BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #60 – The Christmas Issue!

Well Gang, it is December 1, and officially, the Christmas spirit has found its way into my heart! LOL!!! Who can help it? Everywhere you turn there’s a Santa on the street corner, begging for whatever scraps of money you haven’t yet allotted to gift buying. Another string of colorful LED lights brightly adorns your neighbor’s window. The Christmas displays are out in force in the stores, and your favorite radio stations are even spinning hip new versions of our favorite Christmas carols!

Christmas is everywhere… and in fact, it was here (or in the stores at least) long before Halloween was even over, so all that we have left to do is to give in. And aside from the blatant commercial aspects of the season, there are many fun parts to the Holidays that one can throw oneself into.

Ahem… I feel a bit like a tool though, because this post is about spending for the Holidays! HA! HA! HA! I should also point out that I did mean to partake in “Buy Nothing Day”, but then ended up buying an Xbox 360 online for Fraser and I as a Xmas gift, seconds before the sadly little observed Holiday came to a close. We are slaves to spending, aren’t we?

And why the Hell not? I mean, there is a lot of great shit out there to spend on… but as a gay man, and a proud one at that, I have my standards. I know what I like and what blows! I’ve taken it upon myself to compile a short list of fun gift ideas for the Holidays. This list will not appeal to everyone, but I think some of this stuff is at once fun, and CHEAP!!! And honey, sales are ALWAYS the best way to go.

Item #1: Aimee Mann – Another Drifter in the Snow. Christmas music can be horribly kitch and dreadfully cheesy when in the shrill hands of Mariah Carey or Celine Dion. Yet when an artist as talented and wonderfully quirky as Aimee Mann records a Christmas CD, you know you are in for a treat. Tese are Yule Tunes like you’ve never heard them before. Aimee is always amazing, but what blows me away on this album is her refreshingly original take on these old classics. She treats us to a carnival from Christmas Hell-esque version of the classic “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” (my personal fave track on the album, mostly for its brilliant orchestration and simple vocal arrangement!) and even delivers a perfectly insane rendition of Dr. Seuss’ “You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch”. Aimee also wrote a lovely new soon-to-be-Xmas-classic for the album, “Calling on Mary”, from which she pulls the title of this beautiful Holiday record.

For those of you who prefer your Holiday music a little less off the wall, might I suggest the brilliant Diana Krall’s collection of Christmas Songs. Diana’s voice is velvet, and she just exudes class!

Item #2: The X-Files, Seasons 1 to 9, at their newly reduced price. Fox used to sellthese suckers for more than $120 per season here in Canada, and recently repackaged the series at the far more favorable price of less than $40 per set. The X-Files may be a child of the 1990s, but as far as I am concerned the series still stands up incredibly well, (despite the ridiculously large cell phones). Scully and Mulder are still good for a hell of a thrill, and at this price, it’s a great set to offer anyone on your Xmas list even remotely interested in a really well written and rounded out television series.

Also newly re-priced is the amazing Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. The show is brilliant in more ways than I could ever count, and few are those able to resist its charm! Again, at less than $40, they make a great gift for the Holidays.

Item #3: The Shameless plug! LOL!!! Yes folks, I am truly shameless. We’re having a HUGE 5 day sale at Class Comics and now you can save from 20% to 70% on all our books and products (excluding the PF Gear!). I mention this because we are currently selling the Euro Load, which is a collection of the first 2 issues from the Camili-Cat, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Guardians of the Cube and Naked Justice series. The set was printed by European publisher, Brumo Gmunder, and it looks fabulous. I even created new covers for each issue! Plus it makes a great gift and starter set for that friend you just know would dig our Boytoons! Hurry, cause this sale is only on for 5 days! LOL!!! There! Plug over.

Of course there are other great gay comics that would make the perfect gift. Check out the Anti Heroes #1 and #2, available from JC Etheredges’ website,
and Elegant Madness latest Yaoi Boyslove offering, Only Words. Though this latest gem from the talented Tina Anderson and Caroline Monaco is not yet released, it’s well worth adding to your shopping cart!

