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Morning gang!

Man, the Holiday Season sure has kept us busy here at Class, and mostly because we are preparing a wicked 2007 for you guys! I am not complaining though, honest, because there’s a lot of fun stuff coming up and I am having a blast. I just haven’t had as much time for the Blog as I would like of late. So this morning, I thought I would do another issue on other Blogs which I love to check out. Below you’ll find links to some of my fave artist Blogs. I sure hope you’ll check ‘em out. Some of them you will be familiar with, while others will be new to you. But they are all really great and lots of fun (and in no particular order of preference!) Enjoy!

Anti-Heroes: The Blog – JC Etheredge, creator of the always HOT and always tons of fun Anti-Heroes has a new Blog. It’s a great place to see more of his fantastic art, and also a great way to get to know this terrific artist better. What I love best about his Blog is that it is always so varied in subject matter. A great read with some great illustrations!

Rated-Z Concepts – Created by artist extraordinaire Sean Z, this great new Blog focuses mainly on his erotic series entitled Myth. Sean has a gorgeous style, and his stuff is always so sensual. There you’ll also find a link to his newly revamped website Rated Z, and you’ll meet his super-HOT new character, V’Riel: this issue’s hot blond cover Boytoon. Sean also has a terrific links section that you’ll have fun with for hours!

The Britdoodz Blog – A few issues back, I interviewed my dear friend, the wonderful Theo Bain. Since then he created a new Blog where he will discuss his work on Britdoodz and other projects. The Blog is still very new, and Theo is a very busy guy, so there is currently just one post. But mark my words, this is one Blog you’ll want to keep an eye out. Theo never disappoints and his Doodz are some of the hottest Boytoons out there.

Belasco Art & Comixxx – The most talented artist of Black Male Erotica also happens to have one of the coolest Blogs like, EVER!!! Belasco is an exceptionally gifted illustrator who loves to share his love of men and art at his fantastic Blog. One of the best parts of this Blog is that it has a HUGE archive section in which you’ll discover tons of this artist’s beautiful work, and learn more about the man himself through his writings. A wonderful source of hot, HOT fun!

DrawFellas – Created and operated by Rudy, a SUPERB artist himself, DrawFellas is a great place to discover new talent and artists. Rudy discusses and shows us some of his breathtaking work, but also devotes posts to other artists. I applaud this amazing artists’ work and efforts to help the gay erotic art community come together. This is one talented man whose art is truly beautiful. His link section is also worth hours of fun!

NeroneNerone is a wonderful artist of male erotica. He is extremely talented and depicts gorgeous images of men in leather, S&M gear, and other fun accessories. The great part about Nerone’s art is that he always leaves you begging for more. He can arouse you without showing you everything, which is part of his great talent. Plus he is one of the nicest fellows I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with. From Brazil, Nerone’s Blog is both in Portuguese and also in English, which is a great touch… but trust me when I tell you that his illustrations also speak quite nicely for themselves!

These are just a few of my favorite art Blogs. I hope you will enjoy these links dear friends, and always be on the lookout for new art Blogs. They are popping up all the time and are worth adding to your faves folder! Meanwhile, I will have more fun articles and interviews for you all very shortly!

Much Love!
Patrick XOXOX


  1. Hello, Patrick.
    What a great way to start my day. I came to your blog to see your lastest posts and for my BIG surprise and enjoyment I read your review on my blog. Man, I can’t express how happy and honored I feel at this moment. I still can’t belive my eyes. Thank you soooo much for the nice words. Your opinion is VERY IMPORTANT to me. I know that, besides your great talent in illustration, you are THE GREATEST connaisseur in this field. I also know that you see many artists works in your day-by-day activities and you could have picked many blogs to rewiew. But you chose MY blog!!! That makes me even more proud to be mentioned here. Thank you so much (again and again and again!).

    Hugs, hugs, hugs

  2. Hi Patrick,

    thanks alot for the heads-up. All of them blogs (minus JC Ehteridge’s) were completely new to me and I see that Your crusade/quest to become the Marvel-comics of gay erotic literature is well on its way. And I wish You and Fraz all the very best!
    Oh, and nerone – consider me hooked: I’m definitely gonna watch Your blog daily! =D

    All the best to You guys!

  3. Hey Patrick,

    I’ve beaten you to it. I’ve bookmarked every blog on there including yours.

    Keep up the great works guys.

    Adam G


    Patrick…what a pleasant surprise—twice now. LOL.

    Thanks so much for the inclusion with so many other great creative talent.
    You are a wonderful pleasure, my friend—thank you, for being YOU.



  5. ^___^

    Thanks fo the links! Some I knew about but a few I didn’t! Way to go, gay bloggers! Let’s look out for each other! haha!

  6. Sixpencenotthewiser says

    Patrick (I see that everybody refers to you by your first name, so I imagine it’s customary),
    Very cool post. I usually come here for my fix of awesome drawings, but these guys you have talked about are also very talented. Never too many talented men (and women) drawing beautiful men. Thanks for letting us know!

  7. Damian & Trent says

    We’ve been away for a couple weeks (O’ahu) & fell behind with your blog entries, & missed the sale. Oh, well. Everything’s a trade-off.

    Man, JC Etheredge’s Marq & Preston must be g-rated, …. “g” for goop! Whoa!

    Thanks for the cool entries, Patrick.

    Damian & Trent

  8. Thanks again for providing some great links, I’m particularly intrigued by the works of Sean Z, and look forward to seeing more of his work.

  9. Hello my friends…

    Nerone… I am so glad you are happy I posted your link here. I really do think you are a great talent, and your work is something people need to see and admire! HUGZ HUGZ HUGZ right back atcha my friend! XOXO

    Phrog… Hey my friend. I am really glad I could help you discover some great new Blogs and some really cool new artists! I am sure you will enjoy all of their work and postings! Hugz and kisses! XOXO

    Adam… HA! HA! HA! Well, I am glad these truly noteworthy Blogs have been bookmarked into your faves folder… even if you beat me to it! LOL! XOXO

    Z… You are so welcome my friend. You know I think you rock and that you are so super talented! It was an honor to feature your Blog and art on my little Blog! Hugz and Kisses! XOXO

    JC… You betcha my friend. Without making this into a Hallmark moment, I agree with you. It’s important to stick together and to help spread the word about one another;s art! You Rock my friend! XOXO

    Sixpencenotthewiser… Hey, thanks for the kind words my friend. I am really pleased to read that you enjoyed this posting and the artist I talked about in it. I will do my best to keep bringing you guys more cool posts showing off as many artists and hot Boytoons as possible. All the best to you my friend! XOXO

    Damian and Trent… Welcome back my friends. Hope you had a great time away! And hey, great pot hear from you again and I am really happy you could stop by and say hello! Hugz and Kisses to you both! XOXO

    Charvolth… Glad you enjoyed the article my friend. Yup, Z is really an artist you will want to keep a close eye on. His art is awesome and his stories and characters are wonderfully well conceptualized and illustrated! Enjoy!! XOXO

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