BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #68 – HVH Comes to Class Comics!

Most of us have seen his stunning illustrations in the pages of Men, Unzipped and Freshmen Magazines. Certainly what strikes the eye most about the incredible art of HVH, is not only his amazing ability to perfectly capture the male physique, but also his eye for color and design. Each one of his illustrations is beautifully rendered with tremendous aesthetic conscience. HVH creates more than illustrations. He creates a perfect harmony between erotica and high art.

May I say how freakin’ thrilled I personally am to tell you that HVH is coming to Class Comics!?!

He and I “met” early last year, and he has since been hard at work creating a whack of goodies for Class Comics. Just you wait until you get a load of the images he created for the Guardians of the Cube Companion. It is all outstanding stuff, and his take on my characters is always true to the original, but retains his own personal flare and style. I just love it.

To begin with though, HVH has the distinction of being the first artist Class Comics is going to feature in a new line of Art Portfolios. These glossy portfolios are in brilliant full color and are a great way to showcase the talent and work of amazing artists of male erotica like HVH.

The HVH portfolio features works he has created for the various magazines he’s worked for, as well as some custom work he’s done for Class Comics. Check out his gorgeous Deimos and Cardinal illustration on the cover. The Portfolio will also feature some of his previously unpublished and personal works.

One of my favorite aspects of HVH’s work is that his men are diversified and very real. He can draw slinky twinks, burly bears and massive muscle men with unsurpassed skill. But don’t take my word for it. Check out these illustrations that I took the liberty of pulling from his portfolio. You’ll see what I mean, and I am pretty much certain that they will have your mouth watering.

Look for The HVH Portfolio to go on sale in early February. It kicks off the New Year along side the long anticipated Satisfaction Guaranteed #4.

Personally, I can’t wait to have this Portfolio in my hands. It’s great looking at HVH’s work on the computer screen, but seeing it in print is way better and makes my day. And at last, a bunch of this amazing artists’ work is gonna be collected in one book. The first of many to come no doubt!

For more info on HVH and his work, check out his Blog. You’ll even get to see some of his new work and a few other goodies.

Meanwhile, keep a close eye on my Boytoons Magazine because I’ll announce the release of the Portfolio and SG #4 here as soon as they come off the press.

All illustrations © Copyright 2007 HVH. All Rights Reserved. Reposting of these images without permission is STRICTLY prohibited.


  1. Damian & Trent says

    Nice & BUILT! Just the way we like ’em.

    Damian & Trent

  2. Hi Patrick! What a wonderful artist HVH is!!! I didn´t know his work. Thank you for presenting it to us.
    I really love your blog!!

    Many hugs

  3. White Wabbit says

    What a great style! Makes me think of stained glass windows haha.

    One thing though, that last guy’s hair is AWFUL!!!

    Wabbit xx

  4. Hello Boys!

    Damian and Trent…Always a great pleasure to hear from you! I am so glad you enjoyed this little preview of HvH’s amazing work! I think you will be quite pleased with his Portfolio! The man is a genius and his men are sooooooo damn hot! LOL!!! Thanks again for stopping by! XOXO

    Hello Nerone… I am so pleased I could help you to discover the work of HvH! He really is a fantastic artist and I am thrilled to hear how much you like his work! Thanks for the compliments, dear friend! You’re the best! XOXO

    Hey White Wabbit! Great o hear from you! Glad you enjoyed the HvH feature! I like your comparison of his style to stained glass. It has that same elegance and beauty to it! As for the last guy’s hair style… to be honest I don’t mind it that much… besides I think his other attributes more than make up for it! LOL!!! Hugz and kisses to you! XOXO

  5. I’ve been wanting to come by and thank everyone personally, but only had some time today.

    First: Patrick, you’re too kind :) Thank you for every word on the blog. Apart from being so talented, your willingness to show and promote other people’s work only shows what a generous guy you are.

    Damien&Trent: thank you. Even though I end up drawing all sorts of physical types, ‘nice and built’ is just the way I like them too ;)

    Nerone: O teu entusiasmo dá-me energia. Obrigado :)

    White Wabbit: I had never though about my work as looking like ‘stained glass windows’ but I really loved that notion. As I learned it, art has 3 essential elements: creator, the actual piece of art and the viewer. Unless these elements are present, there’s no art. With your insight, you just elevated my work and made my day. Thank you :)
    As for the guys hair… that’s just the way he came out…lol

    THANK YOU!!!

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