Insanity at the Y!

Sigh… as many of you know by now, I was suspended from the Y! about 2 weeks ago for posting illustrations that allegedly went against the ToS. Well, the point is pretty moot now, because mere hours after regaining my access and posting one final message stating my reasons for deciding to leave the community, I have once again been silenced and my access has been denied anew.

They did not like what I wrote, so they promptly deleted my message and shut down my access. Apparently users of the Y! Gallery do not have the right to free speech, and should not feel angry when treated like children. So the moderators shut you down, plain and simple. They hide behind their ToS and rules, but they shut you down nevertheless… however they will tell you that this is not censorship. No siree-bob!

This is the sort of comment I received from one of the moderators (at least I assume he is a moderator since he is part of the Starrunner club) after I posted my message: “I would have expected a published artist to show some restraint and maturity in this matter, especially a full grown goddamn adult.”

I dare say that my they have made my point for me. I think far too much time has been wasted on these people already. My advice to any artist thinking of posting their works at the Y! (and it breaks my heart to have to say this since I have always been a proud supporter of the Y! until recently) is … DON’T!!! You can find better more supportive communities out there who will not treat you like a squabbling child, and show you the respect you deserve.

The Y! has lost some great artists over their conduct, and I can honestly say I think this is just the beginning.

Leia’s quote to Tarkin in Star Wars seems very appropriate here “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

People just don’t like to be bullied.

Anyhow, for those of you interested, below is the actual message that they removed from my profile. Again, I was angry…still am… but I feel my motives for posting it were true and I do not have the impression I went overboard. Judge for yourselves! Meanwhile feel free to check out my account at the Y! to follow this idiotic drama. It has escalated beyong unbelievable.

Goodbye to the Y!

Well, after 2 weeks of being forced away, I have had time to ponder my recent suspension at great lengths. I have come to the conclusion that this community has become something I no longer want to take part in. Yes there are rules, and I respect that… but the rules are not only overly tight, they are also subject to personal interpretation, and therein lies part of the problem.

It apparently does not matter that according to my understanding of the ToS, I was in complete accordance with the guidelines by posting the “offending” images that resulted in my suspension. The problematic illustrations were my image of Naked Justice VS King Cock-A-Tut and Ra, and my pencil sketch of the Guardians of the Cube. In the case of the NJ illustration, it was decided by the moderators that Ra is a furry. My understanding is that in the case of the Guardians illustration, it was decided that there were central female characters and that Diablo’s penis was offensive – described to me as inhuman and too veiny.

Contrary to the belief of some, I did read the ToS.

According to my interpretation of the ToS, the issue of Ra never came up. Mythological creatures are acceptable. Ra is an Egyptian God, not a furry. So I saw no problem there.

According to my interpretation of the ToS, the issue of the Guardians illustration also never arose. The female characters are secondary, and the primary focus is on the male characters. Diablo is a human with demonic traits. That his penis is veiny does not make it inhuman.

So according to my understanding, I felt I was well within these rather stringent guidelines.

But the kicker is that when you offend here at the Y!, rather than being treated with the slightest amount of respect and dignity, you are simply cut off and you lose the ability to speak your side of things. I was unable to contend this decision, and worse still, I was forced into some idiotic exile where I had to sit by and watch as people posted comments and messages about this maddening situation. I was unable to participate in any discussion or debate.

So, like a 4-year old who has allegedly been naughty, I was sent to my room without any supper – for two weeks. I suppose that this is how those in power retain their power! They take away your ability to speak.

This is infuriating. I am not a child, nor are any of the artists who post their work here. Yet this is the sort of treatment we receive.

I was criticized for breaking the rules purposefully and thinking I could get away with it. Apparently some felt that I was pulling prima donna crap and that my status as a published artist, or to use a direct quote, “a famous artist”, meant I believed I was above the rules. Are we in grade school here? What’s next? Will someone pull my hair?

Good Grief!!!

I have never, EVER believed myself more important than any other artist, nor do I think I am special and should be above the rules. I have always believed that artists should stick together, and in fact, it’s always been my goal to encourage and help other artists as much as I can. I think that the comments I have made to other artists truly show this. The insinuation that I think I am some Rock Star who thinks he is above it all is not only insulting, it is deeply hurtful!

