See you soon…!

Good morning my friends…

Well, it has been a heck of a week, but I think Fraser and I are finally ready to board our plane. But before I do that, I just wanted to say “See you soon” to all of you, and to let you know I will back in the first week of November.

Much has happened in this past week, and as a lot of you know, a situation has come up over at the Y! Gallery where I have recently begun posting some of my work. Yes, it’s true. I have been “suspended” and I am cut off until the 8th of November.

Unfortunately what this means is that I cannot address the situation over at the Y! and can only sit by and let things happen. You see, one needs access to ones account to participate in threads and post comments or replies.

Clever those moderators! ;)

So, all I can do for now is wait. And apparently, go off on a little vacation.

But I will return in November, at which point I will address this whole Y! situation and resume posting here at BTM!

In the meantime, I leave you with two new heroes of mine, Dominion and Eveready. They were created to spread the word about RSVP Vacations’ upcoming superhero party! Not to be missed!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and upcoming week. I will have some pictures for you when I get back of my trip… as well as more Boytoon illustrations.

Much love to you all. And my sincere thanks to all of you for your kind and unwavering support in these troubling Y! times. More details when I get back, I promise!

Hugz + Kisses
Patrick XOXOX

PS – Happy Halloween! Party hard, but party safe! SMOOCHES! XOXO


  1. Hello Patrick,

    I read through the Y!-hosting rules and I can honestly say these guys are starting to behave ridiculously. I understand they have rules and I understand one needs to follow their standards (since they obviously pay for everything on this monstrously huge website), but honestly – moderating is a very delicate thing to do, especially at art-sites.
    That, and the fact that Your case is not the first of such behavior, makes my opinion on them mods more and more concrete.

    They have to be very, very careful because being all too high-and-mighty might result in a dead community where nobody wants to post his or her stuff anymore.

    Of course, this rant is completely biased because I am a fanboi, so take it with 3 or 4 grains of salt. If that were my website, I’d feel honored to have pro-artists post their stuff there and, thus, create more traffic than ever before (see through Patricks commentary-blog at Y!-hosting to see what I mean).

    All the best, have a relaxing and gorgeous trip, be safe! :D

  2. To be honest the Y! hosting thing has really turned me off. Ive never posted a lot of stuff there, but its getting to the point im scared too. Ive only just read someone being banned for posting a pic with an enlarged anime nose because it looked like a snout.

    The hypocrasy and uncertainty within the terms of service make me angry, especially how it seems, basically, what they consider kenomoni (sp?) is what they like to look at. a perfectly normal human with a cat nose is banned, but a human with cat ears, claws, markings and a tail is kemononi(?!?!) and therefore allowed.

    Personal taste is a dangerous thing to start judging art on.

    Personally I think your characters are more than human enough. Even Camilicat, who is obviously part cat, is more human than the average anthro.

    How did they respond to Locus? Its this goddamn nose thing that theyre so high and mighty about. The upping of instant ban for any offence instead of a warning is annoying me too.

    On a lighter note, love your new characters, and look forward to seeing the next boytoons when you get back. Hope you have a great time away :D/
    x x x

  3. T Anderson says

    kemanomimi is a human with cat ears and tail. Sometimes paws. It’s an offshoot of a Japanese aesthetic, and you’ll find that the Japanese aesthetics tends to dominate things at ‘yaoi’ gallery. Since it’s called ‘yaoi’ gallery, it sort of makes sense.

    Not advocating their anal rules, just stating what I know, as a member.

  4. Enjoy your vacation, Patrick. You’ve earned it. :)

  5. seraphicreverie says

    Hey Patrick,

    I was pissed off to see youd been suspended. A bright part of my day was seeing new submissions by you :) I even posted my opinion in a journal. I dont think Cam is a furry, and on top of that if theyre going to allow things like shota, why be so anal about something like Cam? I hope the whole thing gets cleared up, I know what its like to have picky people ban you based on their idiotic rules. Have a great vacation and happy Halloween!

  6. Hey Patrick!

    Well it seems that life has served you a pickle with this whole Y situation. Try not to let it get you down, you are so above all of this kind of nonsense.

    Sure we can get up in arms and have a song and dance about it, but at the end of the day ask yourself this question, “Do you really need the Y gallery?” The answer “No” (in my opinion anyway) Hell, you are Patrick Fillion! You need this geztapo treatment like you need a hole in your head. Don’t let them make you feel you have to compromise your work so you can show your work on their website. If anything they should be thanking you for wanting to submitt your work.

