Art of Patrick Fillion – December 2006 updates!

Hi Gang…

Just a quick little post to let you all know that Fraz and I updated my site today. In light of the forthcoming Satisfaction Guaranteed #4, we added some new SG character bios, plus there’s a brand new piece of fiction which was written by Mike Hicks. Mike is a very talented writer who has penned a lot of hot fiction for Freshmen magazine. Check out his take on Naked Justice.

There are a few other goodies too, so be sure to have a look around while you’re visiting to spot all the new stuff!

On another note, I just wanted to add to my recent Class of 2007 posting. Some of you have emailed me and posted comments regarding books you were hoping to see in 2007. Please keep in mind that the books I announced in the post are only just a few of the titles Class Comics is gonna release next year. I am also currently working on a few other projects, such as a Zahn book and the third and final chapter of a certain, LONG LONG LONG awaited (by no one more so than me!) Camili-Cat series! I’ll leave you to guess which one! ;)

I hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season! And let me know what you think of the updates! Much love to you all.

Hugz + Kisses and warm Holiday Wishes,


PS – Also in the next few days I’ll have some more hot Boytoons and awesome artist interviews for you right here at BTM… so come back soon! ;)


  1. Oh.My.God… =D =D =D

    Patrick, that Cam-picture is so supercute, I am even more in love with him than ever before! =D What a beautiful, beautiful picture.
    And here I am thinking that You might have lost interest in drawin’ my fave kitty-cat =D
    What a gorgeous update, Patrick! Man, You rock! Greets to Fraz and all the best to You guys!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Hey Patrick

    I agree with phrog, great pic of Cam, and the pic of Zahn is super hot. There’s something about those overpowerling like situations that really does it for me. Looking forward to Zahn’s book and the other upcoming projects. Nice update on your site as well. Had a look at the new character bios, Craig Coolidge is looking rather yummy, looking forward to seeing him in Satisfaction Guaranteed #4 and that Locus dress up doll is a great idea!

    Great work Patric, Fraz, Alexis. Lots of love to you all!


  3. MJR Charlie says

    Wow, this is awesome news, your actully going to do a Zahn book!? I’ve wanted to see your new character Zahn for ages, but without a mastercard can’t get onto your online comics, which made me sad. I love the Conan style adverturer, always have, the rugid, brutal warrior type who wears just a loin-cloth.. or in Zahns case, not at all, lol.

    That pic of Cam makes him seem so tender, as Phrog says, really cute. Often guys with massive cocks seem kind of intimidating, but cam is just so sweet.

    Loving the christmas makeover to the site, Also seeing Dario’s file being added is great. He looked very much like disneys tarzan in his first appearance, but now somewhat different, which is good cause I hope to see more of him.

  4. Loved the Cam Christmas pic, and I’m also glad to hear Zahn will have his own comic. I am curious to see your take Sword and Sorcery, and if Zahn will be more heroic or more an anti-hero in the style of Robert E. Howard’s famous creation.

    I’m also glad to see that yo’re planning on finishing Felinoids, so as to see the fgurther adventures of Cam.

  5. Hiya Phrog… Thanks so much for the compliments! I am really pleased that you enjoy the Cam illustration. I just love it when I have the time to create a new image for the front page of the website. It makes me feel like I really am updating things with more of a bang! LOL! In the case of this illustration, I just though… Hmmm… what might I like to find under the Xmas tree? HA! HA! HA! Glad you enjoyed the updates, dear friend! XOXO

    Hey there Reikro… Glad you enjoyed the new updates. Craig is one of my fave additions to SG #4. He doesn’t have a lot of on screen time, but he is a sweet character I wouldn’t mind exploring further in the future. Also glad you enjoyed the pic of Zahn. I think it will be really fun to work more with that character! And yah! I like them overpowering situations as well! LOL!!! Thanks again, dear friend! XOXO

    Hiya Charlie… Glad to hear you are excited about the Zahn book, my friend! I hope it will not disappoint. I am really having a great time with Zahn as well. He’s a fun and different kind of character to work with.

    As for Cam, I’ve always figured that the nice thing about him is that yeah he has a really huge cock, but he’s happy to share it with all those who are interested! LOL!!!

    As for Dario, I did end up modifying his look a little. I just felt that I needed to get away from the Disney Tarzan look a bit. This way he feels more like his own man! Glad you enjoyed the addition of his bio to the site! Thanks again for the lovely comments dear friend! XOXO

    Hello Charvolth. Glad you are pleased about the Zahn book announcement, and as for Felinoids… I too am really happy to get the chance to get back to that book and conclude the chapter. I have big plans for Cam, but none of it can really happen until Felinoids wraps up! So back to work on that I go! LOL!!! Thanks again my friend for taking the time to write! XOXO

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