To those of you who sit at your computer and troll this site hoping you can happen upon something to report, I say get a bloody life. If you have nothing more positive to contribute to this community or society in general, then stop wasting precious air and please drop dead where you stand. Oh yes! You KNOW who you are!

Most of the artists who post their work here are genuinely trying to adhere to a set of rules that have become so overwhelmingly impossible to follow that they leech the fun out of the entire community. Many talented people are leaving the Y! and even more are beginning to speak out against it. It is a shame to lose amazing artists like Shemyaza for example, because their work is truly beautiful and inspires others to take part here.

This place no longer respects art, it fears it. Worse still, it censors art, and hides behind the so called “rules” in justification. In actuality, I believe that specific individuals censor according to their own personal taste.

To the mo
derators –whom I do not believe are wholly evil — I would hope that you realize that the way you run things is very counterproductive and damaging to your community. You have something that has tremendous potential here and it is a shame that politics and censorship have begun to taint it. I hope things change before this all caves in on itself.

We don’t need more censorship. Not in today’s world where it has become more important than ever to be individuals and stand up for what we believe in. How can one participate in a community where only a small fraction of ones art is welcome?

So, I have removed my artwork from this gallery. I will no longer be posting any work here, nor will I encourage others to do so. It is a shame that it has come to this.

I will not actively badmouth the Y! since I still believe in the artists who post here. You are all talented individuals who deserve a lot more respect. I encourage you all to find other venues for your work. The Y! is not the only game around, and there are many other communities out there that will proudly exhibit your work without censoring it or treating you like children.

I want to thank each and everyone one of you for your kind support and encouragement throughout this whole ridiculous affair. I truly appreciate your friendship and all you have done.

I hope to see you all again very soon. As you know I can always be found at my personal website and my Blog, Boytoons Magazine.

Much love to you all,
Patrick (AKA Locus) XOXO

PS – Through Class Comics, Fraser and I would like to look into creating our own community for gay artists, minus the censorship. If any of you have any information, tips, or advice on the technology and programs required to do this, we would welcome your input. You can email us at


  1. Between this and the Beast ban that JC Etheredge has run into, that place has very quickly fallen into a pit of stringent rules and power mad mods. :( I just want a place with good art from my favorite artists to enjoy, no matter what the subject matter is they do.

  2. I don’t really see how the mods could have thought that your explanation was inflammatory. I was happy to see your “online status” today at y!Gallery and was shocked when I saw that you had been suspended again.

    I can see how you feel like you’ve been chastized like a naughty child, and the rules at y! can be restrictive, especially when you draw non-human characters and include women in your posted artwork (the extras section is there for that very reason, actually).

    The mods have a tough job, and are often painted as the bad guys when all they are doing is trying to enforce the rules of the site. I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble, but the rules of the ToS that you infringed upon, although still open to a certain degree of interpretation, are laid out to be pretty specific.

    You aren’t the first artist to leave the site, and you won’t be the last. It’s just too bad all around, because a lot of your fans will be disappointed. I wish you good luck with your own gay art site, and I would join it if you end up making it. Thanks.

    (sorry, I deleted the post I made before. I haven’t used this blog userID in a long time and it was out of date. I didn’t edit my comment before reposting it)

  3. We just experienced the same ‘exile’ and came on just a day before you. We, too, tried to communicate with them, in a dignified manner, but the response was overwhelmingly aggressive and the same mod who is leaving the horrible messages on LOCUS’s page has done the same with our page, though not to the same degree. We read your message, an hour before it was deleted, and left a comment for you, which you will not see, now, but it was in support of your words, for they perfectly illustrated our frustration, as well. Y!G is not a fun place anymore, and not one in which we will remain, after December.

  4. I left a message on your Y profile expressing my thoughts. I think is is so sad you left. I am sure if I run into the same problems I will not think twice about leaving.
    Ohhh don’t you miss the old days of GYAM?

  5. Patrick!

    To hell with the Y!

    I’ll let you in on something, the hosts of the Y fart in their sleep also, they’re not so perfect! But like you said, it is sad for the other artists who do post work in their gallery. Perhaps a “P” Gallery is in order run by Class Comics where people can feel free to express themselves in all their glory and not feel censored.

    Just a suggestion…


  6. Hey Kristophe!

    That mod is CRAZY! When I PMed the mods about Beast, all of them were nice and said they’d discuss it EXCEPT for Sennet! He/she was super hostile! I replied saying there’s no need to be rude and he/she replied back saying they they were having problems with school and apologized for being rude.

