The Princess of Power arrives at last!

Because I also love Girltoons, and because I am a HUGE Masters of the Universe fan, I thought I would share the good news with you all (as if you don’t already know!). She-Ra: Princess of Power Season 1 – part 1 is now available for purchase.

Though I remain a bigger fan of her brother’s, She-Ra is still a big fave because she is such a strong female character, and we all know how much I appreciate a heroine who kicks serious ass!

So check out this amazing volume… you won’t be sorry! The animation still holds up nicely today, and the kamp factor alone will make the viewing experience a blast!

I’m also posting this great She-Ra ensemble cast illustration created by the amazing Emiliano Santalucia for your viewing pleasure. Many thanks to one of my favorite MOTU pals for sending me this great scan.

Meanwhile, Part 2 of Masters of the Universe season 2 is also out. You gotta complete your sets my friends. This is a part of your childhood!

Much love to you all,
Patrick XOXOXO


  1. I used to swirl tinsel round my head and copy her transformation when I was teeny tiny.


  2. YAY! My childhood cartoons are on DVD! My mother borrowed two She-Ra videos from a childrens’ video library but she never returned them.

    And I’ll always remember the episode with the butch bounty hunter, chasing She-Ra and throwing her shiney explosive balls. My sister found that fun..

    Plus Bow looks so obvious. He is! Just look at his moustache…

  3. When I 1st saw this dvd in the store I was about to get it– but then wifey reminded me that we own Secret of the Sword on VHS. (It’s the original too– like one of those really heavy tapes.) So yeah, he talked me out of it.

    I liked He-Man a lot and remembered being really excited for She-Ra when she 1st came out. I wasn’t embarrassed about liking girl’s cartoons– I totally watched and loved Jem.

    But the She-Ra was SOOO lame to me. She had too many cute little annoying sidekicks. Emiliano Santalucia’s poster, beautiful as it is, doesnt represent what that show was about. There was constantly some obnoxious cartoony little dwarf running around that took airtime away from the beautiful buxom heroines.

    I did like Catra though– she was hot. Oh, and Shadoweaver. Shadoweaver had a huge rack… you know, for a ghostly phantom creature. It’s like, “I don’t have a face but my boobs are friggin’ gigantic.”

  4. Both He-man and She-ra were camp as tits (pardon my French), and both seem to still hold a strong place among gay fans, much like wonder woman and aquaman.

    Thing is, I always remember my brother playing with he-man figures when I was young, he had loads of them, who would have thought that the reason prince Adam never got on with Teela was cause he wanted the best times with man of arms, lol.

  5. oh weird– i must not have been logged in when I posed that. I was the one talking about Shadoweaver’s tatas.

  6. JC, You was logged in when you posted that because when I checked the comments last time, it did show your name.

    For some unknown reason, it has changed to anonymous… and Patrick doesn’t allow anonymous comments.

  7. And mine has changed to anonymous too… Weird

  8. AND Thundercats Season 2 volume 2 came out as well! Great time to be a kid of the 80s!!!

  9. Hey gang…

    I think it is safe to say that we are ALL huge fans of the cartoons of the 80’s. They had so much appeal and spunk! She-Ra is certainly no exception and I am thrilled to see she still has so many fans! Thanks for the great comments guys!

    All the best,
    Patrick XOXO

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