Happy Birthday to Donald MacLean!

Today is my dear friend Donald’s birthday, and I wanted to let you guys know, because Don is the man who voices Naked Justice. You see, once I complete a script, I turn the dialog over to Don and he spruces it up with his fantastically funny wit and humor. The result is a Naked Justice that is always hilarious and fresh. I know a lot of you are fans of Don’s writing and I though you might appreciate the chance to wish him a happy B-Day as well!

Don and I met years ago when he was the Editor in chief of Canadian Male magazine. We became fast friends and vowed that we would keep an eye out for a project that we could both work on together someday. Well, NJ came along in 2000, and we’ve been at it since!

So Don, I love you to bits, and just wanted to let you know that it is always such a great joy working with you! You are a true friend and I value our friendship very, very much!

I am sure I speak for everyone here when I wish the very best birthday ever, and a year filled with happiness, health and joy!

Much love to you, my dear friend!

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXOX


  1. dreamerboy6 says

    Wow! What a great opportunity! I LOVE NJ’s script! It’s always so funny. Sometimes it reminds me of the smart-aleck, clever banter Spiderman always had with his villains (which I love) only x-rated! ^_^ It’s some of my favorite writing, actually! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DON!

  2. Happy Birthday Don!

    21 Again???


  3. Best wishes for a happy birthday to a master of super hero camp

  4. This got me wondering. It must be super to work with you and everyone else at Class Comics.

    Happy (belated) birthday Don!


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  6. Best wishes, Don. Your NJ dialogue is consistently hilarious. :)

  7. Hey Everyone…

    I KNOW that Don really appreciated your well wishes on his Bday! Thanks so much for dropping by to say hello and send your regards!

    Meanwhile, check out Tina’s link to see the awesome review of Rainbow Country she put together! Looks like this one is a hit! :o)

    Happy Birthday again Don… you are loved and appreciated!!!

    Thanks everyone!
    Patrick XOXOXOX

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