BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #63 – Trash From My Closet!

Okay, so first, you must ALL promise you won’t laugh! Fraser and I were doing a little office cleanup last night and we unearthed a bunch of old crap that I thought you might get a kick out of. It is always so cool and weird all at once to take a trip back in time by viewing stuff I drew years and years ago.

A lot of it brings back memories of where I was both personally and professionally at the time. Some memories are good, some are not so good! LOL!!! But one thing is fer sure, you can’t spit on your roots and you have to respect the work that came before what you are doing today. The way I see it, it is your path as an artist… your journey if you will. All that old work is ultimately what has led you to where you are today! Although, I must confess. That crappy little pic of the Street Fighter characters I did makes me kinda wish I COULD forget some of my roots! LOL!!!

I have these little sketch books I keep that have stuff I’ve written and doodled in them. They house ideas, my thoughts and a lot of my creative notes. In the pile of crap we dug up, I came across a bunch of those sketch books and found rough thumbnail sketches I doodle to map out my comic pages. It’s cool to see where the art and stories evolve from. Some are more refined and detailed than others (like those I draw for stories that will be illustrated by other artists), but their purpose is always to serve as a road map for creating the final art. Above you can see the evolution of a Deimos page — from start to finish.

Check out this REALLY REALLY rough doodle of Incubus’ new look. I handed that over to poor Spubba and said “HERE! This is what he looks like now!” LOL!!! Spub did a wicked job on Incubus and really made the new look work super well in Rapture #2.

We found old, un-used cover illustrations (like the one of Dane, Diablo, Jon and Matt, meant initially for an early verion of the Boytoons comics) as well as unfinished pencil sketches. The sketch of NJ was one of the very first drawings I ever did of him.

I also got to revisit my work on the TidePool Sketches stories, written by Robert Gray.

We even turned up some old artwork I drew YEARS ago for Canadian Male Magazine, my first job drawing male erotica, and the place I met my dear friend and the voice of Naked Justice, Donald MacLean. Wow…looking back at some of that stuff, it’s a wonder I ever got published! HA! HA! HA! Check out the old Road Trip comic strips I used to do for the magazine as well! Good silly fun!

Canadian Male was actually cancelled before they could run Road Trip 10, so in a way, this is the first time this strip has ever been seen by the public! It’s a shame about the mag though. Don and I had a great time working on it, and it was really starting to be a great publication. But alas, it was not meant to be. Boy these old
drawings bring me back! :)

Oh yeah, and we even stumbled upon a cartoony Princess Leia illustration I drew eons ago for my friend Robin who was to get her tattooed on her arm. She never went through with it, but I figured I’d update the sketch a bit and color her up for ya! I even created a fun little Cloud City background for her royal Highness!

And speaking of Star Wars, here’s a rough concept sketch of a nude Kit Fisto drawing I’ve been meaning to draw. Again, this one was pulled from one of my many sketch and note books.

All of this to say that I would like to think that my art has come a long way since those days! LOL!!! Still, I figured sharing this stuff might give you all a fun glimpse into my past as an artist.

And todays’ cover hunks… well, they really don’t have much to do with today’s post, ‘cause they are a fairly new illustration. But I like them a lot and figured they (and their big weiners!!!) might get your attention! LOL!!!

So enjoy all of these old chicken scratches, dear friends. I’ll have more goodies for you very soon!

Much love to you all… and again, thank you for not pointing at your screen at laughing your asses off! HA! HA! HA!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXOXO

PS — Cartman is NOT FAT! He’s Festively Plump! ;)


  1. Hello Patrick

    Now this is really interesting! It’s always interesting for me to see something that I did way back that I forgot about, almost like finding money down the back of a sofa, haha. Unfortunately most of my old artwork stayed in South Africa with my art teacher. Not long ago though I did find a old scetch book that my dad kept with old side profile drawings of cars that I made when I was about 8.

    Interestingly with you older work, I noticed how it looks sort of…different compared to your work of now, but it is still unmistakably your work. Wich is really nice, to have your own very distinctive style. I am frankly astonished at your doodles though. Take that Incubus revamp doodle, now if I were asked to do something like that I would probably take twenty minutes and still only end up with a page full of squigles.

    You, Mr. Fillion, have got great talent, and I thank you for sharing it with us.

    LOTS of LOVE

  2. What a great issue! I really love glimpses at other artist’s sketchbooks. I think it gives so much insight into our minds, ya know?

    I like your Rose in th SF pic. (I love it when guys pick Rose at the arcade– it’s such a testament to their homosexuality.)

    Awesome to see the last installment of Road Trip and this very first NJ drawing is truly a treasure. Hang on to that, man– sell it in a few years and you could probably retire!

    Thanks so much for sharing, P-dawg!

  3. MJR Charlie says

    Patrick, you are so modest and thats what makes you the most down to earth comic artist to date.

    In not way or other do I find any of your work crap, because every sketch you do is a building frame of your thoughts and ideas building up to something brilliant, so in no way are they ever crap.
    Its really amazing to see some of your early concepts, of NJ, Incubus, and drafts of your work in progress, this shows an artist at his very best. You can’t expcet to draw something every time it be the final result, so a draft is key to getting it just right. I know, I draft out all my pics before going at them.

    Anyway, its amazing to see your raw work here, and looking forward to what more you’ve got hidden away.

    If you don’t post before christmas, you and Fraser have a really lovely one, you guys have earned it.


  4. Hiya folks,

    Patrick, with Cartman being one of my favorite “Cartoon”-characters ever and with Kit fisto in the nude AND Dane shaved on a non-published cover… how can You even remotely think You’d being laughed at??? =D
    I mean it, Your “older” stuff shows clearly where You’re going as an artist. Even Your early doodles of Your pages show Your clear vision of what the pages will become: Locus’ strip-dance (in the nude nonetheless!!!) is a clear example for what I’m brabbling about.
    It’s awesome to see Your non-finished and non-published stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best to Y’all!

  5. Patrick, what an absolute treat to have a view of some of your early sketches. A talent, no doubt! Thank you for a great blog and looking forward to more of your work, and insights. And plenty more books to purchase. Have a Happy Christmas and may the New Year bring you all you want and need. Love to you and Fraser. Tim in a foggy London Town.

  6. Damian & Trent says

    Man, if that stuff were in OUR closet, we’d enjoy going in there & NEVER coming out! As always, … cool! And thanks!

    Damian & Trent

  7. dreamerboy6 says

    I haven’t been so turned on by this blog in ages! There’s something carnal and raw about the rough sketches and early work! I particularly loved the “Doctor! Doctor!” piece, with all the incredible detail that went into the chest hair. Just looking at this entry has me short of breath. We love you, Patrick, and we sure hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  8. Hey gang…

    Reikro, JC, Charlie, Phrog, Tim, Dreamerboy and Daimian and Trent… Great to hear from you all! I’m so pleased you enjoyed looking through my old artwork and unfinished pieces. You know sometimes artists are truly their own worse critics. I know that is the case with me. If a piece is older than 2 days, it seems I just love to pick it apart. But on occasion I do like to revisit old artwork. It can be lots of fun, and remind me of projects I meant to work on, or how projects started out. In any case, I thank you all for your kind words and lovely comments!

    I’ll probably do another similar post sometime in the near future… mostly because I have a TON of older art that I would love to share with all of you.

    Until then, be safe and happy!
    Much love to you all,
    Patrick XOXOX

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