    But then, when I commented on Patrick’s post, Sennet flamed me again! And Yeah, like you said, he/she’s flaming everyone who has ANYTHING to say about Patrick’s leaving.

    wtf!? This is a mod??? What a freak!

    Well, I take solace in the fact that his/her gallery is wonderfully craptacular.

    Patrick, buddy, I’m on my way out too. I left you this message on Y! before you were banned:

    Pardon my language, but that is really fucked up.

    You were suspended for drawing a veiny penis?! WTF!? How is a veiny penis inhuman but a retractable one not? That’s absolutely ridiculous.

    Well, I, of course, 100% agree with your decision to leave. And I also don’t blame you for not wanting to fight about it or plead your case with the mods. They behaved childishly and if I were you, I wouldn’t think I’d gain anything from a debate with them.

    Up until now, I told people that I wasn’t going to leave unless something happened directly to me. But now that I know the truth behind your supposed “suspension” I’m very tempted to say “peace out” to Y!Gallery as well.

    Patrick, you’re the one who turned me on to Y!Gallery. And I’m sure that you’ve really contributed to the site’s popularity with your posts about it on the Boytoons blog. They’ve made a huge mistake by treating you so shabbily.

    I’ll be the 1st to join if/when you and Fraser start up something like this. I’ll see u on your blog, dude.

  7. dreamerboy6 says

    This is beyond infuriating! When your account was suspended, I was one of the first people to stand up for you. In fact, I was standing up for your characters when Shemyaza had his version of Camilicat yanked. When I stood up for you, Sennet (the exact same mod JC mentioned) attacked me and engaged me in a thoroughly unpleasant debate. Every mod I’ve been in contact with on Y has been horribly inflexible and unyielding in their inability to hear that they are not just “enforcing the TOS” but are also HURTING the artists that are the life blood of their site.

    At one point I pointed out that their filters could do the job that the stringent rules are doing, without the censorship. A mod sent me an illogical rant comparing the filters to smoking sections in restaurants. They compared the “offensive” art to cigarette smoke and said that like smoke, the art taints air and ruins the experience for everyone. Their argument was that this is the reason a ban was more desirable than improved filter usage, like the recent explosion on banning cigarettes in public places. Such an argument is totally illogical and completely inane. Cigarettes cause cancer and emphysema. Veiny penises do not. Smoke is airborne and capable of escaping the rooms set aside for smoking. Art stays where you put it and cannot escape filters. To compare the two things is impossibly ridiculous and a PERFECT example of the warped reasoning of the mods at Y! Galleries. I really wish everyone would stop waiting for this to happen to THEMSELVES PERSONALLY and instead would come together in a mass exodus from this dictatorship in favor of something that does not squash the life out of art and the artists who create it.

    Patrick, I could not be more upset on your behalf. I know that I am among MANY people who went to the Y! because of you, yet they dishonor you with their asinine behavior. Know that you have the support and love of so many of us, and that in the end they are only hurting themselves, as sad as that is. Take care.


  8. Totally crap!
    Y-gallery’s ass is wide open!
    It’s totally ridiculous what happened to your account.
    It’s sad for me too because I uploaded 2 pictures especially for you and now…that.

    Greets, lexx from y-gallery

  9. Patrick!

    Ok, how ridiculous is all this Y!Gallery crap! I’m am truly appalled at their behavior! I have posted only one drawing there, and it WAS a furry figure, (Drunken Satyr). They said nothing to me. What a bunch of hypocrites! You will be glad to know I have totally boycotted them, and I have let them know it. I always felt their rules were ridiculous and never posted again after my initial entry. My advice to them: “Get a life, or get off the net!!”

    P.S> I’m so glad you recieved the CAM drawing! (sigh of relief!)

  10. They banned you because of this?

    Wow! They really ARE madder than I thought o.O;;

    I did’nt see anything inflamatory
    in what you wrote there , on the contrary ..

    and the whole treating like kids is true ..

    That’s what your profile is showing now :
    “This profile has been altered by the moderation staff.

    We don’t flame other users in our profiles, kids. That’s not nice.”


    anyway I don’t think the gallery wil last very long at this speed ..

    Like I said earlier in my journal on the Y! (which got me banned also o.O;;) They just basically moderate the thing like it’s their own personal PORN stash..

