2007 Wallpaper Kickoff – The Explosion Series – Wave 1

Hey Gang!

Happy New Year to you all! I certainly hope you all had a great Holiday Season and that 2007 is treating you all well thus far.

Myself, I’ve been hard at work over on various projects so I haven’t had as much time to Blog as I would like. But I dug up a few wallpaper designs I created last year that I thought I would post for you to enjoy! I created a few more in the style rounding out Wave 1 with six 1024 X 819 designs.

I tried to vary up the characters for Wave 1 of the “Explosion Series” instead of serving up the usual suspects. Plus used some older illustrations just to make things fun. I tend to always use new stuff in wallpaper designs, so revisiting some old images was a lot of fun. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy them! I’ll have more goodies shortly, including part 2 of the Belasco interview, and maybe even a Wave 2 of these Explosion Wallpaper designs. Time permitting, I also plan to catch up on answering the comments you’ve all been so sweet to leave on the past few posts. Thanks for bearing with me.

So have fun with the wallpaper! Much love to you all, and all the best to you and yours for the New Year!

Much love,
Patrick XOXO

All characters are © Copyright and TM 2007, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reposting of these images without permission is STRICTLY prohibited.


  1. White Wabbit says

    Wow, unable to sleep and randomly thought to check on Boytoons – to my amazement —> :O Lovin’ the new look!! And then theres HIM, the blonde…

    I am officially claiming the title of #1 Flamer Fan!! ^_^

    Have been fired up (pun completely intended) to send in my own lil piece for ya, hope it is received successfully!!

    Can get some good sleep now, woop woop!

    Wabbit xx

  2. i really love what u do. thx very much.

    ….. and pls add one of my favorite: incubus.

    thx very much !!!

  3. Greetings Patrick!

    Happy New Year to you and everyone at Class Comics and of course my friends here, phroq, Charlie, EVERYONE! I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2007.

    Thanks for the great wallpaper, they’re great and I’m so glad to see my man Deimos is there as well. I like the new BTM look by the way. My blog is also going through a bit of a change, I started from scratch and am going to try and post more regularly. Right, the plug is done, and all I will say now is goodbye for now.

    LOTS of LOVE

  4. Hi everybody!!
    All the best from Your fellow boytoons-fan – I wish You and Yours a very awesome 2007 and what better way to start off the new year with a beautiful set of awesome Class Comics’ characters! :D
    Thanks Patrick for these cool Wallpapers.

    Again, all the best to Y’all – hiroke, manny, Patrick, Charlie, everybody.

  5. João Baptista says

    Great, amazing, marvelous

  6. Love the variation on the Locus pic especially, and love the new stuff with his new bounty hunter pals. Hope to see more of them soon

  7. Damian & Trent says

    Hey, these guys are HUGELY beautiful. Thanks for the treat.

    Damian & Trent

  8. MJR Charlie says

    Happy New Year Patrick, Fraser and everyone at Class.

    Wow, nice way to start off the new year. All your top guys, and some new ones (Being truthful, I’m got a thing for Blazer, he’s hot as hell and cute to boot).

    Keep em coming Patrick, can;t wait for all the great things in the new year.

  9. Sixpencenotthewiser says

    Your blog is my fav late-nite early-morning stop. And Jung is my walpaper as I type. Thanks much!


  10. MJR Charlie says

    I just had to mention this on the blog, sorry Patrick, its unrelated, but very good news!!!

    Here in the u.k, the bill of rights has passed the goods and services bill, which is to take place in April this year. The bill was made has as law that companies, schools and organisations are no long allowed to disallow services on the grounds of sexual orientation, where as before, they could if they didn’t want 2 fags sleeping in a hotel room or buying a magazine, now any discrimination against a gay person could get that company sued for it.

    This is a massive leap, because recently here in the u.k, the bill to protect religous beliefs on the same grounds passed, giving religous followers protection from such things. As the bill for gay rights in goods and services came close, a group called the ‘Christian Institute’ faught tooth and nail to disallow this bill from passing, saying that it would not give religous minorities the right to free speech (in other words, the right to make homophobic slurs at gay people, well being protected themselves from religous slur).

    This double standard had hundreds of people outside Parliment the other night, both pro and against the bill, and it passed 199 to 81!

    So, gays 1, homophobes 0. lol

    I just had to let everyone know.

  11. Hello dear Friends…

    I just love making wallpaper for you guys! It is so great to see how appreciated it is. Plus it’s a fun way to do some of my won art for BTM…

    White Wabbit… My friend, by now I’ve received, drooled over, posted and ranted about how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your illustration of Flamer! So I think it’s official! You truly are his #1 fan… and deservedly so! LOL!!! Glad you enjoyed the wallpaper! XOXO

    Elphos… thanks so much for the lovely compliments! I really appreciate it! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my work and the Blog! Don’t be a stranger! XOXO

    Reikro… Great to hear from you buddy! I’m glad you enjoyed the Wallpaper and especially the Deimos one. I have to confess I put that one in the mix ESPECIALLY for you ‘cause I know he’s your fave! LOL!!!

    It’s nice to hear that you like the new look of the Blog… although truth be told I am not yet sold on this new feel myself. I am still trying to find a look and template I like and that will permit me to edit and customize. Sigh… Blogger is great, but still has a little ways to go I guess! Anyhow, have fun with your own redecorating as well, and thanks again for stopping by! As always, your comments are greatly appreciated! XOXO

    Phrog… Thanks for all the well wishes and compliments, dear friend! You are such a sweetheart! Great to hear you enjoyed the wallpaper! Much love to you and all the best this year as well! XOXO

    João Baptista… Thank you so much for the kind words my friend. Feel free to drop by anytime you like! XOXO

    Charvolth… Glad you enjoyed the first wave, my friend. I will have the next one posted very soon! Meanwhile, I hope you are still enjoying Locus and his big green wee wee! LOL!!! Much love! XOXO

    Damian and Trent… Always a pleasure to hear from you boys! And you are most welcome! I am thrilled you enjoyed the first wave of the explosion wallpaper. I’ll have more for you shortly! XOXO

    Charlie… Wonderful WONDERFUL news about the recent developments in the UK! That is extremely positive progress and great to know! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us and for keeping us informed!

    Also, glad to hear that you enjoyed the first wave of the new wallpaper. I hope to have more of Flamer for you to enjoy very soon! Much love, dear friend! XOXO

    Sixpencenotthewiser… Hey my friend. Thank you so much for the sweet words! I really appreciate that! It’s especially nice to hear that you still enjoy the Blog ‘cause lately I have been so swamped with work and have not had anywhere nearly as much time to devote to BTM as I would like. I hope that things level off a bit more so that I can get back to updating more regularly again… All that to say that your kind words were greatly appreciated and really made my day! Much love and thanks! XOXO

    Thanks again you guys for taking the time to comment! Wave 2 is on its way!
    Lotsa luv!
    Patrick XOXO

  12. Greeting how are you doing? I kind of wish you put a nude pic of Jung I really love him. I got all your comics excluding Rapture #2 I have so many damn bills that I have to pay and don’t give me enough so I can buy what I want. *sighs* Anyway I can’t wait to see more hot guys from you. Much love.

  13. Anonymous says

    gay people suck!!! go to hell!

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