Nightcharm reviews Rainbow Country #1

Hey Gang…

Thought you might like to read this really great review of Rainbow Country #1 over at Nightcharm. I think they really liked the book, which is wonderful, ‘cause Fraser and I are thrilled at how it all looks. So check it out my friends… if you ever needed a reason to pick up the first issue of this new series, I think this will give you a good one!

Congratulations to you MAX’ my friend. Looks like your book is a huge hit in English as well as in French!

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXOX


  1. I really like this book, I’m glad that it’s getting reviews also on other blogs. I think Rainbow Country will have a very long run and who knows what it might spawn off into.


  2. Still waiting for this one in the post. I’m glad about the rave review, and from some of the previews i’ve seen, it’s lovely, well what Class Comic isn’t.


  3. Hiya Mr. M and Hiroke…

    Thanks for your comments on this new title. So glad to hear that you enjoyed the book, Mr. M! It is always really encouraging to know that a new title gets a good response. It really helps us determine whether a new series will get a second issue or not. Though not many people posted here, we have received a whack of email telling us how much folks love Rainbow Country #1. So never fear, #2 will be available very soon!

    Hiroke… thanks for your comment as well. You are such a sweetie! I hope you enjoy the books when they arrive (which hopefully they have done by now!)

    BIG hugz and kisses to you both!
    Patrick XOXOXOXO

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