    They choose what they like and then remove the rest ..

    and also , mistaking Ra for a furry is just showing how silly and ignorant they are..

    I was lucky to find other sites to post my stuff to..

    Oh well ..
    I guess theres always this blog to see your stuff ^^

    Hope you can find some alternative gallery too ^^

    Bonne chance Patrick!

  11. As I said in my posting at Y!, I personally think it’s a real shame that You were made to leave the gallery. Your input would have been muchly appreciated.

    Their moderators tell the posters to get a grip and behave adult. Well, here’s a newsflash: This door swings both ways and as long as You behave incompetent, You will keep driving gifted artists away in dozens.

    I moderated on the Internet on dozens of message boards during my days and I had to face lots of stupid stuff ever since I went online 10 years ago, but the modding at Y! is really the most horrific I ever faced.

    Keep killing a perfect community, mods and admins.

  12. Ok .. I was a bit frustrated when writing this .. but sennet is some true retard:

    Sennet Sennet Sennet ..

    I really doubt females were in central position ..
    Since you know Patrick does mostly gay stuff..

    Ra is not exactly furry .. go and read history books..

    Also your use of childish vocabulary is really getting on a lot of people’s nerves .. In case you have not noticed most of us are adults and using nastypoo la dee da and stuff like that don’t really show your SUPERIOR MATURITY . Being constantly condescending to the users is not going to help ..

    oh! and in case you don’t realise it .
    This gallery is supposed to work like a business.
    Unless I’m completly crazy your main goal is to ATTRACT people to your gallery not scare them the hell away.. so your madness over power or something is not helping. I mean , suspending people AUTOMATICALLY over not totally respecting your version of the ten commandments (AKA TOS) is ridiculous . What happened to warnings and stuff like that?

    Seriously , one day you’Re log in to this gallery to find that most good artists were gone and that the only things in the random box are crappy ms-paint drawings with eye-bleeding inducing colours and bad compression..

    Oh! and if I have to get banned again for commenting against your oh-so-great autority , then so be it , it’s not like there’s anyone of my watch list STILL there anyway .

  13. I’m siding with you too, I’ve had it with them, Ra clearly fell under the category of mythology/fantasy (or is he real, hmmm). It seems they went after anything with a snout. Also, I’m sure you heard about absolutbleu having a pic pulled, the women were clearly in the background.
    I’ve pulled out as well.

  14. These comments are getting just crazy. I can understand the hurt of getting suspended, and I don’t feel that certain mods are behaving correctly, either. I agree about the ludicrousness of the ‘veiny cock’ comment, for example.

    But now some are blaming “women” for how y!Gallery works? Saying that all y!G mods are on an ego trip? That they are deliberately hurting people? And that y!G is doing bad business?

    Get a grip. Y!Gallery is NOT A BUSINESS. It is a FREE SERVICE of limited means, provided by one person and supported by donors. Its objective is not to serve everybody and everything. It is just a community that creates its own rules. Also, the mods are not a uniform bunch. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were arguments going on right now among them. Don’t paint them out as being together in war against the users, that’s not true.

    Furries were banned for two reasons: 1) lots of people demanded it, because they were taking over the gallery (they really seem to be so much more popular than other kinds of gay art right now), and 2) server capacity was failing. The site could not grow to support all of that furry art. So, because there are other sites that accept it, furry was banned.

    Subsequently, after a lot of fighting over what is furry and what is not, the rules have become more and more specific. The objective is to PREVENT the situation where mods decide what is a furry — that kind of a situation would be and has been caused by less strict rules. Exact rules mean that there is less room for interpretation. Of course that means that sometimes quite reasonable figures can’t be submitted, and it’s a shame. But the alternative would lead to even more fighting.

    For example, for a long time, you could post certain animal-headed mythological creatures like Egyptian gods and minotaurs. Those were banned recently, because the ‘mythological’ rule was abused so much. People were submitting drawings that had nothing to do with mythology, that were just furries that happened to look like Ra or a minotaur or whatever. Now the rules say very clearly that any figure with a non-human head is not allowed. It’s a much clearer and better rule for everyone concerned.

  15. Sometimes rules are totally crazy! I’m sorry for you that moderators/censors can’t appreciate what you give to all of us…

  16. Rhia,

    What’s infuriatng people about Y!Gallery right now aren’t the rules themselves– it’s the enforcing of them.