    Do you remember the post you did a few months back regarding censorship?? How strong you felt about the issue? Don’t let yourself fall under the thumb of anyone’s dictatorship when it comes to YOUR art! You have worked so hard to get to where you are today, you have worked crappy jobs in other publications that made you feel as though the life was being sucked out of you. You have done the hard yards then, you have earnt your stars and stripes, don’t let anyone put you through those hoops again by letting anyone tell you what they want your work to look like!

    If the Y suspended your work and made it impossible to contact them to discuss the matter, doesn’t that show you how unprofessional they are if this is how they treat you or anyone else for that matter?

    After reading what people have said and recent comments made by other people in the past regarding the Y, it makes me wonder who else that we don’t know of feels the same way. Their “High All Mighty Attitude” will be their undoing in time and they will only have themselves to blame for it.

    But, on a lighter note. I hope you have a relaxing week off and a fantastic time on your week off, you deserve it Young Jedi!


  7. Hi Patrick,
    I surfed around and stumbled onto your website. I love your sexy drawings, espcially of the “choclate” variety.
    However I do have one complaint:

    What is up with the character called “Space Cadet”? First of all that name is horrible. It has a stigma of someone who is an airhead, and from your character’s description he is far from stupid. You can’t name him something more empowering or sexy like all your other characters?
    Also, why does he where blue contact lenses and blonde hair? That reeks of self-hatred to me. I looked in his bio for some kind of trauma or repressed feelings or SOMETHING to explain it, but there wasn’t anything. Please explain it to me.

    Other than that, your stuff is hot as hell!

  8. Damian & Trent says

    Hey, we just got back from our own trip. Too bad we two didn’t meet up with YOU two! Hope you’re both having a terrific time.

    Our bud, Kevin, showed us his newly arrived CC’s: “Rapture” & “Rainbow Country”. Whoa! Nice! We’ll go bug our best bookshop to get these.

    We agree with others here. You don’t need Y; Y needs YOU!

    Damian & Trent

  9. Good morning my friends…

    Thanks you all so much for your great comments. I am thrilled to see that you think Dominion and Eveready look like a winning combo. It’s always very validating when your readers tell you you’ve come up with something that works! LOL!!! I look forward to bringing you their first adventure very soon.

    Meanwhile, I want to say a great being HELLO and WELCOME to Soulpeeps. I appreciate you taking the time to drop by and post your comment.

    About Space Cadet and your questions about him. SC was originally created as a secondary character for the Naked Justice series. NJ’s books are not very serious, and are written to be very tongue in cheek. Most of the cast of characters in that title have silly code names; The Prick, The Breeder, Momma Ries, Jack the Stripper etc… So at the time, given that this new character wore a space suit and had ray guns, it seemed quite fun to call him Space Cadet. I had no idea that he would grow into such a popular character and have such a large following. I have toyed several times with changing his name to something else, but it just seems that now he is identified so strongly with the name. I think he wears it with pride and that the character’s intelligence and integrity make us forget the initially light hearted connotation of his name.

    As for him being “self-hating”… I respect your opinion and thank you for voicing your concern, but respectfully, I truly feel that this is not the case. In SC I created a proud, strong, individual and intelligent black character who has a penchant for hair dyes. He is no more self-hating than the next guy who dyes his hair or wears colored contacts. It’s all about accessorizing. I know a lot of Black men and Asian men who have fun with this, and I know they are definitely not self hating. I don’t think that Caucasian people are the only ones who should have fun with changing aspects of their appearance, and that there really should not be any stigma attached to such a thing. It would be dangerous to assume that everyone who does alter their appearance slightly has a deep hate on for themselves.

    And honestly, Space Cadet’s design was heavily inspired by my beloved Storm, from Marvel comics. I’ve always thought that she looked so beautiful and exotic with her silver hair and blue eyes, and in a way, SC is my homage to that. So when all is said and done, Space Cadet was designed quite innocently enough and I can say, without a doubt that there is not a single hint of self-loathing associated with the character… quite the opposite.

    Thank you so much for voicing your opinion, my friend! ? I hope this has helped to alleviate your concerns.

    And thanks to all of you as well for taking the time to comment.
    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXOXO

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