Item #4: The kinky/sexy gift: A little something from the Ginch Gonch underwear collection! I LOOOOOOVE underwear, and thanks to companies like Ginch Gonch, men’s underwear no longer has to be boring. Ginch Gonch has created an incredible line of men’s (and ladies’) underwear which is fun and playful, and ALWAYS super sexy. I mean these things fit like a glove and are also very comfortable. I never knew such a combo was possible.

So if you’re looking for a little something cheeky to give to your loved one, I recommend a pair of Ginch Gonch’s briefs. I can’t guarantee how long they will stay on though! LOL!!!!

Item #5: The stocking stuffer. Okay, I am about to admit something that a lot of people think makes me weird. I have a Care Bear fetish! There…my secret is out!!! LOL!!! These cuties are not only adorable, but they are also wonderfully retro, PLUS they even have the best unofficial Gay teddy bear ever… I refer of course to the cuddly Cheer Bear who proudly displays the colors of the rainbow on her tummy!

These little guys come in like, a billion different sizes and shapes, but they are best given as Christmas stocking stuffers. Trust me, I don’t give a shit that you’re a grown adult… you CAN’T resist these sickly sweet things! I’ve tried… but eventually I just gave in! LOL!!! Carlton Cards is a great place to collect these adorabolies, but Zellers and London Drugs sell them for much less.

On a special side note, a few people once asked me why Camili-Cat has a Cheer Bear in his bed in the story “The Gift”. Well, now you know! He and I share the same obsession! LOL!!!

Item #6: The 2007 Calendar. I adore Calendars, and most people enjoy them as well… but it’s always wise to wait for those after Christmas sales. I have my eye on the Marvel Heroes 2007 calendar that will surely go on sale on Boxing Day. It has a great assortment of illustrations, including a beautiful one of my beloved Storm in her latest costume!

But if you’re at a loss for a gift idea, a Calendar is a safe bet, because let’s face it… do you know anyone who doesn’t get a new one each year? They are the gift that keeps giving the whole year long!

Item #7: The Big Ticket Item – The XBOX 360. Okay, so we all know I am a video game junkie, but nothing says Merry Christmas like smashing a Zombie’s f***ing head in with a cash register or a bucket of paint. I am of course referring to my new all-time favorite Zombie game, Capcom’s “Dead Rising”, which is exclusive to the Xbox 360. As a slight negative though, the good people at Capcom made the game specifically for HDTVs…which HELLO people, not everyone owns!


Still, the game rocks, and of all the new game platforms out in time for the Holidays, the Xbox 360 remains my top choice. The Playstation 3 is way too monstrously expensive, while the remotes to the bizarre Wii have been reported to hurtle out of the sweaty palms of over zealous gamers, smashing through windows, TV screens and grandpa’s forehead. Besides, I don’t play video games to get freaking exercise!!! Have you seen the commercials for the Wii?!?! People are bouncing all over the place, working up a sweat… WTF??? HA! HA! HA! I have nothing against the platform, but its not for me.

The Xbox 360 may be a bit pricy at roughly $400, but it’s trying to compete with Sony and Nintendo, and you can find some great deals on it if you know how to shop!

So there you have it my friends. In the end, this issue was really much ado about nothing… but it was fun, wasn’t it? And the Holidays are all about fun! Well, they are to me anyhow.

So I leave you now with this raunchily GORGEOUS XXXmas card by my dear friend JOTTO, one of my fave artists of gay male erotica!