    People are agreeing with Patrick in that he wasn’t treated fairly AFTER he broke the rules. He obviously didn’t know– and he didn’t do it on purpose. He totally should have been allowed a warning or two. Suspending someone won’t teach them anything. It’ll just make them angry that they are being punished so harshly for doing something that was a total accident in the 1st place.

    Also, why is it fair for the mods to flame people? Patrick was banned for posting something that basically said he didn’t understand why he was suspended and that he was leaving. He went on to say that he wouldn’t ever badmouth Y!. How was that flaming anyone? And if that was considered flaming THEN WHY ISN’T SENNET BANNED FOR LIFE?!

    Sennet has done nothing but CONSISTENTLY flame users time and time again.

    That type of behavior from a moderator of a community is unacceptable. If the communnity claims to be receptive to its users voices, then the moderators of that community should listen and not insult them whenever there’s a disagreement.

    Insulting the members of your community will make them angry and combative and that’s why people have left.

    I personally havent broken any of the rules and doubt that I’ll ever draw anything that will– yet I still fear being suspended or banned for politely expressing my opinion in a comment or post. You’re censoring people’s voices, which is almost worse than censoring their art.

    And the kicker is that Sennet flames worse than ANY user that’s ever been suspended or banned for flaming. It’s like “you can’t do this, this, and this– but I CAN, cuz I run the site!”

  17. I have to agree with JC on this one. Patrick hasn’t badmouthed anyone, it’s not in his nature to do so in a public forum, if you want to have a go at anyone for badmouthing the Y! You can start on me, but get ready for an earful because I give 1,000 times better than I receive!

  18. Charlie MJR says

    I’ve been aware of this creeping bitchiness thats now consumed Y! by the mods there.

    I knew of this from back when they made the unbelievable choice to cut all furries from the site, leading to a massive amount of artists losing there right to show there work, one such artists, Galen, even went as far to draw a pic of his character, also named Galen, showing his feet to Y! as an insult to them.
    I was horrified by this, as I’ve drawn furries myself, and posted several on the site, and when I sent several messages to the mods, they replied to me, saying that “Furries are not part of what Yaoi is represented by” and going to to say what Yaoi is meant to represent, that girly looking men from japan drawn by japanese school girls.

    Now, correct me if I’m wrong here, but had not Y! become as populer as it has because of the many tastes people and artists have, and allowing them to share that with others. Now what they’ve done is, like a night club, stop certain people from coming is because they don;t look a certain way or don;t dress a certain way.

    But, and heres the ultimate kick, well Y! has put a ban on furries from being posted, this including our beloved Camili cat, I came back at Y! saying to them they fall short in one detail of sexual imagery, because well they have it in for furries, they don’t prevent certain artists from publishing works of underaged and pedophilic drawings, characters or even emplied children having sex, they don’t prevent these thing from appearing of their precious site.

    And now they have banned Beast. I admit, I don;t like what marvel did with changing beast from blue and furry into a cat, but from what I’ve read, it sounds like either form is not acceptable in Y!, I love Beast, and that they push him aside as one of the only x-men that can’t appear on Y!, thats hitting below the belt in my mind.

    I knew they had a nerve and would belittle artists constantly, but now they go ahead and attack one of the gay communities best loved artists of the modern day (Don’t be modest Patrick, you know who I mean), well, all I can say to Y! is… and pardon to anyone who thinks I won;t say it… FUCK YOU!!!

    After that, its a sad day, i’ve seen to many wonderful artists on Y!, and its them who suffer because of those high toned bitches who think themselves to god dam highly they hide behind rules, like patrick says. Screw them, I’m done with it, I’m keeping an account, but just so I can see if any of my fav artists will still post there work, but please, if any of you read this, screw Y! and open on another site, your all better then that!

    2 last things, I friend from greece told me that after talking to the mods about the Beast issue, he got a wonderful reply from them, saying in 2 short and well thought out wordings… “GO AWAY”. This is what they told my friend.

    Also, when Y! was dealing with is “money issues” several months ago, and told all artists that to keep there site running, they required donations to keep it running. I donated some money, and this was right before the furry ban, when they shafted hundreds of artists who dontated, me included. When I asked what the hell they were doing, and demanding my money back, they told me to piss off.

    All I can say is, Thank you Fur Affinity for letting us furry artists come your way.

