BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #64 – The Return of Diablo

WARNING!!! Spoilers Ahead!!!

A funny thing happened after I saw Rapture #2 in print. I realized that Incubus was at last on his own path as a character, and that Diablo and he were finally on their way to truly being 2 separate characters. That was nice!

I have to admit that their imagery and characters have often been muddled together, and that most people have a hard time identifying one from the other. Now that Incubus has his bold (or BALD, as it were) new look, this no longer seems to be as problematic!

It’s been established that Bruno Ragetti was transformed by the Cube wielding Jeanne Darque into the oh-so-hot-and-sexy Diablo. Red skin, pitch fork tail, horns, hoofs at first, and then later with real human legs and feet and eventually wings. After being repeatedly groped and ravished by the wicked Jon Dazy, he decided he’d had enough of the whole Diablo thing and relinquished his powers. To everyone’s surprise, those powers transferred over to his 19 year-old son, Eric. Eric was thus transformed into a new super sexy demon boy, calling himself Incubus.

Now I haven’t actually drawn any of this…well except maybe for the Jon Dazy groping Diablo part. Yah! I’ve drawn that a few times! But most of the other stuff I’ve just insinuated and explained away in comic book narrative.

With Rapture #2, Incubus sort of comes of age. He accepts himself as the man he is, and decides to change his appearance so that the people around him will be less tempted to compare him to his father.

So Incubus is at last set on his own path, but as happy as I am with the new look of the character, I suddenly realized that I too have ALWAYS compared him to his father. Incubus is a great character whom I enjoy writing very much, and he’s a blast to draw, but the original Diablo always seemed to have such a flare that his son never really captured for me.

So Diablo is coming back, horns, tail and piercings and all. In preparation for Guardians of the Cube #6, Fraser and I have decided that the book needs to sort of make a return to simpler times. It’s gotten so heavy with issues #4 and #5, and the whole Ghostboy/Ghostgirl thing, though much fun in some ways, has really begun to darken the series. We’ve decided that “new old” blood is in order.

To begin with, Diablo is technically in his mid forties, which sets him apart from most of the other characters. He has life experience and is more settled as a person. He knows himself, and he returns to the series with a renewed confidence, which even his mistreatment at the hands of Jon Dazy has not managed to shake. He is an expecting father, and still married to Pascale Dimorne. He is also still Incubus’ father, and the two don’t always see eye to eye, which ought to make for some interesting plot lines.

But first, Bruno has to be re-transformed into Diablo, and that won’t happen in Cube #6. You see, if I had the luxury of releasing one issue of the book per month, the way Marvel does with their titles, then I could take my time with all of this, but that just isn’t the case. So instead, you can read of Bruno’s re-transformation into Diablo in the online comics section of my website come the January 2007 update.

It occurred to me that the website is a great tie-in to what I am doing with the comics themselves. It can also serve as a bit of a short-cut in some ways, allowing me to jump back into the swing of things with Diablo in the mix on Cube #6.

So no more muddling! Diablo is not Incubus, and Incubus is not Diablo. One is bald, one has lots of really spiky jelled hair. One is cut, one in not. But both will once again be part of the series that spawned them. You can count on seeing a lot more of this father and son duo… ahem – that sounded pretty dirty! LOL!! Well, hopefully you know what I mean! Hmmm… Do I KNOW what I mean?!?! ;)

Much love, dear friends!

Patrick XOXO

PS – For those of you who are curious, the illustration of Diablo on today’s cover will actually be printed in the up-coming Guardians of the Cube companion! Man, I love doing them close-ups! HA! HA! HA!

Diablo, Incubus, Jon Dazy, Guardians of the Cube and all other related characters are © Copyright and TM 2006, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hi Patrick,

    what a wonderful idea! First of all – I always envisioned Your website as another outlet for Your creativity. It’s not “just” a means of communication. Your website can be so much more! And You already started taking that path by publishing never-before seen art and plot-lines.

    For example, I just darn LOVE the Camili-Cat story “The Truth”. Why not take that plot-line and establish the ideas in it a little further, like, take Xacov from Your story and other characters from Your online-comics and put them in backgrounds of Rapture #3 and see what happens?
    It’s such an awesome outlet for Your creativity and it all blends so perfectly well into each other… I’m really excited!!! =D Can You tell? Yeah, I am sure You can! =D (and no more exclamation marks from this keyboard…) =D

    Anyways – congrats on Your great ideas and re-establishing Diablo the way he was meant to be: self-confident, red, sexy and cool. At least, that’s how I envisioned him when I read through the Cube-series from Gmünder.
    Incubus is far younger and more like – pardon, but it just came to my mind – Anakin Skywalker (YUM!): Reckless, youthful, sexy and always trying to be different from his father.

    By having said all that, I repeat myself again: Your creations rock! Each and every one of them! Period! (Oops, forgot about the exclamation-mark-stop!). Why? Well, they are all CHARACTERS not just beautiful pin-ups. They are beautiful, sure, but there is way way more to each and every character which distincts each and every one from each other. And by having more edges on Diablo and Iccy You’re again a step further to Your own gay Marvel-universe.
    Congratulations, man – Your stuff is beyond awesome!

    Keep on rocking and score one for me! =D
    All the best to Y’all (where the hell is manny, btw???)


  2. MJR Charlie says

    Well, its certainly good to know that your reworking Diablo and bringing him back, and that he and Incubus can now be thought of as 2 seperate characters.

    Its just, well, obviously like you say, you don’t have the luxery of releasing a monthly comic like marvel or other comic companies can, so you can only put in to much into your work.
    The problem that lays with humble fans like me and others is that we don’t have that access to the online comics, I get my subscription for your comics from a friend who orders them, and does a double order for me, which I then pay him by cheque. I don’t have a mastercard or visa, so its the only way I have to work with.

    I was sad to hear that Zahn would only appear as an online comic, because then I’d never get the chance to read it.
    Still, like I say, I know its hard for you to publish your work freely like Marvel and DC can, I only wish there were a means to see your online comics, just to appreicate them.

    Keep up the good work Patrick.


  3. Hiya Boys…

    Thanks for taking the time to write! I’m really pleased to see that you enjoyed this little expose on Diablo!

    Phrog…I am glad to see you like my idea of using my website as a means to further the character’s story along. In Diablo’s case it just makes it easier to insert him back into the Guardians of the Cube series. And I agree, it will certainly be a great way to feature other characters who may not have had a lot of attention paid to them in the comics to date!

    Anyhow, thanks again for all the wonderful comments, and the kind words! I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm!

    Meanwhile, I am not sure where Manny is. I also hope that he is doing well. Hugz + Kisses XOXO

    Hey Charlie… Glad you liked the Diablo article, and of course, by now you know that Zahn will appear in much more than just the online comics, so you’ll have more options to see him!

    Thanks again for your wonderful comments! Much love to you both!
    Patrick XOXO

  4. Ugggghhhh…. ><
    Seeing those big cocks make me dizzy.

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