Much love and warm Holiday Wishes to you all!
Patrick XOXOX

PS — This post was written up with tongue firmly in cheek for the most part. Of course the Holidays shouldn’t be about the spending, they should be about friends and family! Happy Holidays to you and yours. Patrick XOXOXO


  1. Dear Patrick,

    well Christmas is almost over us – and this year, I swore to myself I am gonna enjoy it like You wouldn’t believe! =D
    Personally, being a Christian, I was always a little bit wary of the whole shopping-thing, but as I grew older, I get a new grip onto the whole thing and I start to love it =D

    I bought myself some new headphones, a new graphics card, a new USB-harddrive and several books. Not to mention my new courses that will start tomorrow.
    Wait a minute, Christmas is about buying presents for Your family and friends! you say? You’re right, so I got a whole bunch of books that I personally love to give to my family, a travel-ticket for my mom (she looooves travelling and vacations!) and some CDs and DVDs for my brother and sister – they both are some of my best friends and I cannot await to give them the stuff that I got for them =D

    Well, that’s basically it – my shopping list is not as elaborate as Yours Patrick, please excuse me being a lazy slob =D

    All the best to You all – much love to Manny, hiroke, Patrick, Fraz, well – everybody who’s visiting here and reading this gorgeous blog.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Yay! Plug! ^________^ Muchas Gracias, Patrick!

    Those are some great gift ideas, man. I loved the X-Files (I was a shipper.)

    When I was a kid, I also used to love the Care Bears– and even drew comics about them. I made them all skinny and drew Love-a-Lot Bear with long pink hair.

  3. Hi Patrick!

    Ahh yes Christmas, a lovely time of the year. Ideal to spend some time with friends and family, sitting on the sofa with a tartan blanket keeping me warm and sipping a steaming cup of Horlics while watching some classic Christmas television.

    I love a bit of self-indulgance, so this year I wanted to get myself a PS3, unfortunately the launch in Europe has been delayed until March, interestingly enough, right after my Birthday. So I have a external harddrive on it’s way to store my all important videos.

    Christmas has become very much commercialized and it is important not to lose sight in the blazes of lights and sale prices. Christmas should be enjoyed by everyone, not just for Christians like myself, but for everyone to care, share and love.

    Thank you Patrick and phrog, your love and wishes is much apreciated, lots of love to you and everyone else here and have a great Christmas.

    Lots of LOVE
    Reikro XOXOX

  4. Hello Patrick. I just wanted to tell you that I just placed my first order from Class Comics. I love what I’ve seen of your work from your websites, and wanted to own some issues for myself. I hate to admit it but I actually downloaded a couple of your comics (I’m awful I know), but I loved them, so now I’m ordering the same issues (Deimos was especially great, I’m sad to hear you won’t be drawing him in the next issue, but I’m still looking forward to more story so I’ll definitely be picking up issue #1, can’t wait). Anyway, your work is great Patrick, keep it up.


    P.S. – Boytoons is also kickass!

  5. MJR Charlie says

    Christmas has become a funny time of year for me. I’m not religous, in fact I’m a humanist, so the chrisitan values held by christmas don’t mean a thing to me.
    What christmas does mean is that chance to spend it with friends and loved ones, and perhaps do something not done at another time of the year.

    I’ll still put up a tree and have the christmas dinner and buy presents, its just that, if I didn’t have friends or family, it wouldn’t mean anything to me otherwise.

  6. Best wishes to you, Frasier, and your families towards a happy holidays.
    If you want to feel better about Christmas, donate to some of those bell ringers, it lifts some guilt before you go into a store to put yourself into debt till June.
    I will say one thing in defense of the Wii, Nintendo is offering an online service that will allow you to play their old library of games on the Wii, that alone was enough to make me contemplate getting it. If they include the games of their old contract companies like Konami and Capcom that would be incredible. Ah, anyone up for an ulcer from playing Ghosts and Goblins.
    I am also looking forward to seeing what will also come out of Class this year, I hope it is both more prolific and very successful.

  7. Hey Patrick (hey everybody! :)),
    I sent an e-mail to Alexis and to You concerning my work on the Shaak Ti-Website and I know You#re awfully busy but I need to know whether or not I am allowed to post the picture that You drew of Shaak Ti.
    Thanks for every help and scusi if I caused and efforts.
    All the best!

  8. MJR Charlie says

    Just about the Nintendo wii, I hadn’t even heard the name until it was mentioned in that south park episode, and I actully thought they were just making fun of Nintendo, I had no idea they were seriously calling it that.

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