  19. Patrick…Oh no!!! I was so glad to see you on the site. I have note commented on your blogs in a while as I’ve been so crazy busy with my life and all, but man…this bites. Saw the pics from your vacation and I’m jealous..I have to go back to the gym to take some hottie vacation pics. :) Anyhoo, let me know if you do have an alternative venue for art man and I’d be glad to join it. I do find the site very restrictive at Y! and I’ve not posted all of my art and have had a work or two reported. I’m sure youv’e read tons of comments like this, but at least we still have your blog and class comics to follow your further adventures. All my best.

  20. dreamerboy6 says

    If a site accepts donations from its members, it should be capable of LISTENING to its members with maturity and respect. Failure to do so is despicable.

  21. I’ve been appraised of this issue & have skimmed through Patrick’s blog.

    Seems to be nothing more than censorship,of a stifling type….& a pretty damaging type too.

    Think back to 1968 when Barbarella
    was released.The then current head of Gulf & Western (aka Paramount)
    tried to stop the film being released.

    He failed,and the rest is history.

    The film was released,it was huge & has become the cult favorite….

    Thus the score…


    This battle will be fought…
    and won….


  22. JC, did you misread what I wrote, or are you just picking a fight with everybody who tries to be reasonable about y!Gallery? I specifically said that I don’t approve of the way some mods are behaving. I was criticizing the way some commenters here are speaking. I’m not saying that there’s no reason for Patrick to feel that he has been treated less than fairly. But I have very little patience or sympathy for people who have jumped on the bandwagon to create a huge drama out of this incident. I have seen some very childish behavior from them at y!Gallery, and here. You are not an exception.

  23. There’s nothing childish about standing up for what you believe in and people you care about. When people feel strongly about something, they’re going to voice their feelings about it. If anything’s childish, it’s thinking that people are simply “jumping on the bandwagon to create a huge drama out of this incident”. These feelings have been building in people for a long time and it’s unreasonable to assume that drama would not ensue when something of this nature occurs.

  24. Charlie MJR says

    What Y! can’t seen to digest is that it has been the many, many different artists who like different things, from furries to muscles to fantasy races, well known comic and computer gaming heroes, from bears to twinks and beyond, and its this diverse group of people that made it such a populer site.

    Now there ringing off groups and only letting in the ones they like. I’ve been to gay bars with a similar way of thinking, when they throw out guy who don;t fit there ideal of ‘norm’, just as much bitches as on Y!.

    Screw them!!

  25. I have read what you put on your blog and if this is the same that you posted in your profile, I see nothing abusive in it. If a person can’t express their opinion of the site, then they are nothing more but a robot.

    The Y!G community is shrinking instead of growing. The rules are suffocating everyone and the anonymous report feature too, is causing problems.

    Why can’t someone just note an artist and say this artwork is breaking this rule instead of just being report happy? Is that better than losing an artist due to a suspension/ban?

    I’m suprised that people are just complaining about Sennet. I knew there was going to be problems with her being a mod. To me, she wasn’t a nice person to begin with.

    She was screaming fire and brimstone when the furry ban came to effect and she isn’t helping in the ADP (Anthro Development Project) either.

    She isn’t good with modship, period.

  26. I was extremly thrilled when I discovered that you had joined y!Gallery so you can imagine how upset I am to learn that you have left y!Gallery. I do however totally understand and support your decision.

    I started posting work to y!Gallery because it seemed that it was an outlet for artists whose work might be deemed offensive on other art sites( which shall remain nameless) but lately my zeal has been marred by the totalitarian manner in which the site is now being run. It seemed every time I signed in there were new rules and amendments to rules, which rather than offering clarity only made things seem murkier. There is just too much drama and not enough art.

    You have joined a growing list of artists I actively watched on the site who have since left because of shoddy treatment by mods. I will miss your gallery




  28. OH!

    Did you all know that there is going to be another sequel to JAWS? In which a shark is attacked by a big white homo!

    Homo – can I still say that word or will I be suspended under the “Assholeisim Clause” section 212FUK EWE?

    Hang on, am I jumping on a band wagon here or have a created a new one. I don’t know! Maybe I am just being childish for saying what’s on my mind.

    Childish Behavior: A suspender of an account who bites back with a comment such as :“I would have expected a published artist to show some restraint and maturity in this matter, especially a full grown goddamn adult.”

