BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #57 – Cruise Control!

Hello Dear Friends…

I am back from my holiday and thought it would be fun to share my adventure with all of you.

Fraser and I took an RSVP Vacations Mexican Riviera Cruise. This was our second RSVP cruise, and let me tell you, things just keep getting better. On our first cruise back in 2004, we wanted to see and do everything. This time around we approached the trip a little differently. Having been to the ports of call once already, we only did a few excursions ashore, and opted instead to bask in the luxuries of the exquisite Diamond Princess, relaxing as much as we could.

Those who think that cruises are for blue hairs only, think again. RSVP ships never sleep! But the best part is that you can party or relax as much as you want to. So on some nights, we danced until the wee hours of the morning, and on other nights, we were more than happy to enjoy a relaxing hot tub and then order room service in our cabin.

We took this trip with several other people from Vancouver, some of whom we had met on the 2004 cruise. But I was especially happy to get the chance to hang for a week with my dear friends Isabelle and Maggie. My girls have had a HUGE year this year. After selling their very successful business in search for a new direction in life, they spent most of 2006 traveling the world. I have missed them terribly and catching up with them on this trip was truly wonderful!

I got to body paint for the very first time. Isabelle decided that she wanted to have a bustier painted on to her naked torso for the underwear party. Maggie and I were happy to oblige, and in the end, I dare say we created something really wonderful. People were coming up to her all night telling her she looked great, which was lovely, but the best part is that a lot of them did not realize she was actually wearing a painted garment, and thought the bustier was real. Only when they got closer to her did they realize she was bare skinned. Lots of fun! Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of this yet. They are all on Isabelle’s camera and they are still in Mexico. I’ll try to post some photos when the girls get back to Canada and we get more pics from them.

For Fraser and I, the trip was also a chance to truly enjoy some very romantic moments. Magical moments really, where it’s the two of you on the impossibly beautiful beach listening to the crash of the waves against the shore! We are always so busy with Class Comics, it was really great to have a little time to be with one another outside of it all for a few days.

We made some great new friends, Blaine and Rich who so generously came up with Halloween party costumes for us, thereby creating one of the most memorable moments of the cruise. Imagine if you will our bare butts with Jack O Lantern faces painted on them. CRAZY FUN!!!!

And we had the chance to meet Paul, Brian, Bill and Bob from RSVP Vacations, all such sweet and genuine, great guys. As you know, I recently created Dominion and Eveready for RSVP’s upcoming superhero party. It was a real joy to have the opportunity to sit and chat with clients who felt more like new pals. Definitely a great highlight of the trip. They made us feel completely at home and welcome. It was wonderful getting to know them!

Mexico itself was exquisite. The ship docked at Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and, my personal favorite stop, Cabo San Lucas – home of the breathtaking Lover’s Beach. In PV we had the opportunity to tour the new home of John and Doug, two of our friends and traveling companions. The two of them recently bought the most incredible home nestled atop a hill, overlooking the beach and ocean. The house is covered in lush greenery and fresh blossoms. It was an almost surreal sight, like something out of a movie it was so beautiful. So romantic and so completely different from what we are used to seeing in North America. It was wonderful to share in the excitement of this new home with them.

The entertainment on the ship was really top notch. From the fabulous Deborah Cox who performed some of her hits live at the ship’s White Party, to the unbelievably talented Amy Armstrong. Those of you who love a powerful voice, great jazz tunes, and an impossibly sharp wit, Amy’s your girl. She is funny as fucking shit… to put it in terms she might use! ;) This woman is a powerhouse of incredible talent and irresistible charm. Freddy, her handsome partner in crime is an amazing musician and musically compliments Amy impeccably…plus he’s also gay! More points! LOL!!!

The Kinsey Sicks were also there, and we got to enjoy their Dragapella show. These four talented singers are not only powerful voices, but they are incredibly funny. And Crass – which I love! LOL!!!

Seemed every minute, another party was going on. From the afternoon T-Dances, to the evening dances, there was a whole lot of moving going on. From the Salsa T-Dance to the Leather Party/dance, each event had its own special theme, and you could go as wild as you wanted with costumes and getups.

In fact, your humble host won himself a Rooty Tooty Cutie Bootie award at the underwear dance/party! LOL!!! That made me feel quite good! :o)

All in all it was a fabulous vacation, and in many ways, much more restful than our previous trip to Quebec and Ontario. If you’ve never taken an RSVP Cruise, I strongly recommend you consider it. There is nothing quite like being on a ship at sea with another 3000 gay people, feelin
g completely free to express and be themselves. Personally, it is one of my favorite ways to travel.

So now we have returned home to Vancouver, and back to work, and though the party is over for now, I am super excited about our upcoming Class Comics projects. I’ll have more on all of that for you in the next few days or so.

Much love to you all dear friends.
Patrick! XOXOXOX


  1. dreamerboy6 says

    I had no idea you live in Vancouver! I thought you lived in Quebec, due to your French influences I guess. I absolutely LOVE Vancouver. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’ve been there twice and could visit Victoria and Butchart Gardens every day. Last time I went, I brought my mother with me and it just happened to be the week of gay pride, lol!

    Your cruise sounds incredible. Ever since my mom and step dad went on a cruise for their honeymoon, I’ve been wanting desperately to go on a cruise. It always sounded like so much fun, and now I know which cruise line I’d take if I ever get the opportunity. What a blast that must be! When is their Superhero cruise going to be?

  2. Hey Patrick!

    Sounds like you and Fraz had a wild time. I’m happy for you. The last vacation I took was a trip to the desert in the Northern Territory, I stood at the bottom of Ayers Rock and screamed out “A Dingo stole my baby.” (Not sure if you heard about the Azaria Chamberlin mystery back in 1980 where a woman who killed her baby claimed a dingo stole her baby)

    Either way I was almost run out of town for doing so, just as well I hate going on vacation to places where toilet paper is still a hope for the future and where people have to wipe their asses with pieces of disregarded horse hoof!

    Again, I am glad that you had so much fun and a chance to relax. You deserve it!



  3. Aaaww! Im jealous!

    Me and my partner did a 9 day cruise a few years back– but we opted for Royal Carribbean becasue the gay cruises leaving outta NY were super expensive.

    That was a big mistake though. We were the only gay people on the boat. It was really awkward. We were also the youngest people there– not with parents. S broke his toe and our camera got stolen. But toward the end, we realized it couldnt get any worse and started enjoying it.

    A gay cruise sounds like so much fun though! I dunno if I’d let some dude paint my ass– but I’d watch as they do it to other people– haha.

  4. Wow, i’ve dreamed so many times of going on a cruise. I’d just walk around relaxing all day long. Pure Bliss! Hopefully I will get the chance to go on a cruise, just need someone to go with!


  5. Hey Hiroke!

    I’d be more than happy to join you on a gay cruise, but on one condition. You have to walk the main deck in your pretty ladies things just like in your photo’s on your blog!


  6. Oh Gawd, I knew it would come back to haunt me! But hey, for you Manny I’ll do anything. *wink wink*


  7. Hi folks…

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing in the fun of this vacation with me! Glad you liked the pics and my silly little anecdotes! LOL!!! Maybe someday, we’ll see ya all on an RSVP cruise where we can dance the night away. There really is nothing quite like it.

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXOXOX

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