that you’ll consider and do a blog with just him please. Ok if I may make a request there a pic that you have on your website that has all the guardians and includes School Girl, Jon Dazy, just to name a few there a guy on the far right who nude and seem to be on fire? What’s his name and could he please be on the next wave also I would like to see King Cock-A-Tut again his design is well done and the coloring is simply astonishing. Thank for your time and congrats on your diamond comic deal.

  23. cutiepie24 says

    Congrats on getting diamond comic sell your hot mag. Wow this wave seems to have got many comments all of them love Dario. I have to admit I fell in love with him too. If its not that much trouble could please post more pics of him? Oh and I love Jung could you maybe have a nude pic of him in your next wave? Thanks hon.

  24. (wiping drool from chin) Oh man Dario is such a vision of loveliness, I just want to hump that tall stallion.(devilish smile) No wonder so many peeps love this hot dude. Hey Patrick I have a request Jung from your 1st wave was smoking for the fourth wave could you please put him in and he be completely nude? I want to see whether his cut or uncut. Thank dude and congrats on Diamond Comic.

  25. Good Morning everyone!

    WOW! Who knew that Dario would be THIS popular! Thanks for all the great comments folks! It’s great that you all have so many suggestions about upcoming waves. Check out a freshly posted Wave 4 for new designs as well as answers to your questions here and more info on my wallpaper designs in general.

    I really do appreciate your suggestions and hopefully I’ll be able to get to most of them in the very near future.

    Meanwhile, enjoy Wave 4 and thanks again for your enthusiasm!

    Hugz and Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

    PS – White Wabbit my friend, that IS a HUGE honor indeed for Catnip! She actually beat out Madonna! OUTSTANDING! I know she’ll be very proud to hear this! HA! HA! HA! XOXO

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