    Commentators on BTM Blog: Since the first entry dating back to 11/05/2006, commentators have always spoken their minds, JC included, he nor any other commentator feels they are an exception.

    Community: Commentators on BTM who respect and appreciate what other people have to say and not insult them by saying that their comments are “Childish Behavior.”

    Criticize: An action that has never been performed on BTM regarding commentators comments as we all have respect for what other people say.

    Freedom Of Speech: Does not mean picking a fight, merely one voicing one’s opinion.

    BTM: Patrick’s community, Patrick’s friends who HAVE and ALWAYS will be there to support him, his art and his integrity as an artist.

    Veiny Cock: Something of mine that the Mods at the Y can kiss, but considering that they can’t afford a new server I doubt they can afford mouthwash, therefore this is something that they can perform in jest.

    Sympathy & Patience: Something NO commentator on BTM has asked for from anyone given person.


  29. I’ve also removed my work… although partially, it was a decision based on feelings about the suspension and deletion of artists and the works which I admire, it was mainly in response to the increasing immaturity and enhanced level of superiority put across by some mods, including sennet but also Snover. When you put the effort into creating a website COMMUNITY of any sort, you have no excuse for responding to peoples questions or requests in a sharp, rude and inappropriate manner. Numerous times, I have asked questions in the Gallery Star Runners group, usually out of clarification of a rule or two, and the response is always sharp, short and to the point, and often comes across as rude and offensive.

    The answer? If you dont like dealing with people, don’t put yourself into a situation where you are forced to communicate with hundreds of them on a daily basis.

    The rules are getting more and more astringent, and the continued manner in which they are enforced is slowly pushing away the people who keep the site on its feet, section by section.

    Patrick, if you do create an artists community, please be sure to publicise the HELL out of it. I’ll be sure to join.

    x x x

  30. That is complete and total bull crap. I’v had my own run in with the moderators in my early days of Y!

    Veiny penis… WTF? You got suspended because of a veiny penis? You should post the pics in question here so we can see better what you mean.

    When I first noticed you on Y! I had a feeling Camili Cat would be the main focus of controversy.

    The entire thing is ridiculous.

    I may leave Y! also…

  31. Dear patrick fillion my name is panos
    im sending this to tell u that u must not be angry with people who do not deserve ur angerness

    i tryied to save beast and antros from being banned but all i got is 2 words “go away” i dint attacked or offended them i only tryed to solve the problem with peace but looks like i failed….

    Here i greece where i live gay comics are banned and gay community isnt so much developed as outside so i know wat it is to be something thats “not fit in”

    i hope u got the email i sended to and please know that even if i cant buy ur comics here in greece i will always love what u post on the net
    about ur site i really want to help u builte it so it can host good erotica art without taboo or consership

    last thing…
    Know that ur best on what u do and do not allow ANYONE or ANYTHING to tell u otherwise ur art antro or not brings happiness and joy to all

    Like i said in my mail its an honor u lay eyes on this comment

    remember ur are the best
    a fan from greece


  32. Hello Patrick

    It’s such a shame things turned out like this. I am saddened by your departure from y! but it’s quite understandable. y!Gallery is such a good idea and it has so much potential. Unfortunately it’s spoiled by immature people who think they know all.

    y!Gallery was the only place I could share my own drawings and get opinion from others, but in a desicion not to support y! anymore I decided to remove my art.

    We might not see your art at y! anymore, but luckily we still have Boytoons Magazine to come back to.

    LOTS of LOVE!!!
    Hiroke XOXOX

  33. I really can’t understand how the little heads of some mods work in Y!
    I’m really thinking about changing to another gallery, but I haven’t been able to find a good one so far…
    Best of luck to you patrick, I hope you can get another site to show off your work on…

  34. Oh my… Y!

    They do a lot of crap, right? And I see they keep editing users stuff but tell everyone they are not doing it. Very interesting.

    I just don`t see where you (or I) did violate any rules. Okay, I did flame, but after I was flamed… but why the ban and stuff? *headdesk*

    I sure hope they loos a lot of people because that`s a big pain in the ass! You can`t even try to argue with the admins because they start to act childisch …

    We better forget that kiddos ^^°

    Anyways, got Tiens message today and I`ll send you the animation when it is done :)

    Allt he best

  35. Oh and maybe I should send them a photo of my cock, becaue it got a lot of big veins *lol* So I am not human now? *rofl* XD

    Guess they really don`t know how a penis looks like °__°

  36. Hi there Patrick!, I´m Kerainen from Y! I´m terribly sorry u had to leave the site since you are a great artist and I really enjoy your work (now I´ve bookmarked your homepage)

    I agree with you and many other users that most of the time we can´t express with absolutly freedom our ideas on Y!. Myself write and draw a comic about a gay couple and and a little girl and I can´t post it in Y! ´cause the TOS.

    Fortunatelly I can post it in DA but DA is not a gay tematic site…so, there´s no other place to run.

    Hope to save some money and build my own site as you some day…but until then I must use what I have at hand…sight*

    Best wishes from a fan :)


  37. Hey Testament!

    Go on! I dare you to post a picture of your cock on the Y, that would be so fucking outrageous, if you do I will, and do to add the icing on the cake I’ll add a few extra “party trick dick pics” just for good luck!


  38. I couldn’t possibly agree more with you Patrick!Y! has totally become a hostile,shitty place!Screw it!You did the right thing to leave Patrick…Many awesome artists have left because of the strict rules it has now,and mostly because of the WAY these rules are enforced.After the furry ban,the TOS has been kinda vague,more and more stuff are being banned,everybody’s gone paranoid,reporting everything,the mods are ruthless…In the end al that will be left will be crappy bishie art!Its just not what it used to be..I only visit it because thankfully there are still some good artists I watch there…I hope you’ll be able to pull of tha community thing!!That would be totally awesome and no doubt,much better than what y! has become!Best of luck!

  39. Hey Mr. M. I would, but I can`t since I am banned from y! due to uplaoding censored pictures XD

  40. Charlie MJR says

    Gavin hit the nail on the head, although I think we can all understand that your a very busy man Patrick what wit class comics and drawing and what you give to all us fans, its to much of us to ask you to set up an artists site.

    But thats not to say that someone else shouldn’t, one without the fickle rules of Y!, but also keeping things within the grounds of moderation, you know, nothing overtly offensive or gross.

  41. I’m really sorry to see you go Patrick. Things really suck in Y! now. I hope you do decide to build a new community for gay artists and I’d be one of the first people to join.

  42. Hello everybody…

    Whoa! I will confess, I never expected such a huge reaction to this posting. Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement on this issue.

    I know there is much unrest about the Y!Gallery situation. I am very happy that you have all had the opportunity to express your thoughts and concerns here at BTM. It really is all about freedom of expression, and that is not something one has over at the Y! The fact that I broke the rules, (rules which are subject to interpretation… but rules nevertheless which I maintain I am NOT above) is in essence not really the issue here… it is more about how I and countless others are treated when “rule breakage” occurs.

    We all just want respect, and we are NOT getting it at the Y!

    I am not saying that all Mods at the Y! are evil, quite the contrary… but there are several who have proven time and time again that they should not be in a position where they have to deal with the public. They are ill-equipped and frankly, not quite intelligent enough to handle situations maturely and professionally. It’s sad, but they give the rest of the mods a bad name.

    So I have happily put this nonsense behind me, and resigned myself to the fact that the Y!Gallery, though filled with potential, remains the personal project of those who created it and of the mods who run it. I suppose they can run things as they see fit, but this does not mean the way they run things is right. People deserve respect. ART deserves respect! And respect is sorely lacking here.

    Meanwhile, Fraser and I are still determined to look into creating a new community for artists. I have no ETA on this, and I do not even know if it is possible… but we are looking. Again, we would welcome all input you might have.

    So in closing, I just really want to say thank you to all of you… even those of you who feel I was totally wrong in this situation… because you have all expressed your views and I feel that you have all done so with respect. And that means a lot.

    My thanks and love to you all…
    Patrick XOXOXOX

  43. Hey Patrick,

    Well I know where your coming from on this I sent you an email earlier if you read it it’s just a few suggestions on the whole site thing and a few things if you need help and my expertise hopefully you do decide to make this gallery happen and help bring these people a place from the Y!

  44. Im just a fan of Patrick’s work and i just got the news! This is outrageous! Is this site run by spoiled brats?? This is a site created with the purpose of artists beeing able to show their work to people who are interested in them! So they kick the main artist out because he shows his and other artists works?? How stupid can you get? Penis too veiny?? Is that a excuse to shut this thing down? Some people got to get a life! The asshole responsible for this situation should get beat n up!

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